Monday, February 26, 2007

Looks like we might be moving

Last time I wrote Trey and I had an important decision to make.Well, the thing is Trey got offered a job, in Weatherford (near Dallas/Fort Worth). He would still be working for the same company, but be working out of the Weatherford branch. This inevitably would mean relocating.

Trey just got back from a business trip there. I guess you could say he was test driving the position. Well, after a week and a half staying in a hotel and working in Weatherford he says it’s great.

At first, I was extremely hesitant to even the idea of selling the house. After all, we’ve only lived here two years, but after time in prayer, I realized this is a wonderful opportunity for Trey to advance in his career and I guess for me to well….start mine. I love our house, but there will always be another house and I hear Weatherford has an amazing historic district.

The decision isn't final, but we are definitely moving forward to pursue the idea.

P.S. thanks for the prayers

Monday, February 19, 2007

Starting A Tradition

Saturday's I usually work from day till dusk. This probably won't change anytime soon and I'm okay with that because I know it's temporary.

Pre-part-time weekend job, Saturday's were spent leisurely doing a lot of nothing with Trey. Now that my weekends are spoken for, we've made a little tradition (really without even knowing). We go to the same restaurant every Saturday at a specific time, order the same thing, and eat in the same booth. We didn't realize we had been doing that until this Saturday when I called it out.

Aside from the working of a new tradition please keep us in your prayers. Trey and I have been given an opportunity and we want to make the right decision. Once everything is determined I'll inform you. Thanks to the few who think this blog is interesting enough to read and thanks for the little prayer.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Glimpse of Spring

My tomato plant budding the soil

I Heart You

If no one has told you they love you today, let me be the are loved and special in every way.

Well, Wednesday evenings are busy trying to leave work, eat dinner, rush to bible study, and then band practice. So, Trey and I had our Valentine's dinner Tuesday night. We had a romantic home style dinner and Trey actually helped clean up. While he was in the kitchen I couldn't stop laughing. He was asking what was so funny and I told him he seemed out of place. Seeing him in the kitchen was like seeing me tune-up a car.

Today, I didn't expect a gift. I think it's too much pressure placed on a specific day, especially on the male side. My husband has never been a master of the English language, but he found the perfect card that spoke directly to my heart. I in turn wrote out all the qualities I loved about him and what I was thankful for. There was lots of love, but it was really no different from any other day.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Not As Bad As I Thought

So, I got this second job working mainly weekends. I initially thought I'd be working every week night, but the way the schedule works out I've been getting all my hours during weekends. I love bringing in extra cash flow and Trey and I are well on our way to some financial freedom. Hooray for the Anderson's!!!

At first, I thought this job was going to be horrible, but it's really morphed into a great experience. I've learned a lot about myself and I've started managing my time more wisely. To make the most of the weekends Trey and I have been getting up early and getting out of the house several hours before I have to clock into work. This past Saturday we went to Home Depot and decided in the next year or so, depending on how things go, we're going to remodel the den. We decided on the wall color and type of floor. It's gonna look great.

In other news, today was absolutely beautiful. I think I got a glimpse of spring, especially when I went to water my indoor beefsteak tomatoes and saw them starting to break the soil.

Monday, February 05, 2007

You Had Me at Free Make-up

Earlier today, I went to the mall to buy some jewelry and this nice lady approached me. She was asking me about my skin tone, ethnicity and some other really random questions. One of the other questions she asked was if I could be a Mary Kay make-up model for one of her shindigs and portfolio. All the lady had to say was free make-up and I said sign me up.

I have no idea what I'm signing up for...yeah watch me regret this...(Lord help me).

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Green Thumb

I've never claimed to be a gardener, but this year I'm reclaiming my backyard and flower bed. Springtime is right around the corner and I'm going to attempt to plant a vegtable garden. It's scary just thinking about it. I was planning on growing tomatoes, squash, peppers, a few herbs (the legal stuff) and maybe some carrots. In order to get a head start, yesterday I purchased a tomato planting kit. It takes a few weeks to grow and then it has to be moved to outdoor soil, just in time for early spring. I hope I don't kill it....wish me luck.