Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 1 Second Everyday Video (Dec 5 - 31)

For the past few weeks, I've been documenting my life by recording one second clips. I plan on continuing this project through 2014!

Enjoy and Happy New Year's Eve! Trey and I went out to celebrate early. Yum!
Cheers #NYE

Monday, December 30, 2013

What I've Enjoyed the Most

Here's what I've enjoyed the most about my winter break…

Staying at home with my girls and witnessing precious moments like this…
Girls Sitting on Window Ledge Window Seat
Seeing Dakota so happy about the gift Cheyenne got her for Christmas and then getting to see Cheyenne's reaction. Chey wanted Dakota to love it and I was afraid she wouldn't, but she did. Dakota was dragging that Nutcracker all over the house, she even showed Trey and said LOOK!!! A Gift to Dakota from Cheyenne - A Nutcracker
Spending time with my favorite girls. Nothing says girl time, like manis and pedis.
Winter Break at Home
Slumber Parties!
Also, I can't remember the last time, I had a chance to spend this much time with my younger sister, Tasha. She's spent the night at least 3 times in the last two weeks.
Winter Break at Home
These two have been playing super heroes for the last 2 days. Meet flower girl and Kota Bear.
Winter Break at Home
Flower girl's main super power is sprinkling others with flowers.
Winter Break at Home
No Big Rush
Last but not least, it's been wonderful --- not being in a rush to get out the door. I've had time to style my hair. Is that a selfie, I see? Why yes, it is. Trey got me a Conair Styling Comb for Christmas. Now, I can style my hair with a comb instead of my round brush.  I love it and this is me channeling my inner Lana Del Rey hairstyle.
It's been a good break. I go back to work on Thursday.
New teasing comb #Selfie

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Looks Like We Have a New Family Car - Honda Pilot

After taking our Ford Focus to three different dealerships (to check the trade-in value), we decided to do business with McDavid Irving. Like I mentioned a few posts back, I hate the negotiation process - so I sat in the lobby, while Trey went back and forth with the sales guy. I was included in the decision making, but I didn't have to hear all the back and forth. Some dealerships are now doing haggle-free sales, I think in a few years that will be standard for most dealerships. Overall, I'm really pleased with the deal we got on this 2014 Honda Pilot. The sales guys were trying to make end of the year sales happen, so all of that and a few other things worked in our favor.
Honda Pilot
The girls played so nicely, during the whole car buying process.
Waiting area in David McDavid Honda
We didn't eat dinner at our usual time, so for dinner before dinner we ate two bag of potato chips from the vending machine.
Waiting area in David McDavid Honda
Interior of the Pilot
Honda Pilot
It's not a van, but look, third row seating is still possible. Also, think about all my work gear that I can put back there.
Honda Pilot
The girls can get in on either side of the car to get to the third row, but this is what the passenger side looks like.
Honda Pilot
Look there's room for everybody.
Honda Pilot
FROZEN Made me Weep!
Today we went on our first family outting in the pilot. We took Tasha and Bella with us to see Frozen at the mall! You guys, I cried like 5 times, it was the best Disney movie I've seen since Tangled. I loved  every minute of it!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Taking 6 Hours to Complete 2 Puzzles on Christmas Day

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We spent the day relaxing at home. To make things easy, Tasha and Bella spent the night with us on Chrismtas Eve, so they could wake up and open presents with us in the morning.

Tasha and Trey spent 6 hours completing 2 puzzles. To give them credit, they were 3D.Christmas Day
When it was all said and done….
While they were doing that, I took the time to experiment with my new wireless flash trigger. This wasn't a Christmas gift, but it was just the perfect time to experiment. All of these photos are original.  I used my T2i. They have not been color corrected or cropped. You can see, I have a lot to figure out...
  Christmas Day Christmas Day Dakota has a runny nose. Today, it's so red and raw. Poor, girl. Christmas Day Christmas Day Christmas Day
The last picture was taken about a week ago…It was one of maybe 2 photos that came out decent enough from that day of experimenting with the wireless flash trigger.
Did you get anything cool for Christmas?
Trey got me hot rollers, which I love!!! I was still using my set from high school.
He also got me a fancy motorized toothbrush, chocolate, a headlamp (for running) and he re-wrapped  several gifts from last year, that we never opened…like landscaping lights and under-counter lights. haha, very funny, trey!!! Yeah, they were all items that he was suppose to install. Minus the re-gift stuff, I felt really bad about the gifts he got me because we both agreed we weren't going to get each other anything. His birthday is next month, so I need to redeem myself...

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wishing You a Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!!! We are just waiting for Tasha, Bella and Trey to wake up! The girls and I are awake, watching cartoons and eating cookies.
2013 Christmas Portraits 2013 Christmas Portraits 2013 Christmas Portraits 2013 Christmas PortraitsPicture Perfect 2013 Christmas Portraits Picture Perfect Picture Perfect Picture Perfect

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Why are We so Excited?

We are so excited because SANTA IS COMING!!!! Christmas Eve 2013
We were so excited a few hours ago…fast forward to now and...Christmas Eve 2013
Well, guess, what we're doing?
Staying up until midnight, wrapping presents (not as exciting, but Tasha makes it fun). Also, she's so good at it. I'm a terrible gift wrapper.
Christmas Eve 2013
To see the look on their faces, in the morning, will be worth it.
 Christmas Eve 2013
It was Trey's idea to start a 3 hour log fire. Good idea! He told the girls, if we started a fire it would keep Santa away and after they freaked out about that he said, I'm just kidding -- it will actually help him get down the chimney better and help his magic work better. They were so entertained with the idea.
Christmas Eve 2013
Earlier, we baked cookies for Santa and set out milk…and then Bella accidentally kicked his milk and got it everywhere, we learned from that. Now, in the future, we'll put the milk, up high! Duh, right? Christmas Eve 2013
Do you want to know what my favorite Christmas Eve tradition is?
Going to Christmas Eve Candlelight Church Service. Afterwards, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights.
These girls make Christmas time fun.
We are loving this time of year!
 Last night, we did a fun activity together, we assembled and decorated a gingerbread train. Making a Gingerbread Train
Candy + Crafts is always a winner! Okay, I better go now because Santa will be here soon! Goodnight and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family!!!!
Making a Gingerbread Train

Monday, December 23, 2013

We Saw Santa! & Friends Driving Through Town

We waited in a 40 minute line, just so we could hand Santa letters and take a photo with him. It was worth it! I had planned on Dakota wearing a dress, but right now, she's in love with these piggie PJs. When she saw them in the closet --- I promise you, she threw a fit, until I zipped them on her.
Visit with Santa
By the way, Santa was the best! Even with the long lines, he insisted on reading the girls letters. He even read Dakota's!
Visit with Santa

Visit with Santa Visit with Santa

Visit with Santa
Yesterday our sweet friends from Houston, stopped by for a few hours. It seems like forever, since the last time we visited with them.
E Family E Family E Family