Thursday, June 30, 2011

No Take Backs & My Indigo Experience

This just in:
The Lululemon Cruiser BackPack doubles as a camera bag! The compartment meant for a yoga mat holds my tripod perfectly. I may never give Trey his bag again. Sorry, take backs. IT'S MINE!
Lulu BackPack

Since I'm on the topic of yoga bags -- yoga -- yoga 
Let me tell you about Indigo Yoga. I went to a community class, featuring instructor Mateo M. This was my second Indigo experience. HOLY HOTNESS! They keep it at 92-98(?) degrees in there. Indigo offers Baptiste Power Vinyasa, so I guess all baptiste class are like that. IDK, but I'm guessing that's the case. With it being crazy hot, I was slipping and sliding all over my mat. Kelsey was a sweetheart and saw me drowning in my sweat and got me a towel. I'm sure there is some proper yoga name other than towel, but that's basically what it was. It helped. I loved the class. It was packed, wall to wall with yogis. I'm in this picture, back row-middle blue top. I'm was in child's pose with the rest of the yoga army.

I already want to go back and do more yoga. Thanks Indigo for offering this community class. 
Indigo Yoga
Photo credit: indigo yoga

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Salmon with Apples & Avocados

Do you eat enough fish? I rarely crave it, but I'm trying to add it to my weekly menu.

Blog readers meet, fish. Fish, meet blog readers.

Salmon (cooked-duh)
Greek Yogurt
Green Apples (diced)
Avocados (diced)
Lime Juice
Fresh Parsley
Fresh Sage
Flaxseed (sprinkled)

Mix all the ingredients and chill before serving. This is superb and tastes great as is. No crackers. No bread.
salmon with apples
Cheyenne is still in Abilene and she's having so much fun, she won't even talk to her parents. She's refused a phone call from me and refused to talk to her Daddy twice. That's okay, I won't hold it against her. I'm sure she's loving all the attention she's getting.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rediscovering My Passion for Wedding Videography

Back in college, I spent my weekends filming weddings. I loved it. It kept me busy and I learned so much about videography, during that time.

A few weeks ago, Chris contacted me asking if I'd be interested in filming his sister-in-laws wedding. I've been wanting to get back to event videography, so I said YEAH! Chris and I went to Abilene Christan at the same time and we both majored in electronic  media. I had several classes with him and I also taped his wedding ceremony, way back when.

This is Kay & Chris at the wedding reception, Friday night.
Kay & Chris at Missy & Evans Wedding 
Timing is everything, isn't it? 
I recently purchased a DSLR and I had an opportunity to use it at this wedding. When it was all said and done, I used a total of four cameras. Two cameras to record the ceremony, one camera to capture audio from the mixing board and one DSLR to capture everything else. Is it normal for a camera to make my heart skip a beat? Hmmm...I probably should've edited that last comment out, but the depth of field is so good on the T2i, it makes me sick. Good sick, if there is such a thing. 

Here is a video clip, it's raw footage. I shot this in Standard Definition, using a Canon T2i DSLR. 
Meet the bride and Groom, Missy and Evan
No Audio: Raw Footage. Missy & Ethan's Wedding from Dominique Anderson on Vimeo.

You mean you're paying me to do what I love?
I've been wanting to get back to event videography.  I've mentioned it several times on the blog. Well, after filming this wedding, it reignited my passion. Filming a wedding is like filming a fairytale. Also, the work feels like a party -- because it is.

Name Dropping
Friday night, at the wedding ceremony,  I met the photographer that Missy and Ethan hired. Her name is Stephanie Hunter, she's based in Abilene. Check out her site! Her pictures are gorgeous!

Also, a special thank you to Serena. Serena is a DFW photographer, who helped me man the second camera during the ceremony. This was her first time to film a wedding. I've already edited the ceremony and her camera work was fantastic. She panned and zoomed like a pro! I'm so glad I asked for her help!

While I'm name dropping and all, I would also like to thank photographer, David Ruiz. I was having a hard time figuring out why my DSLR would shift exposure every time I panned or zoomed. With a few twitter responses back and forth, David told me exactly how to correct it. He's like a photography rock star!

Heads Up!
If you have friends looking for a videographer, you know how to find me. I want to focus on the Abilene & Dallas-Fort Worth Area. Tell your friends! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Abilene Vacation for the Little One

Erin and Mike are taking a vacation and since this is the busiest time of the year for Trey, there is no way we are taking vacation too...however, Cheyenne will be spending a few days in Abilene. From what I hear, she will be swimming and making her rounds visiting family. I hope Abilene is ready for this girl. She always has a full agenda when she's in town, so if you see her around A-town, say HI!

She's ready to leave....
Ready to Vacation with the Grandparents
Did you notice the Pillow Pet? Last week, Erin told me Cheyenne requested a pillow pet and something else....
Pillow Pet Twitter Response from Erin
Yeah, let me work on that...HAHA!
Ready to Vacation with the Grandparents

Ready to Vacation with the Grandparents
Have Fun Cheyenne, Mommy and Daddy will miss you!
Ready to Vacation with the Grandparents

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Friends, Chey's First Movie, Running, And TEVE

Linda and Steve spent the weekend with us.  Typically, when we weekend visit with the Eilers, we send Cheyenne with the grandparents, but this time we made it a family affair.

Here is a picture of us in the backseat of the ELEMENT. Did you know the ELEMENT can only seat two people in the backseat? Linda and I squeezed in and used one seat belt. Safety!
Chey's First Movie Experience
This weekend, we took Cheyenne to see her first theatrical movie, Cars 2. How did she do? Okay, for a two year old. When we requested tickets we asked for the 2D showing, but somehow we ended up in the 3D showing. We didn't realize it was 3D, until the movie started. WE NEED GLASSES! We got them.
Chey's First Movie Experience
She got a little restless. She would go back and forth sitting on Trey's and Steve lap.
Chey's First Movie Experience
She didn't really want to sit on my lap :(
Chey's First Movie Experience
She could care less.
Chey's First Movie Experience
Earlier that morning, Linda and I walked to the lake. We did do a little bit of running, but for the most part it was a brisk 5 mile walk.

Someone is glowing.....
Walk to the Lake with Linda
Don't ask me why, but Chey was and still is --- all about Steve or as she sometimes calls him TEVE.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mineral Wells State Park Has a Running Trail!

*Note: 50K Training Program at the end of this post*

Sunday morning, while Trey was working on his truck, I took the opportunity to explore the state park. That's what I love about running, you can discover things you might miss otherwise.
Mineral Wells State Park
The trail covers ground from Mineral Wells to Weatherford, which is a 14 mile one-way trip. One day I will run the entire distance. Anyone want to join me? I would have to arrange for someone to pick me up in Weatherford. Seriously, this would be a great trail to run to prep for Palo Duro. Mineral Wells trail is NOT technical, it's basically flat...or at least what I saw. I ran 8 miles, in and out.
Mineral Wells State Park
A bridge overlooking water.
Mineral Wells State Park

Mineral Wells State Park
I got a late start on my run, 10 am. Oh, my goodness, it was hot! Luckily, I ran with my handheld, but the last mile was a struggle. The sun was close to high noon, by the time I was making it back to the car. I only had one mile left and I had drank all my water.
Mineral Wells State Park
I parked myself under a tree for a few minutes, got my head out of I'm going to die out here land...and I sucked it up and finished.
Mineral Wells State Park
 I was so glad to see my car, since I had cold water waiting for me. Oh and I'm also thankful for sunblock. Trey thinks I should start wearing sunblock more often, even on my short runs because he's noticed my tan shoulders go from a fair bronze to medium/dark brown, in a matter of months. He's right, you should see my tan line. I have not had a sunburn, this season, but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't wear sunblock.
Mineral Wells State Park

Official Palo Duro 50K Ultra Marathon Program
I decided to post this online because I've noticed blog traffic picking up from people searching for 50K training programs. When I was on the search for one, I had a hard time finding the perfect match, so hopefully this will help other ultra runners out. You're welcome!
Palo Duro 50K Training Program
(note: on Thursday's I plan on doing some speedwork)

I'm on week two, so I'm feeling pretty good. Depending on how I feel, on my rest and low mile days, I will incorporate P90X. Or I'll rest. Like I said before, I'm not going to stress over this program, it's just a plan. My main focus will be long runs. If you are on dailymile you can follow my daily progress. Here is my page.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

She's Worth It

Today, is a good day. After two and a half years, Trey and I finally paid off Cheyenne's medical bill. She spent the first week of her life in NICU. Even with insurance it cost us a pretty penny. But ya know...she's totally worth it ;)
Cheyenne in NICU
I still remember the night she was transferred to another hospital. The nurses prepared us for the worst and it freaked us out. There were lots of tears that night. Trey and I were terrified, but fast forward to 2011 and we have a gorgeous healthy daughter.

It was difficult seeing her in NICU. The hospital had strict visiting hours. I spent 9 months growing her in my belly and then all of sudden I was separated from her. That was tough!
Cheyenne in NICU
I mean really, who wants to see their newborn child like this?
Cheyenne in NICU
I have to say, the nurses did a fantastic job putting her on a 3 hour feeding and napping schedule. So, it wasn't all bad. Our family was great too. They spent time with us in the hospital, brought us food, made me rest and kept us distracted.
Cheyenne in NICU
If you are interested, here is the blog post from 2008, when Cheyenne was transferred NICU.

Financial View
Oh wow, it feels so good to have one less bill to pay each month. Trey and I want to keep the momentum going. Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball? You bet!

VIDEO of The F-150 Engine Install

Here is video footage I shot of the truck. Towards the beginning of the video, you can see Cheyenne watching a movie. For the past week, she has taken over our phones. This morning she woke up and asked for Trey's phone before she went to the bathroom. Oh, and this girl can maneuver through an iPhone home screen like nobody's business. She knows how to access Netflix and pick out movies to watch. Trey and I have got to get a handle on this before it gets out of control.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mommy Daughter Summer Date

Saturday, Trey spent the entire day working.
I could've stayed home all day, but I  decided to take Cheyenne out on the town.
At Home
We packed our lunch and had a picnic at Trinity Park.
Picnic at Trinity Park
She had deli meat, cheese, cherry tomatoes and a banana. She hardly touched her food, she was too anxious to play.
Picnic at Trinity Park
Granola yogurt berry dessert
Picnic at Trinity Park
MOM! Do I have to eat? I'd rather play!!!!!!!!!
Picnic at Trinity Park
Did anyone get out Saturday in the DF dub? It was so windy!
Picnic at Trinity Park
After our windy picnic, I had to go to the bathroom. Cheyenne was extremely annoyed with me. But eventually, we made our way to the playground. This playground is the perfect size for her. We'll have to make another trip out there.
Trinity Park
This is her party animal face!
Trinity Park \
After we had enough of that we went to the Stockyards.
Ft. Worth Stockyards

Ft. Worth Stockyards
She looks bothered because she had to look up from my phone and take a picture. It's hard being a toddler.
At the Stockyards Visitor Center

Ft. Worth Stockyards

Ft. Worth Stockyards
The main reason we went to the Stockyards is so we could go to the Herd's Cow Camp.
Ft. Worth Stockyards
The event lasted for maybe an hour. Cowboys tell stories and they have demonstrations relative to the cattle drive era.
Herd Cow Camp
DFW mom's this is such a fun summer thing to do and it was only $1!
Hanging out at the Stockyards
Music. Cowboy Style.
Ft. Worth Stockyards
After it was all said and done we were both tired.
Chey out of it

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to Trey! He is such a lovable and playful father to Cheyenne.

This morning, while Trey was still in bed, I managed to sneak out of the house and drove to the donut shop. I felt silly because I was wearing all my running clothes. It felt wrong! BUT I knew Trey would appreciate the sugary breakfast.
Donuts on Father's Day
And hey, I'm ultra marathon training, so I indulged in a few doughnut holes. Ehh, why not?
Donuts on Father's Day
See, I know how to spoil too...
Donuts on Father's Day
After we came down from the sugar high, we drove to Mineral Wells and worked on Trey's truck.
And here is our little helper.
Hands on. When she got in the way, Trey was quick to give her a job to do and she took care of business and felt like she was involved in the process.
The guys getting ready to put the engine in the truck.

Trey, Jeff, and Jeff's son working hard
Trey was hoping the engine would be installed by now, but after several hours of working on it, the guys made some progress, but they still have a few more hours of work to do before it's fitted properly. Looks like he may be working on it next week.

If you'd like to see all the F-150 photos we took today, here is a link to the ENTIRE F-150 online album.