Monday, September 30, 2013

Evil Baby Laugh & A New Snack Idea

I had a solid week of running. I wanted to run longer on Sunday, but there was not enough time. It's probably best that I didn't run farther because my right calf is kind of bothering me.
Dailymile Training
When I can, I like to start my Monday morning with a quick run. Well, this morning my bed was so comfortable so I slept in. Mid-morning I decided I would run on the treadmill, while the girls were awake. It was hard. Dakota wanted to be near me, which makes me nervous, when the treadmill is on. I don't want her to go flying off the belt. I tried getting toys out, giving her snacks, and at one point, I even moved furniture to where it would be harder for her to get to me. All of those things kept her attention for a little while, but she kept coming back to me.
Dakota Near my Treadmill
It was like she was telling me, "I'm going to make this as difficult for you as I can!!! HAHAHAHAHA!"(evil baby laugh)
Even with all of that, I managed to get 3 miles in, but it was tough!!!!! She made me work for it.
Dakota Near My Treadmill
Did you guys have a good weekend? We did. I posted some Jubilee of Tables photos, oh and TMB concert...we did that. Trey went to the Rangers game this weekend with the guys. While he was there, the girls and I went to Central Market for lunch and shopping. I got Chey this pre-made lunch box and found out Dakota loves raisins. Great! I'm always looking for new snack ideas for the girls.
Central Market Lunch Box
Dakota and I sat under a periungual and watched Chey play, before we went shopping.
Do you like raisins? I don't, but I can tolerate golden raisins. I prefer dried cranberries.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Music Bed - Open House

So there's this website called The Music Bed. I discovered it a few months ago and after I found it, I kind of wanted to share it with every filmaker, photographer and client.  

TMB is Music Licensing for filmmakers, photographers, non-profits & production companies. In a nutshell, the music on the site is pretty rad, affordable and legal. I was surprised when I found out that this company is located in my town. Friday, TMB had an open house and I went. Orginally, Trey was suppose to go with me, but an hour before heading to the party, he got called to work. Even though I was scared as hell, to go by myself (because I knew most of the people there would be with a group of friends or with a partner and I would be all by myself) I still decided to go. There was an open bar, Chimmy's Food Truck and live entertainment. Everyone was super nice at the party and I ended up staying for over two hours. 

The main reason why I wanted to go was becasue I don't know that many filmmakers in this town and I knew it would be a great opportunity to network. I met a few people and also met the lead singer of the band, Afterlife Parade. Interesting fact - I purchased the music license (from the music bed) of Afterlife Parade for the Crummel Wedding. I had no idea that a few months later, I'd be watching them play at the music bed. Talk about coincidence. 

Afterlife Parade is also on Spotify, so I've been listening to their new album on there too. 
Afterlife parade at the music bed in ft. worth

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jubilee of Tables 2014

Every year, the women's ministry at my church, hold an event where we worship, learn, fellowship, eat, and sit at beautifully decorated tables. This is my third year to take photos for Jubilee. Last year, I helped decorate a table, but this was my first year to really take on a lead role. I decided to go with a DALLAS COWBOYS theme, which was easy because the only thing I bought speciifcally for this event was the party favors. I put my favorite candy in all the cups. $100 dollars if you can guess correctly. My sister Tasha and friend, Tonya helped me arrange the table. 
2014 Jubilee of Tables
The reason why there is no silverware is because we don't eat off the pretty plates or use fancy silverware. When the food arrives at the table it's on a clear plastic plate and there is also plasticware. Easy clean-up!
2014 Jubilee of Tables
Some people chose to bring their own silverware, show-offs (kidding) :)
2014 Jubilee of Tables
I kind of love this patriotic theme.
 2014 Jubilee of Tables
2014 Jubilee of Tables 2014 Jubilee of Tables
Trey asked me if there is an award for best decorated table. There is not. It's all in good fun, no competition.
2014 Jubilee of Tables
Journey Kids is the theme for the Children's Ministry
2014 Jubilee of Tables
2014 Jubilee of Tables2014 Jubilee of Tables 2014 Jubilee of Tables
If Cheyenne was there, I know she would love this table. PINK. When she gets older I can't wait to take her to things like this.
2014 Jubilee of Tables
2014 Jubilee of Tables
Jubilee of Tables - TABLE
2014 Jubilee of Tables
My friend who decorated this table said she bought the bulk of these items on clearance for like -5 dollars or something, ok slight exaggeration, but it was all on major sale.
2014 Jubilee of Tables
You guys, we had the most random and funny ladies as entertainers. I don't recall their stage names, but I think I'm going to refer to the lady in the orange as squirrel lady. Erin and Krista "volunteered" to demonstrate some squirrel fashion and decor ideas.
2014 Jubilee of Tables
For participating they both walked away with some squirrel swag.
2014 Jubilee of Tables
I had so much fun leading up to JOT and during the event. I'm already thinking about next year. Do you have any ideas for a table theme? I'd love to hear them. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

If You're Going to Do It, You Might As Well Do it Right

Cheyenne has taken over our family iPhone. Right now, she's into taking pictures of herself. I told her if you are going to take a selfie, you might as well do it right.
So, I gave her some pointers on how to make her selfie look better. The main thing is this --- DO NOT position the camera below your chin. The higher the better. Well, not too high!
Friday night family
I wish I had an example of one of her selfies loaded to flickr, to show you....They are hilarious! Maybe I'll post one later.
Friday night family Friday night family
Totally random -
I love Trey's GTA hat!
Do you take selfies??? 
This topic reminds me of a blog post that Brittany posted:
Day 19: Anonymous Letter to Facebook Friends (Be as Snarky as You Want)
(Skip to) "note to self, no more selfies"
We all know that person or maybe WE ARE THAT PERSON???
I love this:  Selfies are stupid but I’ll give everyone a pass to do them every once in a while, let’s say 3 times a month max. If you post more than that just take it over to Instagram.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

All The Cuteness in the Entire World....

Is right here...and she knows it.
Dakota and Bath time
I have to watch this girl, she thinks it's cute to stand up in the tub. It's not so much fun, when she slips on her head or butt.
Dakota and Bath time
This was Cheyenne's idea. She insisted on having her bed next to Dakota, so they could hold hands at night and she could comfort her if she started to cry. It's been there for about a week. So sweet, right?
Girls Sleep Next to Each Other
Trey wants to get the girls bunk beds, when they get a little older.

Did you ever share a room with a sibling? I did! We did the whole, this is my side of the room, this is your side. It didn't work so well, when we shared a bed too.
How about bunk beds? Bottom or top? I had bunk beds. I had the top bunk, but I want to say that my sister and I swapped on occasion, but I always remember having the top the majority of the time.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Will (Try to) Walk For Smarties

Dakota is still creeping everywhere, but she's showing interest in walking, especially when smarties are involved! Do you like Smarties? If I eat candy, 9 out of 10 times, I prefer chocolate.

Here's another clip of her moving. This clips shows her walking a little more, than the one above.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Cousins Photo Shoot Part 2

I hope you guys had a great weekend. Trey's co-worker and his girlfriend volunteered to watch the girls, Saturday night. I was like YEAH, DATE NIGHT! Trey and I went to Southlake and went to (a new to us) Cheesecake Factory. I ate about 2,818 calories there. At least I had a good run week. Cheers to that.
Ok, now here's the good stuff -- here are the rest of photos I took, this weekend of the girls.

Bella and my younger sister, Natasha
Cousins Photo Shoot Cousins Photo Shoot
Chey is a photographer at heart. She was snapping photos (on an iPhone), when she wasn't in my camera frame.
Cousins Photo Shoot
This girl, will be in middle school next year.
Cousins Photo Shoot
I remember when she was this age
Angelica is showing Tasha she has one too
This sums up, Bella
Cousins Photo Shoot Cousins Photo Shoot Cousins Photo Shoot Cousins Photo Shoot

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cousins Photo Shoot

Here are portraits I took of the girls. Dakota was not interested, so that's why there are so few of her. There are more photos, that I will post in another post. Right now, it's 10:05 pm and I'm pretty tired. Goodnight. I hope you enjoy pictures of my sweet babes.
Cousins Photo Shoot Cousins Photo Shoot Cousins Photo Shoot Cousins Photo ShootCousins Photo Shoot Cousins Photo Shoot Cousins Photo Shoot Cousins Photo Shoot Cousins Photo Shoot Cousins Photo Shoot Cousins Photo Shoot
Cousins Photo Shoot
Cousins Photo Shoot Cousins Photo Shoot