Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crossing the Finish Line

Movin' Pictures actually took a decent snapshot of me. I don't believe it. Usually, the pictures they take are scary...they freeze frame me in my most ackward moments. Here is the photo of me right when I crossed the finish line. It looks like I'm kind-of- sort-of smiling. 13.1 miles and smiling...I'd say that's a good run! Hey, I might actually buy this one and now that I posted it, I feel obligated to. 
Half Marathon
In case you missed it, my twin made it for the second time on RW cover. 
Kara Goucher

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lake -- Half Marathon

Distance: 13.1 Miles 
Duration: 02:02:10
Average Pace Per Mile: 9:20

Temperature: 24 degrees with a 17 degree windshield & a north west wind at 11 mph
Notes: Wear two layers of gloves to Cowtown and possibly invest in a face mask.
This picture was taken right before I left the house early this morning. I normally don't wear headphones, but I figured the other runners could care less about my music, so I spared them.
Half Marathon
I woke up this morning to frigid weather conditions and when I left the house and ran to the start line, I slipped on ice twice. I didn't fall on my face because I was able to catch my footing. During the race there were small snow flurries. I carried a water bottle with me and around mile 9 the water started to turn ICY! For the most part I stayed really warm, the only parts of body really freezing were my poor fingers and my face.

About the race:
All those postings I read about the hills are true, but THE HILL everyone kept referring to should be called THE HILL from hell. It was brutal! I felt like a snail as I ran up it, on my tipi toes. When I described it to Trey I said, "It goes straight up into the sky, that's how steep it is." He laughed at me. Since I was wearing my headphones, I was able to talk to him on the phone for a brief moment. During the race, he called to encourage me. I lost all track of time while I was running and I didn't see any mile markers, so when he told me I was only at mile 5 (this was his estimation based on the time), it really surprised me. I thought I was on mile 8...yeah, I'm telling you, I lost track of time. When I crossed the finish line I was so happy and then I started to stretch when I felt it...pain near the left side of my pelvic. I stretched and walked it out and within an hour the pain disappeared. Good! And I'm really surprised about my race time. When I run 4 miles, my average pace per mile is typically 9:40, but 9:20 for a half marathon?---that's a pleasant surprise.

Okay, so Trey and Cheyenne didn't make it to watch me cross the finish line. I was very disappointed. The reason why they decided not to get out was because Chey had a cold. The last two nights she's been waking up crying and miserable because she can't breathe out of her nose. It was best that we didn't have out in this freezing weather. However, I did call Trey and ask him to pick me up, after the race was over. I didn't want to make my 14 mile day any longer than it needed to be. One mile warm up to the race and 13 miles of the race course...No, thanks.

Friday, January 29, 2010

My Que & Freezing Weather....Right on Time for Race Day

We're still doing the whole pizza and movie night thing. Here are the last few movies we’ve watched:

I didn’t know this was a scary thriller. I probably wouldn’t have got it, if I knew that, but then again I would’ve missed out on a pretty decent flix.

(500) Days of Summer
Wow, talk about disappointed and overrated. I had more than one person tell me, “You gotta see this.” And looking at the trailer, I thought, “hey this is my kind of film.” But really, that Summer girl really got on my nerves. I wanted to slap her.  I just couldn’t believe her character could be that cold.

I had low expectations before I watched this movie, but a co-worker recommended it. I watched it with Natasha and not Trey. I’m glad I did because it was more of a chick-flick….but a really good one with believable characters. I highly recommend this movie, especially if you like 80 teen movies, like sixteen candles. 

Grandma’s Boy
Don’t waste your time. To sum it up, it’s a low buget,-trashy movie. I feel asleep watching it.

Currently, on the que I have The Proposal, The Transporter,  and Management (recommended by Linda). Tonight, we're going to watch Star Trek and then I'll get some rest before the race tomorrow morning. A COLD front is lingering and it looks like it will be freezing tomorrow morning. Most likely, ice will settle on the roads. Well, at least I'm accustomed to running in the cold and I'm glad I have full length tights and warm running gloves. Trey and I have already talked about it and I will jog (I hate that word...I will run at a slow pace) from the house to the race start line. It'll be a good warm up for me and then he'll drive to the finish line with Cheyenne right before I cross it. I'm really excited and scared and ready and not ready---all at the same time. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We Like to Write on the Wall

Well, Cheyenne is 14 months and growing. 
Look at her grow
And she's still not walking
Cheyenne's Growing


First, I want to mention, yesterday was Trey’s birthday. Happy 27th birthday! He had strawberry cake that Nanny made.

So, I’ve been browsing blogs of local runners, specially the runners who ran last years half marathon (the same course I’m running this Saturday). And every runner has mentioned THE HILL.

One runner wrote, “…For those of you who are not familiar with the park roads of --------, in addition to the smaller hills and banked curves in the road, there is a steep hill with a 12.5%+ grade about 5 1/2 miles from the starting line. Luckily, it's only about a 1/4 of a mile from base to top so the trek was over in less than 3 minutes, but with a ~75 foot climb, it certainly felt like it took longer than that.”

YIKES! I’m familiar with the area. So, in some ways I’m hoping that the training I’ve done around there will help me. There is a mammoth hill on my route that I run Saturday that is steep, so I’m hoping that is similar to THE HILL everyone is talking about, but I doubt it. I have to believe in my training and know that I have hundreds of miles under my shoes that will carry me through…and don’t you know I will be praying too. I just want to finish strong and within a reasonable time.

Looking at the forecast, it looks like race day weather conditions will be partially sunny and around 28 degrees. Wind stay away.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Twitter is a Beautiful Thing. A+ Runner's World

If you’ve been on a treadmill, you’ve probably been shocked, not literally shocked (hair sticking up), but static electricity-shocked. We’ll this happens to me all the time and it annoys me to no end.

I follow Runners World on Twitter and saw about a month ago someone asked them how to prevent treadmill shock. I waited for a while and never saw a response from RW. So, today I thought I’d follow-up and send them a question into cyber space via Twitter and what do you know…RW sends me a direct message. It went a little something like this….

dominiqueia@runnersworld did you ever respond to the question about preventing treadmill shock? Static Electricity shock while running on the mill?

runnersworld: Yes, try grounding yourself by touching a nonmetal wall before touching the mill.

runnersworld: And it's actually probably not the treadmill but rather dry winter air...

I just thought it was cool that someone responded to me and with some useful advice. Now the next time I’m running on the mill, while watching Jersey Shore (what? You know you watch) I won’t dread touching the side rails at every water break. Thanks Runners World!

I’ll leave you with this wonderful quote from Jersey Shore, “You stalked my whole life on the boardwalk! My WHOLE life!” My guilty pleasure exposed, but really I feel less guilty watching while running. No apologies here. What’s your justification? 

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday Morning Run

Distance: 8 miles
Duration: 01:25:31
Average Pace Per Mile: 10:41
Temperature: 38 degrees with a NE wind 11 mph
Notes: The majority of the run felt like a slow pace, but I got my second wind at 7 miles. I was running into the wind on my way home, it sucked. Next Saturday I'll be running my first Half Marathon. I'm praying for sunny weather.
8 miler
Here is a playlist I threw together. I LOVE Phoenix! I just started listening to them. Their music reminds me of a upbeat version of the Shins. A good song that helps me kick up the pace is Jay-Z empire state of mind. Good stuff!
Short Run Playlist

Sunday, January 24, 2010

David's Stove Shop

After dropping Cheyenne off with the grandparents, we headed to David's Stove Shop. It's a home and garden shop in Weatherford. They have antiques and custom's a neat place. They also have appliances and specialize in smokers and grills. Check out this new twist on an old style. That'll set you back a few bucks. 
IMG_0007IMG_0006Trey looking at the jack ass
While we were there we even found something for our Oklahoma friends
This photo of Trey makes me laugh
For lunch, we tried out this new restaurant that Adam recommended. The place is called Fred's located near downtown. I ate a tasty greasy burger with homemade french fries and then rested before heading out to the theater to see Avatar.

I don't go to the movies often. One reason is because I have a 14 month old, but another reason is because I don't feel like I get my money's worth...But after seeing Avatar, I think it's the first movie I've ever seen in the theater, that I feel like I got my money's worth. Since the movie was in 3D, it really felt like an escape from reality. It was the most entertaining theatre movie I've ever seen! I highly recommend seeing it in the theater...3D. And Trey loved it too.

Wow, this has been such a fun weekend. I feel like Trey and I have really had some quality time together. Tomorrow, I get Cheyenne back. Oh, I miss her!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I've Been Everywhere Man

Today, I've been going all over the place. This morning we dropped
Cheyenne off, so she's in A-Town. Tonight, Trey and I are going to see
Avatar. The first movie we've seen since watching Transformers, in the
theater. Oh and this picture is from Dave's Stove Shop.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Carried Away Pressing Buttons

Cheyenne is now setting the DVR to record shows. This evening we looked at our recorded shows and noticed she recorded The Penguins and Madagascar and Bones. We don't even watch Bones, so that's completely random.

This weekend Cheyenne will be visiting family in Abilene. She'll be heading that way, first thing tomorrow morning, so Trey and I will be child free all weekend. We'll miss her, but it will also be nice to have some time together.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Watch Out, She Growls.

During the week, we are all so busy...but we always have time to play. I make dinner, do a light clean-up and then Trey and I get on the floor and play with Cheyenne. She always makes us laugh. Last night, she wanted to make silly faces. She is also into growling. Her and Trey really get into it. Oh and she's still not over this blanket phase. I really thought she'd be over it by now.
Trey's gonna love this picture
And there's the blanket. In the morning, when I get her out of her crib, she'll whine until I hand her a blanket.
Totally Silly
Baby Thighs
So, everything on the work front is looking good. Students are back on campus, so things are moving. I have several video projects lined up before the end of this month, so I'm staying busy. This week has been different for me. I've been coming to work an hour I'm actually getting my full eight hours of sleep! It's amazing. Next week, I go back to my normal---up before the rooster--shift. I like getting up that early because I feel like I get a head start on everything, but at the same time I feel a little sleep deprived. I need to be more disciplined and make myself go to bed early. I will try to be better.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Athlete's Palate

I always see these delicious recipes in Runner's World Magazine and say I should make that...we know how that story goes. I never get around to it. Well, today I made this amazing Bean and Vegetable Chili soup. I found the recipe in February's issue. It was so good and filling. Trey doesn't like most of the ingredients, so I will freeze a lot of it. It'll be the perfect dish for a last minute lunch. Here is the recipe, if you're interested. I made a few modifications. I used ground turkey, I went light on the onions, peppers, and eggplant. I went light on the onions and peppers, so Cheyenne can enjoy it too.


3 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 pound ground beef, pork, turkey, or chicken
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 onion, chopped
1 tablespoon garlic, minced
2 small eggplants, cubed
1 medium zucchini, chopped
2 carrots, chopped
1 cup mushrooms, quartered
1 fresh or dried hot chile, seeded and minced
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano leaves
1 cup canned tomato, seeded and chopped
4 cups canned kidney beans, liquid reserved
Vegetable stock as needed (about two cups)
Fresh cilantro for garnish

Heat the oil in a large pot over medium; add the meat, season with salt and pepper, and cook until browned. Remove meat from pan and drain off all but three tablespoons of fat.

Heat the pan over medium-high. Add the onion and garlic; cook for about a minute. Add the vegetables; cook for 10 minutes or until they start to caramelize and dry out.

Add the seasonings and stir, then add the tomatoes and beans with enough of their liquid to submerge everything (use the stock if there isn't enough). Bring the mixture to a boil and cook about 15 minutes. Garnish with cilantro. Serves six.

I missed my long run Saturday, due to the stomach virus and instead of trying to make up that mileage, I've decided to write it off. Thursday, was the last time I went running (4 miles). I'm ready to get back to it. Tomorrow I'll be back on the old Treadmill. 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Signing Please. Please. Pretty Please.

I'm feeling much better....I would even say 100%. 24 hr bug, I guess. I'm sure the hospital meds helped the process along. Did I mention they gave me finigrin? They give that to women who are pregnant to deal with nausea. So, pregnant friends I got a stash if 
you ever need it.

After church, we had friends over to watch the Cowboys game. I didn't expect Dallas to lose this one. After the game, Chey and I went grocery shopping and we still had our Cowboys gear on. We got a few sympathy looks. Even the lady at the deli counter yelled out at me, "You might want to take off that jersey, after the way they played." I yelled back, "Yeah, it was bad!" It was an ugly game, but you know I'm still proud to be a Cowboys fan. They won their first playoff game in thirteen years. The curse has been lifted. Next year they will come back stronger.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm Your Biggest Fan. I'll Follow You Until You Love Me. Papa-Papa-Razzi


Yesterday morning I woke up with a headache. I ignored it and went to work and it progressively got worse. Later in the afternoon, I started feeling extremely nauseous, so I decided I would leave a few minutes early. I was driving on the Interstate and I lost my lunch! I grabbed a bag, just in time, but it was still pretty messy.

When I got to Leah's house she opened the door and her jaw dropped, when she saw me. I looked terrible. Once I got home it only got worse. I started to vomit blood. After talking to a nurse she recommended I go to the emergency room. I didn't want to go, but Trey basically made me. Once I was at the ER the physician said it's not uncommon to vomit blood, wow didn't know that. It only becomes an issue if it's large amounts, like over a cup. I was diagnosed with gastroenteritis, basically a stomach virus. The nurse gave me three shots and one shot in the hip that hurt like hell. I pride myself in taking shots well, but this one I cried like a stung, it burned, it hurt. The nurse didn't even warn me it was going to hurt she just stabbed me.

I was so disappointed, because this morning I was going to co-host a baby shower with Erin, for Chip and Amanda. It was suppose to be at my house. I had been looking forward to the shower for months. Erin and Serena really stepped up. Serena hosted the shower at her house and Erin helped take care of all the details. I hear they had a great turn out, considering the last minute location change. I know you can't plan when to get sick, but last weekend would've been nice. I also missed an evening surprise party for another friend.

After sleeping most of the morning and afternoon, I feel like I'm getting better. I might even go to church tomorrow. Trey has been really helpful. He took care of Cheyenne all day long. He even detailed the car, while watching Chey. That's impressive.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Sick Child

IMG_0002This morning, I walked into Cheyenne's room and it smelled horrific! I mean it smelt like a dump was bad! I went to pick her up and there was vomit everywhere, even in her hair. I'm surprised she was able to sleep in it. We still have the baby monitor and we didn't hear her cry in the middle of the night. I immediately bathed her and decided I was going to stay home with her, at least for half a day.

After she was cleaned up, Trey took her to the bedroom to snuggle. They were snuggling and I was in the kitchen and a few moments later I hear Trey yelling, "DOMINIQUE! Come here! She's throwing up!" She threw up right after breakfast too. I felt really bad for her. Once I called the doctors office and talked with a nurse, Cheyenne was drinking fluids and holding her food down and no fever, but I decided it would be best to stay at home with her, the entire day, especially after three mishaps.
After a long afternoon nap, she woke up refreshed and ready to play.
She likes to rub her tummy and find her belly button. Yeah, she's back to normal.

Everything Has a Place

There are little things I want to add to this space, like a rug and more hooks. I'm thinking about putting a few hooks below the mirror. They can't stick out too much or they'll hit the door, when it's open. I think this would be a good spot for Cheyenne to hang her jackets and it would also be a good place for skinny purses. I think a small table, you know the tables you see in bathrooms...I'm thinking one like that might work near the outlet.
Mail Holder
Key Chain Holder

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Making Old Things New

She Looks Good in Black
Climbing in my Lap
Yesterday, Trey and I worked on a fabric bulletin board for the mudroom. I used leftover material from the curtains in the living area and I bought the board from our church garage sale, last summer, I think for a dollar. Earlier this week, I bought ribbon which was half off and a set of thumb-tacks. Trey noticed I needed a staple gun, so he went out and bought me nice. The original board had a white and red checker was cute, but it didn't match our decor.

It's nice getting that board out of the closet and on the wall. I'll have to take pictures of the mudroom so you can see. It's part of my new years resolution; organizing. I bought metal decor for placing incoming mail and also a key chain holder. All these little things should help me out and make life a little easier. If all else fails, I can toss everything on the bench. How is that for organization?

While we were finishing the project, Cheyenne was snacking on crackers and noticed we needed some help. I guess she figured she needed to put weight on the board to hold the fabric in place. What a great helper!
Her Way of Helping
Mouthful of Crackers
Mouthful of Cracker
Daddy is in the background doing all the work, while we play
Cracker Time
Her hair is growing fast.
Her Hair is Growing

Monday, January 11, 2010


Cheyenne is still cruising along furniture and is slowly showing signs that she may walk in the next few weeks. She'll stand in the the middle of the floor, pump her arms, and then fall on her butt.

She likes to sign to get my attention. She's really good at signing MORE and MILK. I would like for her to learn WATER. If I wait long enough, she can tell me with words. This weekend we went to the library and picked up more books. She loved it! They really excite her and she's starting to say BA-BA-BOOOOK. If she sees them on a bookshelf she'll reach and call out for's funny because she acts the same way every time she sees a banana, but instead of saying book she'll sign MORE. This morning she started saying CRACKER. I think reading to her every night is really encouraging her to use words. Story time is one of my favorite activities to do with her. She is usually calm and she'll sit in my lap and just listen.

Cheyenne 14 months
@ Home
Cheyenne 1 Week old
One Week Old

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Day and a Half Late Run

Distance 12 Miles
Time 1:56:28
Pace Per Mile 09:42
Temperature 34 degrees 

Notes: Mile Eleven SUCKED! I wanted to quit, but kept moving. I had to keep reminding myself only one more mile...only one more mile. I ran through it and it felt good. 

Yes, I finally got to go running. After church, Trey got back from his service call and we had a quick lunch together, while Cheyenne napped. I let my food settle and then I was out the door. I was gone for nearly two hours! And that is why I prefer morning runs. I don't like blocking out 2 hours  in the middle of my day, but I'm married to a service tech...that's what I gotta do sometimes. Okay, we've been having some bone chilling weather. To my knowledge, it's been as low at 14 degrees...maybe lower. So, maybe it worked out for the best that I couldn't go running, so early, these last two days because I think we know I would've been out there. I've been told I'm crazy on more than one occasion. Everyone has a their thing. For example, Trey loves football. You may like music...Well, I love running. It's hard to explain my love hate relationship with this sport, but for the most part I love it. 

So, I ran 12 miles, the longest distance I've ever gone at one time. I don't think I want to train more than 12 miles for the 13.1 half marathon race. I feel like 12 miles of training can carry me through the last 1.1. Plus, I think my body will kick my butt if I try to push myself any more before race day. 
12 Mile Run
It's hard to tell in this picture but the Trinity River froze. A sheet of ice covered the surface, it was definitely a sight to see.
A Layer of Ice on the Water
Here is a song from Paramore. This song is on my playlist. I'm already looking for new music..gotta keep it fresh and interesting. Taking suggestions....

Rearranging my Training Schedule

I'm a little bummed right now. Trey is on call this weekend and Saturday morning I didn't get to go on my long run because he left the house first thing in the morning and worked all day. So, yesterday it didn't feel like a Saturday, it felt more like a Monday. It was weird.

Now I'm ready this morning to go for a run and Trey gets another service call at 6:50 am. No Heat. Great! I'm all dressed ready to go. Now, I'm hoping I will be able to squeeze in a run this afternoon. The good thing about Trey working so much is overtime, but at what cost to my training. I can't afford to miss a scheduled training date, especially since I'm considering running a half marathon before Cowtown. Trey thinks I'm crazy and is convinced my legs will fall off.

On the upside, how bout them Cowboys? They won their first playoff game in 13 years. We had a few friends over from church. I'm glad it was an evening game. I put Cheyenne to bed before eight and she slept through all the hooting and hollering and we were really loud.

Alright, on the agenda today: Try to go running. Try really really really hard. Go to church. Get things done around the house. Before I get going for the day, I'll leave you with this photo. Cheyenne is suddenly a Blanket Baby. She likes to hold and carry her blanket. She doesn't really have a specific one, just which ever one is closest to her at the time. She likes the fleece blankets more than the cotton.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Milk Does a Body Good

I sent Trey on a milk run, Tuesday evening, and he came back with the milk I wanted and then some. He bought chocolate milk. We never buy chocolate milk for the house, but I've heard this (see below) and now I'm all for it.

From Runner's World

Recovering from a tough workout is all about replenishing lost glycogen stores. Chocolate milk does the trick just as well as an extra-carb sports drink. For less calories, go for low-fat chocolate milk or make it yourself with a chocolate syrup.

Alright. Pour me a tall glass!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cheyenne Discovered her Belly Button

When Cheyenne is older, she may look back on these photos and be mad at me...sorry baby...but you're so cute. After dinner, she got real messy and instead of putting her in a new outfit, I grabbed her robe. She was wearing it when she discovered her belly button. Every time she touched it she would giggle.She Found Her Belly Button

Where is that Button?
Discovering her Belly Button
Enough of that. Milk-Break-Time.
Gulping Milk
Kicking Back @ Home
Yesterday, on the way home, I was listening to my run playlist while Cheyenne was in the backseat. The song paparazzi by Lady Gaga came up and I turned around and Cheyenne was bopping and clapping and shaking in her car seat. It was so funny because all her moves were jerky and she had a serious look on her face.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Off to the Cotton Bowl

This picture was taken Saturday, right before Trey and his uncle headed off to the Cotton Bowl Game.
Off to the Cotton Bowl

Early Winter Playlist

I finally updated my playlist. Paramore came out with their new album, Brand New Eyes and I liked it so much, I added just about every song to this list. Good thing, I'm running for more than an hour.Early Winter Playlist
Well, it's a new year and I printed out a new calendar to document my runs. COWTOWN is next month and I'm starting to get really excited and a little scared about the weather conditions. I hear we are about to have an artic blast cold front....BRRRR! And Saturday morning, it may be in the teens. I'm not sure how I feel about running in those conditions.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Cheyenne's New Friend

Yesterday, we took dinner to Sam and Sean, our neighbors. Their baby is one week old. This is their little man, William Blake.
Baby William
Sam and Sean are first time parents and they are having so much fun....Feedings and changing diapers round the clock. They both have that glazed over look---you know the look that says, I've only had three, maybe four hours of sleep, but man do I love being a parent. I don't miss the sleep deprived days, but I do miss Cheyenne being that small. When Sean saw Cheyenne, he said, "Cheyenne looks like a giant compared to William." She does look like a giant baby, when compared to a newborn.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

We Finally Have a Table

Here is our new table. The furniture store will deliver the rest of our chairs, this week or the following week. Okay, I'm ready to entertain. Who wants some entertaining?
I'm trying to convince Trey to build custom woodwork on that blank wall, but he doesn't seem too excited about that idea. I've ben looking at IKEA inspirations and that's got my creative juices going.