Monday, October 05, 2015

Backyard Wedding in South Dakota

My sweet friend Jeri got married, last weekend. Here are a few snapshots from her weekend wedding.
Friday afternoon, I flew into Sioux Falls. Jeri and Meg picked me up from the airport and we headed straight to the rehearsal.  I finally, met the groom - Kyle!
All of Jeri's friends and family were so nice. After the rehearsal, I headed back to Jeri's apartment. We were in bed somewhat early. 5A3A7253
Saturday, our day started at Panera Bread and then the salon. 
Jeri was so laid back and cool the entire morning. By mid-morning she was ready for the wedding and we had enough time, she decided to have a first look with Kyle, before the ceremony. That was such a sweet moment. I know she'll be writing a post about the wedding, so if you'd like to see more pictures or hear about more details you can follow her blog at
It was such a great weekend!!! I'm so happy for Jeri, Kyle and their pug Ollie!
South Dakota Windmill
South Dakota Sky

Monday, September 28, 2015

Lost a Tooth

Cheyenne lost her front tooth and the other one is hanging on by a thread. She lost it the week of school portraits. I told her to make sure to smile big!
Cheyenne Lost a Tooth

Cheyenne Lost a Tooth

Cheyenne Lost a Tooth

Monday, September 14, 2015

It's Time to Stay Home

I've been enjoying my work free weekends and evenings with the girls. We've been hanging out. Hear what Dakota has to say about the time…

Here are some other things we've been doing.

We can't help, but be outside, especially with the cooler temps. Saturday morning, after I got back from my 22 mile run, Cheyenne wanted to go for a bike ride. I told her I would walk and she could ride.

Friday, September 11, 2015

I Colored My Own Hair

Not too long ago, I highlighted my own hair. It's was my first time to do it by myself, so considering that I did it and it was my first time I think it looked great! Not professional awesome, but good enough for this girl.
Well, since my roots were starting to show, I decided I wanted to go lighter with a complete hair dye - not just highlights. I bought this box from Garnier Olia, hoping that I would get the same results as the box. That strand of hair on the box is what my hair looked like before I dyed it.
New hair color
Well, here is the final color. Not even close to the front of the box, but pretty much spot onto the side of the box (you know that one -that says, if your current hair looks like this…this is the likely result). 
New hair color
It didn't completely cover up my highlights from my previous dye, but it covered my roots - so I was happy. Even though, this is not the color I was initially going for, it is a color I dig. It has a red tone to it. I'm likely going to add the lighter carmel highlights, this weekend.

I'm kind of enjoying experimenting with my hair. Stay tune, next month I may have orange hair! haha!
New hair color

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Road to a 50 Miler

I just wanted to share an update on my training for Brazos Bend 50 miler. I have completed 6 out of 20 weeks. I've been training on the road, on the treadmill, on the track and on the trail. The general scope of my training goes like this…2 hard weeks of high milers followed by 1 recovery week and then repeat. Week 1 was a nice 24 mile week to ease me into training and my highest mile week I hit 48 miles! Whoa! To give you a scope of my normal routine, I'm usually running 18 - 20 miles a week when I'm not training for anything.
20 mile run
20 mile run
Indoor track
Week 1
Brazos Bend Training 
Week 2 

Brazos Bend Training
Week 3
Brazos Bend Training
Week 4
Brazos Bend Training
Week 5
Brazos Bend Training
Week 6
Brazos Bend Training
Initially, the most challenging thing was running long on Saturday and then following up with running another long run, the next day. Now, it's not so much about whether I can physically do this (my body is doing fine), it's more about mental toughness to keep going - also time. My training has been going so smooth and I'm nervous about October. I know that will be my most challenging month. Miles increase and so does my film work load. Training is about to get interesting.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Dakota's Photo Session

This morning, I took Dakota to one of my favorite running trails. I took a few images of her, she was such a sport and excited to be outside.
Dakota's Photo SessionDakota's Photo SessionDakota's Photo SessionDakota's Photo SessionDakota's Photo Session
              Dakota's Photo SessionDakota's Photo Session
Dakota's Photo Session