Monday, December 31, 2012

Snowball Fight (Video) & Ringing in the New Year

Remind me how many kids I have? Trey enjoys a good snowball fight, just as much as the next kid.

NYE Bottle. Cheers! 2013!

Well, if you are out partying and enjoying your NYE, tonight -- that's great. Party for me too because tonight, I'm enjoying a quiet night at home. My niece, Angelica is spending the night and before sending Cheyenne to bed, we gathered in the kitchen and toasted. I had wine and the girls had juice.

I'm still trying to hash out my NY resolutions. What about you?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Week in Photos

I got sick of talking about it, so I finally made a hair appoitment with Erin. She colored and chopped my BANGS. I like it, I just wish I knew how to style them. This morning it took me a long time to fix my hair. 'Ain't nobody got time for that!!!! 
They just looked flat, when I tried straighten them with the flat-iron. Flat-iron -- Hmmm, maybe that's why. I finally, got my curling iron out, but that didn't help much, either. They probably looked fine, I just don't know what I'm doing.

Originally, Trey was against me getting bangs, but he seems to like my new hair-do.
BangsBangzzz! Forehead hair, finally.
So, I spent Friday and part of Saturday in Abilene with the girls, Trey was on-call, so he stayed in Ft. Worth. While I was in Abilene, I made my rounds visiting family and the girls and I had a chance to go to Brianna's Birthday party.
Brianna's 4th Birthday Party
Look at the Ballerina cake that Erin made...(yes, I stole this picture from her) :)
Bowling and tutus, that sounds like my kind of fun - and the party was at 10 am. I'm a morning person and I loved that it started that early. Party in the morning!!! Holla!
Brianna's 4th Birthday Party
Bowling and ballerina experts
Brianna's 4th Birthday Party
And now the rest of my photos from this past week.
Dakota loved her Christmas present that my mom got her. This is her first baby doll. Dakota Bear
Wednesday, Cheyenne kept begging me to go outside and play in the snow. I didn't want to sit out there, so I bundled her up and let her loose in the backyard. Meanwhile, Dakota and I were inside next to the heater.
Snow Day
Yesterday, I packed up Christmas. Now, my house feels semi-naked.
Snow Day
Well, that's all I have.
You guys have a wonderful Sunday night. We'll be watching the Cowboys game.

Friday, December 28, 2012

A Lot of Sitting & Nutella Hot Cocoa Recipe

Since, I've been at home, Dakota thinks she's in buffet heaven. She's been eating more often. This is the first time, Dakota has been clingy with me. I haven't been timing her, but it seems like it's been every two hours, she's wanting to eat. She hasn't been waking up at night, so that's good. Maybe I need to get serious about offering her more solids. She hates solids, though.
Where is her neck???
You are my sunshine
The more she eats and drinks, the more I eat and drink.
Here is something I made. It was goooood!!!! I saw the recipe online, but I really made it my own and changed some of the ingredients and servings.
Nutella Hot Cocoa 
Serving for one
Hot Cocoa
1 cup almond milk (unsweetened)
1 Tbsp Nutella
1 Tbsp Hot Cocoa
Pinch of Salt

Whipped Cream
Half Cup of heavy whipping Cream (more than enough)
1 tsp of sugar
Half tsp of vanilla extract

Hot Cocoa

  1. In a small sauce pan over medium heat, whisk all ingredients together until well blended and hot.
  2. Pour in a cup and top with homemade whipped cream and cinammon.

Whipped Cream
  1. Place a medium bowl and your beaters from your electric mixer in the freezer for 10 minutes (this helps the whipped cream stiffen faster)
  2. Pour all ingredients into the chilled bowl and start to beat.
  3. Start off on low and gradually work your way up to high. It will be done when it is the consistency of ..well…whipped cream.
Hot Cocoa

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Don't Blink or You'll Miss It

Look in the sea of runners and you'll see me. The YouTube setting defaults to 320p, if you can -- change the view to 720p, so I look less like a blob running. (Video of Dallas Marathon)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Snow and Cuddles

Christmas morning, I was the first one to wake up. I immediately started a fire, you know -- to get in the Christmas spirit. Once everyone was awake, we didn't waste much time. Within, minutes we were ready to open presents.
Christmas Morning Fire Christmas Day 2012
What felt like two seconds later, our living room looked like this...
Can you spot Dakota? Her puppy attacked her and everyone was busy playing and didn't notice.
Christmas Day 2012
My older sister got off of work and joined us, just in time for breakfast. I made pancakes with a strawberry puree topping and bacon (on the side).

SNOW On Christmas!!!! 
I screamed with excitement, when I looked out the window and saw snow. I had no idea snow was in the forecast. When we woke up, it was warm and by noon snow was falling.
Christmas Day 2012
View from my backdoor around 12:30 pm.
Christmas Day 2012
View from the front porch.
Christmas Day 2012
So, it was pretty obvious, what I did the rest of the day...Snuggled under my new throw and cuddled with Dakota. Don't let her sour face fool you, she enjoyed it!
Christmas Cuddles!
There's a smile.
Christmas Day 2012
Christmas morning faces
Christmas Day 2012
Since it was cold and wet outside, Cheyenne had to play indoors.  
Christmas Day 2012
It was no sweat off her back. By the way, she loved her ballet gifts. Did Santa bring you what you asked for. Trey got me my first pair of Lulu groove pants. I will never wear jeans again. That's a lie, but they are really comfortable and I plan on wearing them every second, minute and hour, I'm not at work.
Christmas Day 2012
That's how our Christmas went. How about you? Did you travel? Stay home? Christmas Day 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve (2012). Santa is Coming!

Everyone is sleeping and I'm sitting in the living room with the glow of the Christmas tree lights. This feels just like Christmas should feel. It's relaxing. I'm so excited about Christmas morning, I can't sleep! A few minutes ago, I did some last minute gift wrapping. One of the gifts, was odd shaped (don't you hate that??), so I just threw a blanket over it, with a note to Trey: DON'T LOOK!

Do you believe in Santa? 
There is something magical about seeing a kid light-up about the idea of Santa coming over. It's a big deal. I love Cheyenne's enthusiasm! I don't ever remember believing. How about you?

Candlelight Service 
Tonight, we did what is becoming our Christmas family tradition: We went to the Christmas Eve Candlelight Church Service. We heard scripture readings of the Christmas Story and sang carols. It's just what I needed. I have to admit, this season, I got distracted and my eyes were not set on Christ. For me, it started to become about the season of the holidays (shopping, busy-stuff, work, going from here to there) and not Jesus-Savior. During the service, I was reminded, why I celebrate Christmas, (the real meaning).
2012 Christmas Eve
As soon as we got home, we were already thinking about cookies. Santa needs fuel and Cheyenne was eager to make him chocolate chip cookies. I should have left him some of my running GU's, afte rall, he'll be running a marathon around the world.
2012 Christmas Eve
Dakota is ready for some Christmas fun too.
2012 Christmas Eve
Trey likes to swing her around like this. It makes me nervous, her dangling like a rag-doll, but she gets a kick out of it.
2012 Christmas Eve
Well, sleep well and Have a Merry Christmas! I might have another cookie and then call it a night.
2012 Christmas Eve Cookies for Santa

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Girls Day. Family Weekend.

My morning started with hugs and kisses from Dakota. Eventually, I hyped myself up for a run. I ran 8 miles in 36 degree weather. Ba-Ba-BRRR.

 My run would've been super boring, if it hadn't been for an updated music playlist. After my run, the real workout started -- when I had to get myself ready and the girls. Luckily, Trey's parents are in town and Trey's mom helped me with the girls. She's such a good Na-Na.
Bluebonnet Bakery In Ft. Worth
Trey had a day planned with his dad, so I had a girls day with my MIL and daughters. Our first stop was the Cowtown's Farmers Market and then we went to Bluebonnet Bakery for lunch.
Did you know the bakery has been in business since 1934??? 
Bluebonnet Bakery In Ft. WorthBluebonnet Bakery In Ft. Worth
The bakery occupies a former 1920s-era church! It's quite the scene. When you walk in, you can see stained glass windows, a cathedral ceiling and in some areas, pews for seating.
Bluebonnet Bakery In Ft. Worth
Lunch from Bluebonnet Bakery:
Bluebonnet Bakery In Ft. Worth
After lunch, I met-up with my Mom. She was in town for a short day trip. She's the best mom in the entire world because she made me TAMALES! One of these days, she's going to show me how to make them. Oh, the she made some vegan tamales. Instead of using meat, she used hummus for the filling. One word: PERFECTION!

Cheyenne and I ended our night, putting three puzzles together. It was a good day.
Bluebonnet Bakery In Ft. Worth

Friday, December 21, 2012

My Week in Photos: Homebody & Santa is Coming!!!

Christmas is almost here, I was so pleased with myself because I'm done with my shopping and then I remembered I still have to go grocery shopping. I'm thinking if I go to a 24 hour Wal-Mart at like 4 am, I'll beat the crowd. In reality, I'll see about going pretty early, maybe around 7 am or something.

This is the campus court at UTA. It's beautiful.
Christmas On Campus
Things are looking cozy at home too. Pay no mind to Grand Theft Auto on the TV screen.
POV from Treadmill
Is it Time Yet?
Cheyenne has a hard time grasping time. I should've never told her, I'd be on vacation next week, because this entire week, she's been asking me, "Today, are you staying home???" She's excited about all the time we will spend together. Here recently she's become a real home-body. She gets irritated (seriously), when we have to leave the house and run an errand. She's like Mom, I just want to be at home!!! 
Cheyenne and her American Girl
Dakota Bear
Trey has been calling her that, lately, but Cheyenne still calls her Bay-Kota. Nobody else consistenly calls her Bay-Kota, except for Chey. If she continues, I'm sure we'll all fall into that habit too.
With Dakota
Santa is Coming to Town!!!
In a few days, we open presents!!!! I wonder what I'm gonna get this year. I'm sure Trey is wondering the same thing too (in reference to me). He is waiting until the final hour to go shopping. I suppose, it's not as crazy as me going shopping on Thanksgiving night. Right? I got some pretty good deals! You're welcome, bank account.
Cheyenne and her American Girl

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ballet School

For the past few months, I've been looking at several ballet companies. Not for me, but wouldn't that be fun?! I've been looking for Cheyenne. After checking out a few places and after several email exchanges with a staff at a particular location, Trey and I have decided to enroll Chey in Ballet School. She'll go once a week for a semester.
Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater
If she likes it (which I think she will) and if we have available funds for tuition, for the following semester -- we'll enroll her again.
(Photo) Cheyenne at ballet camp, this past summer.
Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater
The other day, we went to The Dance Shop which is a ballet specific apparel store.Trey and I bought her a leotard and leg warmers and Trey's parents got her shoes.  Since she was with me, I lied and said the uniform was for her friend Brianna. She said, but Momma, I want stuff too!!!! I told her, I'd put it on the list and maybe she'd get it later. I plan on wrapping the stuff and putting a school print-out with it, so she knows it's for her class. She'll get her gifts, Christmas morning.
Merry Christmas to my favorite ballerina
First Position on Netflix
Speaking of Ballet, the other night I was in bed watching the documentary First Position --- That's when Chey walked into my room and decided she wanted to join me. We cuddled and watched 30 mins of it, before I realized it was past 10 pm. OOPS! I sent her to bed and told her, we would finish the movie another night. If you are looking for something to watch over the holiday season, you should check out the documentary. I already watched the entire movie, it's outstanding and amazing how some of the kids are extremely motivated to get dance scholarships and jobs.
Watching Netflix

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

25 Days - I fail & A Broken Promise (actually a few)

Soooo, maybe I got side-tracked with the 25 Days of Christmas - Christmas Activity Cards.

"What's the point of having cards if you just do whatever you feel like?" That's what Trey asked me.  There was one day last week, when I got home at 9 pm and there wasn't time for an activity or there were other times, when the card had on it - make a Christmas ornament and I really didn't feel like it. What I've learned from this is that if we do this next year, I'm going to have all the activities written on scratch paper and we can all pick and choose, instead of sticking to whatever the card says for that date. We like order, but the card system is too rigid. With that being said, we are off the card system and now it's more of a suggestion.

December 16: Make Chocolate Covered Pretzels
They were christmas shaped too. How perfect!!!!
Broken Promise 
Cheyenne and I went shopping for Trey's gift, it was actually on the Christmas Card and on the date that we went. After we went shopping, Chey told Trey what we got him. What makes matters worse is that I took her gift shopping AGAIN, (for Trey) and as soon as we got home, she blurted out what we got him, AGAIN. She promised she wouldn't tell him! What I learned from this experience is that little people can't be trusted with secrets.
She looks so cute, dancing in her ballet shoes, but she can't be trusted with secrets or bathroom doors (see yesterday's blog post). Haha!
Cheyenne Dancing

Monday, December 17, 2012

6 Months & Caught With My Pants Down (literally)!!!!

Dakota's 6 month well visit
My precious baby got four shots. She was not happy. To make matters worse, she pooped all over herself, while we were at the doctors office. It was a mess and I had to clean it up. My afternoon got better, keep reading... 
I wanted to Crawl Under a Rock
Before leaving the doctors office, I took the girls to a small bathroom (not stalls, an actually one toilet bathroom). We crammed into the space and as I sat on the toilet, I told Cheyenne not to open the door. Well, guess what Cheyenne did? She swung open the door and the entire lobby (okay, maybe it was only four people, all women) saw me with my pants down for approximately 8 seconds). Their jaws dropped and I was like oh, well. I mean what do you do? Apologize???? I don't know. The women who saw me in my half birthday suit, are all employees in the doctors office. I'm sure I will be that story they tell, year after year. Ha!

In case you are wondering, Cheyenne got in trouble for not listening. She was pretty upset, once she realized she embarrassed me. Now, that's it's all said and done, I guess it is pretty funny - I just wish all the people who saw me, were complete strangers. I have to see them in 30 days, for a follow-up appointment for Dakota. Anyone know of a good pediatrician, in the area?
My Little Pony