Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Bar at the Dentist

Have you heard of those trendy dentists offices like FLOSS? They serve patients alcoholic beverages, while they wait in the lobby. I guess, it makes people less cranky and puts high-anxiety people at ease. Well, my (new to me) dentist is not as trendy as FLOSS, but check out the complimentary coffee bar. I wanted to drink a cup or two, but I spent so much time beforehand, flossing, scrubbing my teeth, and scrubbing my tongue -- I didn't want to ruin it. Plus, coffee breathe -- ewww! Maybe next time, on the way out, I'll make a cup.
Coffee bar at My dentists office.
Last year, I had some dental work done. I was in and out of the dentist office there for a while. The office I went to before, was terrible (particularly customer service), but they did good work, so I just stuck it out. Now, that I'm done with my root canal procedures, I decided to look for a dentist really close to home. I love the staff and dentist in this new to me office. A+ on customer service and cleaning! Local friends, if you need a referral let me know, he's awesome and his dental assistant is a sweetheart! I felt very comfortable, well as comfortable as one can feel in a dentist chair.

While I was getting my grill worked on, the girls had a play date.
Cheyenne playing with Makenna
Thank you, Krista for watching them. 
Dakota playing with a train.
Did someone say yoga?
Cheyenne playing with Makenna
After my appointment, I rushed to get the girls and we barely made it to ballet on time. Thank goodness, they let the little girls use the company dressing room. By the way, Cheyenne is enjoying her class. All the girls in her class seem to know each other, so Cheyenne is kind of the new girl. This week, she told me, "I'm not shy anymore!" I guess she had a breakthrough and then she was eager to show me her new stretching techniques. Once we were done there, I didn't feel like cooking, so we went to Panda Express and got our favorite thing on the menu, fried rice!

I'm glad I know someone who will eat Chinese food with me. Trey hates it. Dakota just watched us eat, that's the way she prefers it, since she still hates people food.
Dinner Date at Panda Express

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Celebrating at the Bowling Alley

Saturday night, we celebrated Trey's 30th birthday at the bowling alley. He's in a league and bowls with the guys once a week, but yesterday we bowled just for fun.

It looks like Dakota is attacking Cheyenne. LOL!
Bowling Bowling
I suck at bowling. I need to use the kiddie ramp and bumpers like Cheyenne. I'm not even joking. I want to say my score typically ranges around 50 - 80.
There were a few times, she got a strike.
Cheyenne's hair is getting long, again. I've asked her if we should cut it short, but she doesn't want to.Bowling

My Week in Pictures

First of all, Happy Birthday to Trey! He's officially a 30 year old man. We celebrated, yesterday (I'll post some pictures of that later). I had to work all day yesterday, so we celebrated, once I got home.

I was working in Dallas at the Omni Hotel recording a seminar. The clients who hired me are so nice and the staff at the Omni are also very courteous. The AV guys helped me get situated with my audio line. During my lunch break, I told a hotel staff, "I'm a lactating mom and I ned a private space, like an office or something, so I can pump." Instead of pumping in an office, the lady gave me a hotel key room. I guess, I look like a trustworthy person because she didn't even ask for my name or ID.
Video Work at the Omni Dallas
The food that was served at the conference was so good!
My to-go lunch from the hotel Resturant.
Do you like film cameras? I've had two cameras sitting in my media closet (at work), for years. My co-worker wanted to surplus them and I was like --- HOLD UP, NO. I'm using them!  (I wasn't)
So, I decided to display them in the office. Pretty cool, huh?
It would be cool to try to take some pictures, but I'm scared my pictures might turn out overexposed. It's not like a DSLR, I can't just turn the dial to AUTO and preview my pictures.
Work camerasWork cameras
Like I mentioned in a posts or two earlier, I've been sick this past week. Yuck!
I'm finally feeling better and I went for a 6 mile run this morning. That's my first run/workout in almost a week.
Let's be friends
And this is what I do, when I don't have Kleenex. Classy. You know you do it too.

Friday, January 25, 2013

First Sleepover

Mike, Erin and their girls are spending the weekend at our house! I love their family!
This is Cheyenne's first sleepover.  I figured she would sleep in her bed and Brianna would sleep on the floor, but Cheyenne wanted to join Brianna on the floor. BFF's!
Cheyenne's First Sleepover
I'm sure Dakota is loving the company too.
Cheyenne's First Sleepover
Brianna and Cheyenne go way back.
hanging out with Bria

At the Zoo
Bria's Birthday Party
Kiddie Pool
Such sweet memories! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Adventure: Small Business Owner

“If you aren't nervous about your passion, you aren't passionate about it.”

-Bobby Flay

I feel like we're best friends so, I'm going to be honest. I'm nervous, stressed, terrified, and at the same time excited about expanding my business. Well, it's too late to turn back because I've filed the paperwork and now I'm officially a small business owner. Gulp. I keep telling myself, being nervous about this new adventure means I care and that's normal. 

The Fort Worth Business Assistance Center has been a huge help. I attended their small business workshop. I'll probably I need to go back and attend the tax workshop. They offer free counseling, so I'll be there for sure. I also asked some old colleagues for advice, (you know who you are: THANK YOU). 

Now operating as... 
Dominique Anderson - Video and Photography Services.
I want to focus primarily on video services, but I will continue to take photographs for events and I might take a few portrait sessions too (a big maybe). 
I will continue working my day job, but now I'll have to be a super-ninja-mom and balance a small business too. I see a lot of nights and weekends of editing in my future. Whew, it already sounds exhausting. Thanks friends and family, in advance for your support. Love you! 

Stay tune, for a very exciting year.
It's not work, it's play.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

That Will Go on the List

This is what happens when a toddler gets a hold of your camera phone, while shopping in Best Buy. A child will snap photos of everything they want. Trey and I are still trying to get away with telling Cheyenne, that will go on the list. I think she's catching on because lately she's been responding with, "NO, I want it now." Between you and I, there is no list and she's catching on...
The photo taking didn't stop, once we were in the car. I said cheese to the camera and then I had to pry my phone from her hands.
Cheyenne's Doing Chey taking photos
If there are more typos than usual, I'm going to use my head cold as an excuse. Since Monday, evening I've felt like poo poo. Saturday and Sunday I skipped my long run because my body felt achy and not the typical -- I'm sore from working-out achy. Monday I was feeling a little better, so I ran 6 miles. Dakota wanted me, so I carried her off and on, while incline walking. 7% incline, plus 15 pound baby = BURN. Bouncing up and down, probably reminded her of being in my womb.
Dakota, do you remember those 20 mile running weeks, we'd have, when you were in my tummy??I miss that.
Workout Partner
Do you want to know what made my week? The Chew cookbook, courtesy of my CitiBank Rewards Points. I love cookbooks and I read them like novels. By the way, I don't know why CitiBank keeps rewarding me with free merchandise, I don't have a credit card, but I'll take the free stuff.
The Chew!! Cookbook

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baby Dedication for Dakota

Dakota's Baby Dedication
Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Dakota's Baby Dedication
A Promise From Trey and I to Dakota: 
Dakota, our promise to you is is to always love you, raise you in a Christian home and encourage you to be your best. 
Dakota's Baby Dedication Dakota's Baby Dedication Dakota's Baby Dedication Dakota's Baby Dedication
Dakota's Baby Dedication
Dakota's Baby Dedication
Here's a flashback, when Cheyenne had her baby dedication (2009)... IMG_9996

Friday, January 18, 2013

My Week in Photos

Someone in the family joined a bowling league. Not me, Trey. Once a week, him and the guys meet for bowling. So, cute...I mean cool.
Yesterday, Cheyenne enjoyed Dakota's sick day, a little too much. She was dancing around the living room and refused to take off her PJs. Dancer
Around noon, I had to bribe her to put normal clothes on. I promised her candy, but then she forgot, so I forgot. Oops!
Sick Day at the House
Since Cheyenne was a good girl and didn't scream (too much), when she got her shots at the doctors office, Trey took her out for ice cream. I didn't mention that yesterday, she also had a doctors appointment. It was her 4 year old wellness appointment.
Ice Cream
Have a good weekend. We have family coming to town -- so we'll be having fun with them.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dakota is 31 Weeks (7 Months) Old

- Dakota says Momma and Da-da.
- She hates food, but I'm working with her and offering her a small spoonful every (other) night.
- Her eyes are still a shade of gray. The definite color is still a mystery.
- No teeth, yet.
- She likes to put toys in her mouth.
- She's still sleeping through the night, except last night she had a rough one (I'll talk about that in a moment).
- As far as naps, she rarely takes them, when she's with me, but oddly enough - this does not effect her mood. Occasionally, she'll nap if we go for a car ride and she definetaly naps when we drive to and from Abilene.
- The time of the day when she's the happiest is during bed time. I'll put her in her crib and she likes to stare at her mobile.

The Growth Chart (in the closet)
In case you are wondering, we still write on the walls. We plan on charting Dakota's growth, just like we do with Cheyenne.
P.S. I know my hair looks crazy in this picture. :)
Growth Chart
Sick Day
Early this morning, around 3 am, I heard Dakota fussing. She had a fever, so I decided to stay home with her.  By 9 am, she was back to normal/no fever, but she remained fussy on and off the rest of the day. Late this afternoon, I had to go to the pediatrician's office to get her second installment of the flu shot. While we were there, the doctor confirmed she has an ear infection. :(
Sick Day with DakotaSick Day with Dakota

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vintage Starter Dallas Cowboys Jacket

A friend from church gave Trey an old school Cowboys jacket.
Do you guys remember when everyone wore these??
I wasn't even sure if people call them vintage, but according to the Internetzz and sports fans, they are. Okay, then.
Vintage? Starter Cowboys JacketVintage? Starter Cowboys Jacket
Every time Trey moves, all I hear is --- swoosh-swoosh.

Trey was excited, like a little kid, when our friend, Guy surprised him, by giving him the jacket.
This is Guy and his wife Gwen. They use to be our Sunday School teachers. They are also Cowboys fans.
Guy & Gwen. Sunday School Teachers.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Casual Portraits of My Friends

Krista, Makenna, Kye and Casey
Makena  Makena Krista and Casey Family BW
Bean bags + Kids = This...

Krista and Casey
Do you barter? 
Krista asked me to take a few pictures of her and the family. Even though I emphasized, I'm more of an event photographer, she was like I don't care, you're awesome and I was like have you seen my pictures??? (of food and my feet)??

I agreed to take her family portraits (casual) and instead of her paying for the portraits, she agreed to watch the girls for me. Date Night! Sweet! I think we both got a good deal.