Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Sunday & Going Out to Eat Was a Real Treat!

I missed three days of work, last week. The girls were sick for a few days.
I'm extremely thankful for sick time and benefits. The girls are healthy, now. PTL.
Sick kids
I was praying that they'd be well enough to go to Church, by Easter Sunday. They both had GI issues, but thankfully, by Sunday they were feeling ok, so off we went.
Easter Sunday
This year, I didn't get the girls new Easter dresses. Actually, the dress that Chey wore last year still fit her and Dakota wore a hand me down dress from Chey. The dress I wore is a GAP dress. I've had it since high school. I'm surprised it's not a dingy white.
Easter Sunday 2014
The girls didn't notice the not so new fashion, I didn't mind and everyone seemed happy.
Easter Sunday 2014
Afterwards, we went to Fudd's, which was a wonderful treat! Especially, for me since I was at home for the majority of the week. I needed to get out! Another reason why going out was a real treat is because we've been cutting down on our entertainment and eating out fund. So, going out to eat these days is a big deal (for me).
Dakota at Fudd's
The rest of the day, we stayed in...we played with the girls, I edited photos I took during church and we just enjoyed the down time.

 P.S. Here's an throwback of Chey and I (EASTER 2009). Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt with Chey's Ballet School

Yesterday, we took the girls to an Easter egg hunt with Chey's ballet school.

A few of the older girls were there, dressed in costume. The younger girls enjoyed seeing them in tutu's and ballet slippers.

Last year, the event was at someones house, this year it was at a park.

A quick flashback of the easter egg hunt with her ballet school, from last year...

The girls have grown so much!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

I Discovered a New Running Spot

This morning, I headed out for a long run. Sometimes, I'm not sure where to run. This morning I didn't have a plan, especially, since I'm not training for a race. This morning, I decided (as I was running away from my neighborhood), I wanted to be surrounded by trees, so I ran towards the Trinity Trails. The Trinity Trails looks like this…

For years, when I've ran the Trinity Trails, I've passed a dirt path and wondered about it. Where does it go? Is it a short trail? Is it a runner friendly trail? Is it even a trail or just a little path? Since I didn't have a distance or a time goal for the day, I decided what the hell….I'm going to check it out. Look what I discovered! Some of the areas were overgrown, so I avoided those trails, but from what I could tell, in general, it's a nice little area. If you are looking for miles of trails, I don't think this is it, but if you are looking for a beautiful view of Ft. Worth and a nice dirt loop with a few uphills, this is the spot!

I finally got some dirt on my new shoes!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

When we Shop, We Get Free Cookies

When I was out of town, I missed these two like crazy! This past weekend, we didn't have big plans, so we spent the majority of our time at home and only getting out for grocery shopping, the mall and church. I have all kinds of fun things I want to do with them this summer - that involve getting out of the house. I have a list in my head, but I think, I should jot it down and share it with you guys.

So, when we go grocery shopping, we have to stop by the bakery and get free cookies. The girls expect it. It makes them so happy.

Yesterday, I helped Amanda by watching her boys for a few hours, while she ran an errand. The boys wore Dakota out.

She eventually woke up, as a new creature….bat baby!

She actually hated the mask, but I thought it was adorable on her.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Someone Was Scared of the Easter Bunny

While shopping, we spotted an Easter Bunny.
He looks like he's missing his ears, but I promise, they are back there. 

Dakota was scared.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Head Shots for Trey's Business

I'm taking a quick break from my last Las Vegas post to share the awesomeness of husband and his business…
I'm super proud of him.

The guys plan on using some of these photos in their marketing - like website and brochures.
It's good to know a photographer….
And in the summer, I always say, it's good to know an HVAC Tech!

Chris and Trey

Friday, April 11, 2014

Las Vegas Pt 2 of 3

I can't believe I was considering wearing heels (at night, in Vegas), but the day before leaving Texas, Jeri and I talked and we were both like NO! That was a good decision! We walked so much! Even with flats, Jeri got blisters on her feet.

Tuesday (last night in Vegas)
As soon as the conference was over I went to the hotel convenient store and picked up a bottle of moscato. So, we had pre-drinks on the cheap at the hotel, while we were getting ready. Best idea ever!

Jeri insisted I wear her green dress, so we could sparkle together, since she was planning on wearing a similar dress, but in gold. We did a smell check…haha…seriously. It passed the test, so I wore it. We headed to Caesars Palace and had drinks at a bar called shadows. I never know what to get at a bar when they don't have a cocktail menu (a sign that I don't drink at bars, often). So, I ordered a margarita. It was delicious.

I have several celebrity chef obsessions and one of them is Bobby Flay! Jeri was awesome and made us reservations at his Resturant MESA Grill. If you go to Vegas, you have to go! Tell Bobby, I sent you. :)

One of my all time favorite quotes is from Mr. Flay.

“If you aren't nervous about your passion, you aren't passionate about it.”

The bar,  MESA Grill and a nightclub - Pure are all in Caesars Palace.
A club promoter approached us and gave us VIP passes to PURE. They also had free drinks for us until midnight. I felt super special and cool, until I asked someone how much cover was and he said he also got a VIP ticket.What? Haha. I found it comical. But really, if you want to go to a nightclub in Vegas don't pay the cover, just walk around and a prompter will most likely give you free admission. I'm not a club goer by any means, in fact before this trip, I had never been to one. I figured I might as well do it before I'm 30, plus - it was so much fun dancing. PURE was super nice!!! I liked the music better at PURE than at the bank. At the bank was more of a rap mix, PURE had more of a dance DJ type of mix going on. If that makes sense.

We ended our night by stopping for dessert one last time at the sprinkles ATM. It was about 3 am Texas time.

So that was my Vegas / 30th birthday celebration / workcation with my awesomely sweet friend, JerBear! I'd love to do it again next year!!!!