Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Words of Wisdom from Tony Horton

For a while I've been wanting to do a post about losing the baby weight and my progress. I'll get to that post soon (I hope), but first read this. The below statement was published by Tony Horton on his FaceBook page and it really spoke to me. In case you don't know, Tony Horton is the P90X guy. He's over 50 years old and he's a BA like chuck norris!


Do You Believe In The Truth?

The truth is that thing that is happening to you right now, not that enhanced fantasy version you use to protect your vulnerabilities. People can't move forward in life because they hold too tightly to the past. We also get lost in concepts and beliefs that might have worked for our parents and friends but don't apply to us anymore; which can make it confusing when it

 comes to making decisions to improve our lives.

If you look closely at my first 30 to 35 years on earth you would have bet big bucks on a inept outcome. Bad student, bad athlete, no discipline, poor confidence, lousy work ethic, speech impediment, low self esteem and the biggest procrastinator on earth. What changed?

I began excepting reality. I stopped lying to myself and the people around me. I searched for second and third opinions. I stopped hanging around people with bad attitudes and no ambition. I stopped using the word "party" as a verb and grew up. I signed up for seminars and yoga retreats and saved up for ski camps, so that I could meet people who were curious, outside of my circle and who were kicking ass.

My persona to the world as a young man was just big talk and hyperbole because I didn't have the guts to get in the game and step up to the plate. It was a safe and easy way to exist but it made me sick. I slowly began to force myself to do things that scared the hell out of me. Every single experience built my confidence and improved my life, so I kept going no matter how many times I fell flat on my face.

If you want to believe in the truth then you need to follow some simple life altering steps. Exercise 5 to 6 days a week for the rest of your life. Eat whole foods more often than not, for the rest of your life. Allow your mind, body and spirit to heal with patience, curiosity and plenty of rock solid sleep. Figure out what you love and put as much time and energy as you can, into that. Then share what you've learned with people who ask for your help.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dakota is 20 Weeks

Dakota is 20 weeks

Dakota is 20 weeks and adorable, now you must sit and watch this video of her giggling. 

Running last week was tough, I mean it really took everything in me to make myself run. I fell short 2 miles - not terrible considering I didn't feel like running the majority of the time.
Dallas White Rock Half Marathon Training

Monday, October 29, 2012

Is This an Accident Waiting to Happen?

Instead of asking for help, Cheyenne prefers to climb her bookcase to get what she wants. She wanted a puzzle. And Dakota was in her own little world. She was busy watching Happy Feet.
Chey and Dakota
After being away from Cheyenne for two days, it was wonderful seeing her sweet face again.
Cheyenne Painting

Cheyenne Painting

Sunday, October 28, 2012

One-on-One with Dakota

Yesterday, I went to abilene for a short day trip. One reason, I went was to see my Mom, tomorrow is her birthday and I wanted to wish her an early birthday.

Trey and I took seperate vehicles, so he could stay longer and I could leave early. Trey kept Cheyenne and I took Dakota. I've been loving all the one-on-one I'm getting with her. We went to church this morning. I took her to Sunday school and the sanctuary with me. She's so portable, I love it!
You know, she's loving all the attention. Untitled
Cheyenne has been enjoying herself too. Trey and his mom went clothes shopping for her. Oh and DJ and her went trick or treating at a church event.
  DJ and Cheyenne

Friday, October 26, 2012

My Week in Photos

The last bit of San Antonio pictures, actually I think Trey has a few more, but this is it for now...

While we were in San Antonio, Trey and Cheyenne experienced the mirror maze.
According to Trey, the maze is not as easy as you might think. It took him several minutes to find his way to the exit. At one point, he ended up back at the beginning. He thought he had reached the end. I explained to him, NO -- you are right where you started. Chey enjoyed the first minute of the maze and then she got scared. Trey finished by himself. I'm so proud of him!!! Haha!

They had to wear gloves, so their filthy hands wouldn't mess up the mirrors.
I had low expectations of Rainforest Cafe, but I was surprised, how good my dinner was! Cheyenne loved it too. I got a burger and kettle chips.
Walking somewhere downtown.
Sweet Dakota is a great traveler. Trey's pretty good too. I like how he drives when we travel and he has a great sense of direction. I on the other hand, get lost or off route even when I use my Ford GPS unit.
Here is a picture of the hotel gym. I used the gym one day, during our two night visit. I used the bike and then did some freestyle stuff without the machines. It took me two days to recover from doing over 50 lunges and 50 squats.
One of the patios at Rita's. Not much action, for a Sunday night.
We made a pit stop in Waco and Cheyenne harassed me with a knife. Something about giving her lifetime of candy or else.
Have a great weekend! I have a 10K to run, sometime this weekend. It's not a race, per say -- just a simulated one. It's on my training program.
So instead of trying to find a 10K and spend $25 - $35 for an overpriced run, I'm just going to pretend like my next run is a race.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Awanas Family Pumpkin Night

Cheyenne is participating in Awanas, Cubbies. This is her first year and she loves it! She goes once a week. She sings songs, does crafts, and learns bible versus. I love watching her grow spiritually. Hearing her sing praises to Jesus in her squeaky voice, is precious.

Last night, was family pumpkin night. We had so much fun!
  Awanas family pumpkin night

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sights of San Antonio

The Alamo
San Antonio Weekend Getaway
San Antonio Weekend Getaway
Downtown Buildings
San Antonio Weekend Getaway

San Antonio Weekend Getaway

San Antonio Weekend Getaway
The Hotel Lobby of St. Anthony's
My fancy hotel lobby. I feel under-dressed.

San Antonio Weekend Getaway
Bathroom Sink in the hotel room
San Antonio Weekend Getaway
 Saint Anthony
San Antonio Weekend Getaway
The Riverwalk
San Antonio Weekend Getaway

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our San Antonio Weekend Getaway

Cheyenne said her favorite part of the entire trip was staying at the hotel. I told her we were staying at a Princess Hotel and she like the sound of that, although her facial expression in this photo does not reflect that enthusiasm.

We stayed at St. Anthony's, in the downtown area. The hotel was built in 1909. I love old architecture and this place was a beauty. In my opinion, our hotel room was really small, but overall, it was a pleasant experience.
San Antonio Weekend Getaway
The first night, Trey and I let Chey sleep between us. When we're at home, we don't let her sleep in our bed, so she loved cuddling with us in San Antonio. She favored Trey's side, so I slept with ample room on a queen size mattress. At one point, Trey woke up in the middle of the night and asked me to pull Chey towards my side of the bed. The next night, Trey asked housekeeping for a cot.
P.S. Dakota slept in a pack n play.
San Antonio Weekend Getaway
The girls were treated like royalty, we pushed them in strollers and/or carried Dakota in a sling, while we explored the city. I want to be a kid again!
San Antonio Weekend Getaway
On the last day of vacation, we made Chey walk and by the time we were walking back to the hotel, she started complaining. Trey carried both of the girls. He's stronger than me, that's for sure.
San Antonio Weekend Getaway
I really enjoyed the riverwalk. It was peaceful. A lot of people had cameras out, so I didn't feel like the only tourist out there.
San Antonio Weekend Getaway
We discovered a nice breakfast place called Shearton Gunter Bakery. We ate there twice for breakfast and spent less than $15 bucks each time. If you go to SA, I highly recommend this place!
 San Antonio Weekend Getaway
Outside on the patio at Gunter Bakery
San Antonio Weekend Getaway San Antonio Weekend Getaway
Trey Looking through a brochure, trying to find something to do, there is so much to do in San Antonio, I want to go back and explore the market and missions. San Antonio Weekend Getaway
One of our dinner treats was the Rainforest Cafe. The other place was Rita's Mexican Resturant.
This is the Ceiling at Rainforest Cafe.
San Antonio Weekend Getaway
San Antonio all I have to say is you make amazing breakfast tacos, your riverwalk is gorgeous, and your city smells like tortillas. We'll be back for sure!
San Antonio Weekend Getaway

Monday, October 22, 2012

San Antonio Weekend Getaway

We just got back from our trip to San Antonio. We stayed downtown and did all the touristy things, like walking through the Alamo....
Walking the Riverwalk....
And Indulging in some treats... Okay, that's not exactly touristy - but we still enjoyed it.Candy Store
Can I applaud Dakota, for being a delightful travel baby, she was fantastic. However, she had one episode last night (not her fault),  we thought we were going to have to leave early because Dakota coughed on and off all through the night. I woke her up at 6 am and fed her and she didn't cough again. Isn't that strange? I think the hotel AC provoked her allergies, but what do I know? Since she was feeling better, we stayed until noon, in San Antonio, like we planned.
Dakota is probably too small for an umbrella stroller, but it was easier than lugging around a massive one, everywhere. We actually found this stroller on the Riverwalk at CVS for $20 bucks.
Cheyenne was good too. It was nice making family memories with the girls.
I have more to share about our trip, which I'll cover in another posts, very soon.IMG_3398

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hello, From San Antonio

Trey and I are spending the weekend in San Antonio! We brought the girls with us. We've been here since yesterday. I'm looking forward to exploring the River Walk.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Like a Boss

Trey is being all humble and quiet over here, so I guess I'm going to be the one to share the good news. I want to celebrate his accomplishment and I'm sure you guys would like to celebrate with us.

So, here's the big news -- Trey has accepted a position as the Service Manager, for the company he works for. This is a huge deal!!!! I'm so proud of Trey.

Did you know Trey started off in the HVAC field when he was in high school? Originally, he wanted to study architecture and that was probably the path he was going to take, on through college --- Instead, he ended up in a high school HVAC class because it was the only one that worked with his schedule. He found out he was really good at it and he enjoyed it.

Trey started working for an HVAC company in Abilene when he was in high school, for a little over minimum wage. After graduating high school, he attended Universal Technical Institute in Houston, he graduated and moved back to Abilene and that's what he's been doing ever since. He went from being an Installer, to  Service Technician and now Service Manager. Way to go Trey! You inspire me to do more! Seriously, what have I done with my life????  :)  

My new nickname for Trey is Boss. Trey is working on a bid
This above picture was taken this past summer.
Trey's new position, will require him to do some work from home. Our little office nook is about to get some love.
The Building of Our Home

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Forehead Hair

I'm tossing around the idea of getting bangs.

Have you ever used a hair generator? I did, just to get an idea of what I would look like with a new hair-do. This generator is kind of strange. I feel like it gave my hair too much volume.
Hair Generator. i have bangs!Hair Generator. i have bangs!
When I mention my hair idea to frineds and family, their general reaction is, GOD, NO!   My main concern is this----What am I suppose to do with forehead hair when I run???? Pin them back? Sweep them over? Head band them in place? I don't know? I think the only time I had bangs was when I was a toddler. 

I'm obviously overthinking this, which means I will probably keep the same old hair style I've had for 88 years.