Friday, June 27, 2014

You Know It's VBS Week & An Office Space Promotion

You know it's Vacation Bible School week, when Chey falls asleep in the car. She's been going to bed around 9 pm and then I wake the girls up before sunrise, so I can get to work. 
Speaking of work, after 7 years of being in a windowless office (and on the first floor) - I finally got an office space promotion. If I stand in the corner of my office, I can see six flags. I love the window view, even if the majority of it is looking at a parking lot. It's so much better than where I was before, scenery wise. Once I get my office studio arranged, I'll post a photo.

This was my old office space.

Since I'm a few floors up, I'm trying to get in the habit of taking the stairs, instead of the elevator.

Do you have any fun weekend plans? I'll be recording a wedding tomorrow. That will make it my third wedding in June. Hmmm, it sounds like I'm going to be consumed with editing for the month of July. At least I enjoy it. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pt. 3 of 3 Las Vegas: NABShow

I know it's been forever since the NABShow, in Las Vegas. I figured I better complete my Las Vegas Blog Post already! So, here are some of the highlights from the show!

UTA sent me to the Post Production World Conference, but the cool thing about it was that it wasn't exclusively post chat, I had an opportunity to learn about camera interviewing, lighting and more!

My favorite speaker was Jem Schofield, with He had a lot of gear and demonstrations during his session. If anyone had questions, we had an opportunity to ask.  Caleb Pike with DSLR Video Shooter was also there. I met him after the session. I've been watching his training videos for about a year now. It's appreciate them because it gives me an idea of what other videographers are doing and using.

Drones were a big deal. There was a section at the convention center that was netted off, for drones. I didn't get a picture of any of them, they were way up high…but you get the idea.

I drooled over Zacuto products….

The hot booth was BlackMagic.

The cameras are so cute!

I swung by B&H booth. That's were all my money goes….

See, I actually worked and learned a few things - while I was there. But of course had a great time at night - partying with Jeri.

Monday, June 23, 2014


The girls have been out of town. Today, we reunited and played until it was time to go to VBS. While the girls were gone, this weekend, I worked -- I recorded a wedding Saturday night. Sunday night, Trey and I went to the movies to watch Maleficent. We both enjoyed it.
Being silly with the girls

Friday, June 20, 2014

Ballet Camp 2014

Today, was the end of the week ballet recital. Bria and Chey have had the most amazing week together at camp. They both did an incredible job performing! I'm so proud of them!

Cheyenne can be shy (especially in a ballet setting), but when she has a friend by her side, she seems to break out of her shell. It was exciting to see her perform with so much confidence.
Dakota was a good girl and sat during the entire performance, which allowed me to record Chey's dance.

My precious girls. I love them!

The B family! It was nice seeing Erin and the girls this week. Mike drove into town for the performance and afterwards, we went out for a quick bite. I told the girls we were celebrating their dance accomplishments! They were thrilled!

You May Not Recognize Her

Cheyenne has had a few trims, here and there.

For the longest time, she wasn't interested, but somehow I convinced her. Erin has been in town and staying with us this week (it's ballet camp week ((YAY!!! )), so she cut Chey's hair.

We love it! She looks so sophisticated.

Dakota likes it too.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Because the Old One Broke, Ginger Problems & Limiting Work

We got a new dishwasher because our old one broke. This one is so quite. I think Trey was more excited than I was about our new appliance. We went about two weeks hand washing dishes --- let me correct that by saying, I went two weeks hand washing dishes. It was fine, but I'm glad to have a working dishwasher again.

I heard something about how Saturday is the first day of summer. What? It's already hot, I think summer has been here for a while! In related news, you know you live with a ginger if you own five bottles of sunblock…

If you are wondering why my blog post per week, have somewhat dropped -- it's because I've been editing pretty much every night. After all, it is wedding season. I have another wedding this weekend, I'll be working on. Oh, and I met with a bride recently and she booked me for the fall. I'm really looking forward to that one too - it will be at the stockyards! With all the business picking up, I'm considering only making myself available for 2 weddings a month - no more than that. I have 3 this month and between full-time employment and self-employment I want to avoid burn out. We'll, see how things pan out. Maybe I can handle more than I think - time will tell.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Dakota's 2nd Birthday Party at Chick fil A

This weekend we celebrated Dakota's birthday at Chick Fil A.
The girls love the food and playing there, so having the party there - made sense for us. Also, no clean up for mommy. WIN!

The birthday girl...

When she was presented with a cupcake and candles she knew exactly what to do.

She's only 2 years old, but it's like she knew it was her special party. She was thrilled to be the center of  attention.

We invited a few friends and Trey's parents drove from Abilene to join us. It was a nice surprise seeing them. While Dad was in town, I gave him his Father's Day gift. Red wine and coconut flavored almonds. Trey is going to get a wallet. I'm going to let him pick it because I want him to have exactly what he wants.

Dakota appreciated the cards. She lisented carefully as Nana read them to her.

The best part of the party was playtime!

FYI - Dakota dressed herself…PJs and a colorful tutu.

The kids weren't the only ones to have fun. Krista my coffee date buddy was there too. Ahhh, I love this girl.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Cauldron Creations

My Aunt Jari, is a the creator of Cauldron Creations. 
Here is a quick line about  CC: 

Cauldron Creations manufactures and sells 

health remedies using only Organic Ingredients 

and Essential Oils to promote healing without 

adding chemicals to your body.

A few weeks ago, she sent me three products to review: 
Boo Boo Buster. Age Defying Moisturizer. Allergy Buster. 
Boo Boo Buster: 
I've used this mostly on the girls…cuts and open sores. The girls don't mind me applying it on them and it helps heal their skin. We love it! 

Age Defying Moisturizer: 
I could bathe in this stuff!!!! It is my absolute favorite! Every time I apply it, it feels like I'm at a spa. It feels super luxurious and it keeps my skin looking healthy. I can't get enough of it...looks like I will be buying some, when mine runs out. 
Dakota has bad eczema and Jari suggested that I try the moisturizer on her. It contains ingredients that are healing agents to fight it. I've applied it on the bottom of her feet several times. I'm hoping to be more consistent with it (I need to apply it more often) to see positive results. 

Allergy Buster: 
If you have allergies (who doesn't in Texas???), you need this. I carry it in my backpack. When my allergies start to act up, I put a dab on the back of my neck and re-apply as needed. Works like a charm and it's super affordable! 

Check it out!!! 
Here is the main website, where you can get detailed information about ingredients and prices: 
Most of the products range from $13-$35 

Check out CC's FaceBook Page:

I picked this photo from CC's FaceBook page. Jari makes all the products! 
Check out the sites I posted above! You won't be disappointed. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

All These Weddings Make Me Want to Walk Down the Aisle Again & Last Day of School Treat

A few days ago, I recorded a wedding at Classic Oaks Ranch. The venue was fabulous….something you'd see in a bridal magazine. I'll be editing that for the next few weeks. The groom and bride wanted to have a first look, before walking down the aisle. This moment was so special!

I told Trey, all these weddings make want to get married again. Trey responded with you should be saving for a college fund and wedding(s) for the girls. True. I let Chey watch some of the ceremony, as I was editing. Chey is such a girlie-girl and loves weddings too.
Monday, was the last day of school for my niece. I picked her up from school and we went to sonic and bought slushes. I got Dakota ice water so she could feel like a cool kid too - I think she figured out that the big girls had slushes because later I found her drinking Chey's cherry limeade.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dakota's 2nd Birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday to Dakota Sky!
Two years flew by...

Today, Mrs. Rosa made Dakota birthday cake and when Trey and I got off of work, we took the girls to Fudd's for burgers and then we went to the Disney Store.
The girls are spending the week with Mrs. Rosa, since Amanda is on vacation.

Can you name the movie playing in the background???

We bought both girls something from the Disney Store. Chey picked a pair of frozen boots (like Anna) and Dakota got a little Anna doll. Isn't she cute??? I want one too.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What Your Taste Buds Say About You

My favorite daytime show is ABC's The CHEW. I like watching it, when I run on the treadmill or I'll have it on, in the background when I edit. The last episode I watched was about taste preference - salty or sweet...

If you like SWEETs... 

If you like Salty...

Or if you like both!

What's your taste preference???
I'm honestly obsessed with the salty and sweet combo. My favorite indulgence is dark chocolate morsels with salty pretzels. Now, I want some!

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Our Weekend Looked Like This

Trey surprised the girls and got them a WiiU. We spent the weekend playing family games.

Sunday, Dakota was running a fever, so we decided to stay at home. Chey was excited to play with her make-up kit. Guess, who got a makeover?

Oh, I finally got a GoStack.