Monday, November 30, 2015

Camping Before the Torrential Downpour

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent the majority of our break camping near the lake. Wednesday the weather was nice and cool. That was the only day we had good weather. The rest of the time it rained. We actually cut our stay one day short because the lake was overflowing onto our campsite.

Trey was on call the week of Thanksgiving, so we didn't camp too far from home. For a moment, we considered doing Thanksgiving in the airstream (the entire meal) and we also considered going to a resturant (the keg), but Jessica and Jeff invited us to their house and that sounded like fun. Cheyenne and Dakota were thrilled because that meant they could play with Sophia. We took food to share --- a ham that we bought from Honey Bee Ham (Grandbury) and a few sides.
Thanksgiving Break Camping
This was our third time camping and we loved it. It's a ton of work to prep for. I found this one site that has been a huge help. Before each trip, I print these .pdfs and use them.  If you camp often, you have to check this out, they've been a lifesaver!!
Thanksgiving Break Camping
Thanksgiving Break CampingThanksgiving Break CampingThanksgiving Break CampingThanksgiving Break CampingThanksgiving Break CampingThanksgiving Break CampingThanksgiving Break CampingThanksgiving Break CampingThanksgiving Break

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

Family Photos Part 1 of 2

Here are a handful of our family pictures. I'll do another post soon with a few more.
Location: Cedar Hill State Park
Photo Credit: Brant Smith Photography

Mommy Daughter PJ Party

Saturday, Cheyenne and I went to a mommy daughter PJ party that was hosted by our church. Dakota didn't go because she was visiting with family in Abilene. We missed her.
Mommy Daughter PJ Party
Mommy Daughter PJ Party
There were different stations:
Mommy Daughter PJ Party
The facial station was a big hit!
Yes, I sleep in an oversized flannel shirt. :)
Mommy Daughter PJ Party
Mommy Daughter PJ Party

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I Can't Carry a Tune: My First Karaoke Experience

Saturday night, I went to Jessica's birthday party. She is quite the singer and wanted to celebrate by doing karaoke. She is the one holding the mic in the pic below.
Karaoke Party
Jeff, her husband, rented a private karaoke room...oddly enough at Main Event, the same place we celebrated Cheyenne's birthday party like 3 hours prior. When I arrived to the karaoke room, there was some technical issues, so the manager provided a few rounds of drinks on the house and also refunded their money for the room, to make up for it. An hour later, we were singing. By that time, we had our playlist and we were off!

I met Jessica and Jeff through Cheyenne.
Last year, Cheyenne became good friends with her classmate, Sophia.
Sophia is Jessica and Jeff's daughter. Interesting fact, the live several houses down from us.

Trey stayed at home and watched the girls. I told him all about it and now, I'm trying to convince him to have his holiday party there.
Karaoke Party
I'm so glad Jessica and Jeff invited me.
I had a blast singing and rapping.
Karaoke Party

Monday, November 16, 2015

Cheyenne's Birthday Party

Saturday, we celebrated Cheyenne's birthday at Main Event.
We decided to have a little get together. Cheyenne wanted to invite 3 girls from school and luckily all three were available to attend. We had a blast!

Cheyenne's Birthday Party
Cheyenne's Birthday Party
Cheyenne's Birthday Party

Friday, November 13, 2015

My Assistant

Both girls have shown an interest in taking pictures. I think the best equipment decision I've made lately, has been to keep my Canon T2i camera. At one point, I was going to sale it. Instead of selling it, I kept it and now I let the girls use it. I don't have to worry about them being rough with it, since it's not a camera I need for work.
Dakota helping me shoot
Today, I shot some stills and video for a department event. Dakota joined me and she got the VIP media treatment. Even the students were loving on her. Dakota is my outgoing child and she loved all the attention.
Disaster SimulationDisaster SimulationDisaster SimulationDisaster Simulation
Disaster SimulationDisaster Simulation
Disaster Simulation