Sunday, March 31, 2013

Making Memories & Turning My Kitchen into a Studio

Look who came to visit us this weekend...We cooked, shopped, celebrated the resurrection of Christ, and dyed Easter eggs.
My kitchen is multi-functional --
This weekend I turned my kitchen into a studio. I recorded a video of my pastor for a video series (project). One 5 minute video, once a week in small Life groups. The groups will meet once a week for 4 weeks and the video will carry the discussion. Last year, I helped out with a similar project. I'm glad to help this time around too.
Video Production at my house

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt with Cheyenne's Ballet School

Today, we went to Cheyenne's Ballet School Easter Egg Hunt. It was located at (I think) one of the members or parents home.
Easter Egg Hunt with Texas Ballet Theater
Can I live there? haha. It was a gorgeous neighborhood.
Easter Egg Hunt with Texas Ballet Theater Easter Egg Hunt with Texas Ballet Theater
I'm so glad the rain stayed away and we got a chance to enjoy the sunshine.
Easter Egg Hunt with Texas Ballet Theater
The girls took photos with the cast/ballerinas in Alice in Wonderland.
P.S. Dakota might be a future Ballerina.
Easter Egg Hunt with Texas Ballet Theater
And the Easter Bunny was there too! Easter Egg Hunt with Texas Ballet Theater Easter Egg Hunt with Texas Ballet Theater    Easter Egg Hunt with Texas Ballet Theater
Get all the good eggs, the kind of candy that momma likes. Easter Egg Hunt with Texas Ballet Theater Easter Egg Hunt with Texas Ballet Theater Easter Egg Hunt with Texas Ballet Theater
Dakota will get to join big sister, next year.
Easter Egg Hunt with Texas Ballet Theater Easter Egg Hunt with Texas Ballet Theater

Friday, March 29, 2013

Week in Photos

We no longer cut our yard, we hire a local business to maintain it. They don't bag the grass clippings for our yard, so when I requested a bag for my compost bin (from the company), I was told one would be left on my yard (from the company from another clients house). Keep in mind the request was for one bag... this is what was left on my side yard. 10 bags of grass! I think my compost is going to have plenty of grass.
Look at all the easter baking Cheyenne and Luke have been doing. It makes me want to be 4, again.Untitled UntitledUntitled Untitled
Shout out to Trey for putting air in my tires. I'm 28 years old and I've never put air in my own tires, perhaps it's time I learn.
Some random picture of my food -- fresh produce. Yum! Untitled
 The kiddos at the library, earlier this week. Untitled

Thursday, March 28, 2013

hanging out

She's practically busting out of this sling. Big Girl!
Dakota in the sling

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Look Who Came to Visit Us

Erin and Mike spent a few days with us last week. She was in town visiting and doing hair. She highlighted my hair one shade lighter. If I get a picture of it, I'll post it.
We always enjoy the company, right Dakota?
Brianna and Cheyenne loved catching-up. They pleaded to both Erin and I to visit longer.
Bria and Chey sharing a cup of milk
I'll leave you with a portrait of Dakota. You can almost see her two bottom teeth.
Dakota Test Shots with Canon 5D Mark III

Monday, March 25, 2013

Open for Business

I've spent my entire day taking portraits. I had 85 students sign-up to take portraits and about 75 of them followed through. So, it's been a non-stop day for me. I can't wait to get home and organize all this paperwork and start working on these photos.
Composite Photos doing Small Business work
This was my office for the day. It's a skills lab.
Composite Portraits Set-up

I guess that will have to wait until after ladies night. I almost forgot about that! I have banana pudding in the fridge that I made just for the ladies.

I'll leave you with this picture of my little ballerina.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Girls (Portrait Session)

Yesterday, the girls were my models and helped me break-in my new 5D Mark III camera. So far, I'm pleased with the camera and my models are beautiful, so no complaints in that department. These photos are lightly edited, which I love because the more I take photos the more I'm starting to hate overly processed images.

Cheyenne, Dakota and Angelica Test Shots

Cheyenne, Dakota and Angelica Test Shots

Cheyenne, Dakota and Angelica Test Shots

Cheyenne, Dakota and Angelica Test Shots

Cheyenne, Dakota and Angelica Test Shots

Cheyenne, Dakota and Angelica Test Shots

Cheyenne, Dakota and Angelica Test Shots

Cheyenne, Dakota and Angelica Test Shots

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Royal Castle Date Night

Friday night, Trey took Cheyenne on a church hosted daddy daughter date night. Cheyenne kept calling it a royal castle date. I think they had a small castle at the church or something.
Daddy Daughter Date Night at Church
The Children's Minster sent out a few tips to the Dad's...

Ideas to make your Daddy daughter date even more special:
1.       Treat this as you would a “real” date, help your daughter have high expectations for how men are supposed to treat women.
2.       Ask your daughter to the Date Night
3.       Tell her that you are looking forward to your date.
4.       Get ready separately and go outside and ring the doorbell when it’s time to go.
5.       Buy a flower or a corsage for your daughter and present it to her when you “pick her up”
6.       Have a friend or relative act as a chauffeur, driving you to and from your date.
7.       Take pictures as you get ready to go.
8.       Open the doors for her.
9.       Make her a card that says thank you for going on a date to present to her.

How cute is this picture????
Daddy Daughter Date Night at Church
Serena sent me this image. This is the perfect illustration of what it means for a manly-man like Trey, to have a girly-girl daughter like Cheyenne.

Friday, March 22, 2013

I Said One Thing & Then I Did Another...

Do you ever say, I'm not going to do something and then it seems like you turn around and do it. Well, as I recall I said I was not going to take on as much photography work, when I initially launched DA Video  & Photography Services. I planned on focusing primarily on video, but still doing event photography as needed. Well, I've been giving an opportunity to do photography work, that could potentially lead to repeat business twice a year. It's taking composite photos for the BSN Nursing Class. 

I'll be taking on that project, next week. I already have 80 students who have made an appointment to have their portrait taken by yours truly. So, with this big project and upcoming projects, I decided to add a third camera to the mix. 

Today, I welcome the Canon EOS 5D Mark III to the family. I was not at home to receive the package,  as we speak I'm still not home! So, Trey opened the goods and took this photo for me. The batteries are being charged, as we speak. I'm so excited to use this as my main DSLR camera for shorter video productions and also excited to use it to take portraits. Family, Friends and all moving things -- this might be the time to ask me to take your portrait, since I'm so giddy with excitement. I will most likely say yes. Maybe.
Let's Roll!
Oh, I also have more excited news to share about my business. I have a website! Please visit it! Also, keep in mind that it is a work in progress.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Making Up for Lost Time

I feel like the day I stayed at home (being sick), has been made by with the last two days, since I've been back at work.

Here is a glimpse at my day (see picture).
I spent about four hours this morning recording informational advising modules for the nursing program. I don't have much real estate, so I have to make due with the available space. It's a tight fit!
Production Day at Work

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Fever: My Backyard Garden

Before I talk about the garden, I just want to say I'm sick.
I think I have a sinus infection. Saturday night, we went bowling with friends and that's when I started to feel like crap...I'm sure losing hard, had something to do with me feeling that way too.

Today, I'm staying at home and hopefully, I'll be back to normal, by tomorrow.

Ok, now let's talk about the garden!
Here's what I have:
Cherry Tomatoes, Brussels Sprouts, Peppers, squash, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, lavender, basil, and oregano. 

This picture is when I started working on it....I know cilantro is good about reviving itself, year after year, but what about basil??? I wasn't sure, so I yanked it from the soil, since it looked pitiful. I replaced it with living basil.
I don't own any fancy gardening tools, so I had to till the dirt with a shovel. Good workout! I added a ton of compost to the soil. There's a little bit of room to add more vegetables. I would love to have some lettuce in the garden. Also, I wouldn't mind having a bigger garden.
While I was doing that, Dakota was inside, watching me through the window. We took a short break and FaceTime'd Trey and Cheyenne. Sunday, they went to Abilene, while Dakota and I stayed at home.