Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pretty Pretty Jewelry

When I'm in the bathroom, Cheyenne likes to go through my jewelry drawer. 
Well, earlier today I met Trey's mom in Weatherford. So, Cheyenne is on her way to Abilene. It's weird being kid free. I went to the grocery store and it felt strange not having her around. I bought snack food and drinks for the night. I also got some wine for me and "beer" for Trey (haha that's funny). He drinks Smirnoff, but he calls it beer. I like to tease him about it. Okay, everyone be safe and have a designated driver.

Okay, before we party tonight I have a long laundry list of things to do. I better get started now!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Plan on Cleaning--Soon

Ahhhhh...I'm really enjoying my vacation at home. It's been so relaxing. Tomorrow, Cheyenne will be going to Abilene. She'll be visiting with grandparents for a few days, while I deep clean the house. I also plan on organizing drawers and going through clothes, again. This will be Chey's first trip to Abilene without Trey and I. She'll be fine and since she is officially WEANED it makes it easier for both of us. This is the first week, I cut her off and the first few days were rough, but now she's gulping cow's milk like it's Dr. Pepper.

Back to the Cleaning
All the cleaning sounds like a big task, but the hardest part is over because yesterday afternoon Trey helped me put away all the Christmas decorations.

Oh and about yesterday, it did snow. Abilene got snow early. It didn't make it to Ft. Worth until 2 pm. I ended up running before the snow came through, while Tasha stayed behind and watched Chey. It was 29 degrees, but bearable. I used Trey's motorcycle gloves and my hands were nice and cozy. Until, I buy running gloves I will continue to use his mammoth man gloves.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Electric Lazy Susan Buffet

It's almost January and I'm still going through Christmas photos, but I think this is the last batch. This is one of the gifts Trey got me. I told him I wanted more entertaining pieces and he got me this awesome kitchen gadget/appliance/cool thing-a-ma-jig. I'm hosting a party in January and I'm thinking I might be able to use this. Now, if I can get some of the essential pieces of entertaining...oh, like a kitchen table...that would be nice.
Electric Lazy Susan Buffet
This is also cordless and can remain warm up to 2 hrs.
Electric Lazy Susan Buffet
"Could you pass me the peas?" "Of course. Let me turn the Lazy Susan Buffet."
Electric Lazy Susan Buffet
Some other gifts I got were a Dallas Cowboys Snuggie. I wonder who got me that? Trey also got me the movie The Hangover. I think Pineapple Express is my new favorite movie, but Trey said The Hangover is 10 times better. Sometimes when I'm bored I go on YouTube and browse through scenes of Pineapple Express. My favorite character is Red.

In other news, Trey is feeling really good. He won one of his three fantasy football leagues. This is the league that he put in twenty bucks and since he won the championship he gets $150. Congrats Trey. If he wins the other leagues, he won't get money, just bragging rights.

Today, I don't have too much planned. We have a high chance of snow, so I think Tasha and I will probably stay in and watch a movie. Tasha will be staying with us this week. I need to go running and I'm not sure if I want to brave the weather or hit the treadmill.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Portraits


Christmas Day

As soon as we got into Abilene and unloaded the gifts, Trey was so excited to open them. Cheyenne got this little walker and I think it'll help her learn how to walk. This toy also converts to an upright position to where she can push and walk behind it.
This is a word book we got her.
She loves books
She got a little laptop and car toy. She couldn't decide which one to play with, so she played with both of them at the same time.
Trey playing with her toys. He was slamming on the brakes.... In the background our Uncle and A Christmas Story on the TV.
Cheyenne eating Trey's stocking stuffers. I got him toothbrushes.
That evening we went to my Mom's house. She cooked a wonderful dinner. Tamales, beans, and homemade tortillas. It was the best food. We got Angelica a board game, Trouble.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Memorable Christmas

This year, Trey had to work half a day on Christmas Eve. Around 10 am it started snowing in Ft. Worth and apparently it had been snowing all night and morning in Abilene. We were planning on driving to Abilene and be in town that evening. Angelica was in a Christmas play and Nanny was having her annual Christmas Eve party. So, as soon as Trey got home we packed up the car and got on I-20.

The snow was pouring down and by the time we made it up Ranger Hill it was a Blizzard! Literally a blizzard. It was so scary. Ice. Snow. Wind. It was treacherous. Traffic was horrific and we were at a stand still in Cisco for HOURS. Trey and I estimated we were in the car for at least 7 hours. Somewhere between Cisco and Abilene, the interstate was closed, due to weather. So, that explains the parking lot in Cisco.

Cheyenne was a little trooper. Luckily, I packed plenty of snacks. I started to worry when we ran out of water, but luckily that was right around the time we decided to get off the interstate and find shelter. And it was perfect timing because we actually had an opportunity to exit the interstate! There have been reports that there were approximately 200 motorist/vehicles stranded all night long.
Trey has family in Cisco. I had never met them, but they opened their home to us and let us spend the night. They fed us dinner and breakfast and by 11:30 am, Christmas Day, we were back on the road, Abilene bound. We drove into town right in time for lunch.

This was Christmas Day and we saw so many people pushing vehicles.
There were also a lot of cars in the medium and off to the side.
Trey on the phone, updating family on where we were and what the roads looked like. I know they were worried about us....I was worried about us. It was scary. Trey kept saying, "This is a freaggin nightmare...This is the nightmare before Christmas!" I had my moments too. One minute I was mad and the next minute I was laughing. Overall, I'm thankful, that we made it to Abilene on Christmas day. At least we didn't have to sleep in our car.
Our Car Christmas Morning
The next morning this is what the neighborhood looked like, in Cisco.
Oh, I think it's worth mentioning that Wednesday afternoon, the High was 76 degrees. I took Cheyenne for a walk and she was wearing shorts.

Running on Ice

Distance 3.25
Temperture 22 degrees

Saturday morning, I went for an early morning run in Abilene. It was
so cold, I decided to cut my long run short (about 7 miles short).
Okay, we are on our way back home and boy do I have a Christmas
Adventure to share. I will post later.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Look

Okay, bear with me. I'm trying to find a new blog template. It's time for a change. Let me know what you think.

Scarf Towel

Who knew a towel could be so much fun....
She was also using it as a cape.
Orange Riding Hood
Working up a sweat and pat drying her face
"Alright, that's it...What else can I get into?"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Laid Back Snacking

Cheyenne went through a phase of not wanting to be on her back PERIOD, but lately she could care less. Here she is snacking backside. I also got a clip of her banging around a kitchen that is not unusual or out of the ordinary for her.

I have also noticed, she's sleeping on her back. What?
Maybe she was a little embarrassed. I don't know why, but she seemed like I had just caught her doing something bad.
Trey picked her up and said her breath smelt stinky. Wow, Trey needs a haircut and Erin is out of town....not good.
Bad Breathe

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wishful Thinking

I wish she would leave her hair alone.

Surrounded by Toys & Caught Reading a Book

I want to go to the library and get her a few Christmas books to read to her over the holiday break. She got a few books for her birthday and I think Santa might bring her some for Christmas.
Surrounded by ToysCaught Reading a Book

Sunday, December 20, 2009

O Christmas Tree...You Make Me Sleepy

The other night, we went driving around, looking at Christmas lights. I guess Cheyenne wasn't impressed because she slept through it.
She Fell asleep while looking at Christmas Lights
Trey and I had a good time. We like looking at decorations and pointing out what we like and dislike. Kind of like when we look at open houses.
Christmas Lights

Lesson Learned: Need Better Running Gloves

Distance: 10 miles
Total Time: 1:49:05
Average Pace Per Mile: 10 mins 54 secs
Temperature:33 degrees

My internal thought process this morning, before sunrise.
Is is really time to get up and go running? But it's so warm inside and I'm still sleepy. I don't have to go. I should sleep in, besides it's too cold outside. Okay, if I go, I'm only going to run EIGHT. Okay, maybe NINE. Okay, TEN. Let's do this.
10 Mile Run This morning it was so cold and a layer of frost covered everything. Even after running for almost 2 hours, I came home and saw the frost on the mailbox still hanging on.
Frost on the Mailbox This morning, I was cold and then within a few minutes I was nice and cozy. The wind wasn't blowing too bad, so I was comfortable. I wore a hoodie for the first time, this season, but by eight miles I was sweating so, I ran to the house and dropped it off and finished out the rest of my run, hoodie free. By then, it must have been 36 degrees. One thing I learned from this morning, is that I need better gloves. I wear knitted gloves and the cold just seeps through. It felt good to go running so early and before church. I wanted to run yesterday morning, but I'm getting over a mild cold. Everyone here, is getting over a nasty cough. But I was really feeling crappy yesterday morning. Trey knew it was bad when I told him Friday night, "I don't think I'm going running tomorrow morning." His response, "What?!"He knew I felt terrible. Today, I still have a cough, but my head feels right.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Texas Wins @ Cowboys Stadium

I'm glad we took, Cheyenne. She had a great time. Ready for the Game
Look at that huge SCREEN!
@ the Texas vs UNC Basketball Game
Towards the end of the game, Cheyenne decided she was going to use Landrea as a pillow.
Chey using Landrea as a pillow
By the way, Congratulations to Abilene High. They are now State Champions. Go Eagles! We have a lot of family and friends supporting them in San Antonio. Be Safe and Have Fun! River Walk...WHAT?! Trey and I probably would've gone to that game, but he is on call this weekend.

Another Weekend @ Cowboys Stadium

Last night, Landrea and Chuck, our friends from El Paso called to say they were coming to town. They had extra tickets to the UT vs. UNC basketball game and wanted to know if we wanted to go. We're always up for a game. Landrea is a big time UNC fan, so in the video you see her shooting her thumb down to TEXAS. She was pretty upset that her team lost. You can also see Trey throwing his horns up, Chuck is fiddling with his camera, and Cheyenne sleeping on Landrea.

This is my third Cowboys Stadium event and I think Trey's fifth. He'll be going again in a few weeks to the Cotton Bowl. Today, was the first time Cowboys stadium has hosted a basketball event.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Cheyenne Misses her Daddy

Trey has been working, out of town for the last two days. I know he missed Chey, so I sent him this picture. I'm looking forward to seeing him tonight. We'll be eating pizza and watching Grandma's Boy. I hear it's funny.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

This is Not our Christmas Card

I don't know what it is about this year, but we haven't received many Christmas cards. I think a lot of people are scaling back this year and trying to find ways to save money...postage is expensive, especially if you have a lot of people on your distribution list. If we do cards this year, I've decided to go GREEN and send via blog and email. This year, I'm not stressing over it, if we have time to get a nice Christmas picture done than we'll do it. I really like this picture I took of Trey and Cheyenne. I think this should be the Anderson Christmas Card. I just need to insert my face somewhere in there. Haha! I'm totally joking.

              Merry Christmas