Friday, January 30, 2009

Pizza Night Friday! What!

Trey and I have started picking up pizza on Friday nights. This will be our second week to do it and as cheesy as it sounds, it gives me something to look forward to, after a long work week. This week doesn’t really count, but I still want my Pizza.

During the week, I don’t usually eat out or pick up fast food. One, because I’m frugal, when it comes to eating out (just ask Trey, we’ve been known to have some heated conversation about it) and two, because I like to “brown bag it.” It’s easier to make healthy eating decisions when I pack my lunch. If I pack a sandwich with carrots and apples I’m going to eat it because it’s there in front of me.

So, tonight I plan on eating my pizza pie and then tomorrow I will run it off during the 5K race. As much as I love running, I’m not looking forward to the cold temperature that awaits me tomorrow morning. I bet it will be 30 something and there will be crazy runners out there in little tank tops and iddy bitty shorts. I guess anyone out there in those temps has to be a little crazy, but then again that’s running for you.

I’m not sure what we will do with Cheyenne. We might take her and bundle her up like a mummy, Trey could stay home with her or we might ask someone in our area to watch her. Anyone want to watch my little one first thing in the morning? Hmmm…I should’ve put this post up a long time ago if I was going to ask that question.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 Month Portraits

Here are the pictures I took a few days ago.

My little baby is growing up so fast.

It has been such a strange week, with the ice storm and all, but I finally went back to work and had so much to do. It was good to get back to work though. I think I was starting to get cabin fever. You know when you've been indoors and you just want to get out.

On a side note:
I mentioned last week about how I was going to cut back on peanuts to see if that would minimize Cheyenne's gas. Well, a few days have gone by since I had a substantial amount of nuts and I have noticed she not blowing up nearly as much as she had been. I guess her doctor really knows what he's talking about. How bout that?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Storm Update

UTA got smart and closed campus for the day.

Yes! Another day at home.

Traffic Jams

This is what we did yesterday by the fire.

I'm mad because yesterday, UTA closed their doors, even though the roads were fine and this morning the roads including the interstate are iced over and school is scheduled to open at noon. What are they thinking?

Trey & I are watching the news and there are major traffic jams on our route to work.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baldie & Icy Weather Keeps Us In

Little miss thing is losing her hair. She starting losing it a few weeks ago and now its obvious, particularly in the back.
That's okay, I still love her.

She could really care less.

Wide Eye Baby

Well, instead of working today, I'm at home due to icy weather conditions. I drove all the way to Arlington only to turn my vehicle around and head back home. It's nice to have an extra day this week with Cheyenne. Yeah, Trey got the day off too.

When I got home I went for a run (on the treadmill) because I didn't get a chance yesterday. Trey asked me not to so we could spend time together. As I mentioned, in the previous post, yesterday was his birthday. Yesterday while he was at work, I went up to the Dallas Cowboys Pro shop and thought I'd pick him up a gift. They were having a big sale and I was excited because we have a True Blue Discount card. I was surprised to find out that the card is useless unless Trey is present. Is that retarded or what? I wanted the gift to be a surprise. I was mad so I walked out of the store empty handed.

At least I had a chance to test out the baby jogger in a mall setting. The front wheel turns beautifully in and out of narrow aisles.

Monday, January 26, 2009

My New Running Partner & Doing Laundry

Yesterday, Cheyenne and I went on our first run together. I went ahead and went with the Jeep Liberty Sport Urban Terrain over the Jeep Overland. The Liberty is to the left there and the Overland is to the right.

The main reason was because the front wheel on the Overland doesn't have the best turn radius. I'm glad I had a chance to compare the two side by side. Another thing I like about the liberty is I can use it as our everyday stroller because her car seat fits nice and snug.

Our first run was pretty chilly, so I bundled her up and logged 1 mile. The ride was surprisingly smooth, I guess I had this picture in my head that she would be bouncing like crazy, but she didn't. She was awake for the entire ride. Pushing a 30 pound stroller with a 10 pound baby is defiantly a workout. I ran uphill and felt the burn. I look forward to logging many miles with my new running partner. The forecast for the rest of the week should be cold. I'm hoping by this weekend it will warm up so, we can go running at Trinity Park.

Another reason why I want it to warm up by the weekend is because I have a 5K race Saturday. Hopefully this 5K will motivate me to train more seriously for the 10K next month. I'm not taking it too seriously, I just want to finish the 6 mile race without falling apart at the end. I think that's a reasonable goal. I need to get over the 5 mile mark in my workouts and get to that 6 mile mark.

Other than running, today I've been spending time doing things around the house. Jeremy and Elizabeth got Cheyenne a bumbo seat. Today it came in handy. I plopped her on top of the dryer and folded laundry and she seemed to enjoy it. Earlier, I took Cheyenne's 2 month portraits. Next weekend, Heather is coming over to take some photos for us too. Lots of pictures. The grandmas are going to love that.

Today is Trey's birthday. Happy Birthday Trey! He's 26 years old.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Wink & a Smile

This one isn't too much of a smile. It looks like somebody just told her a bad joke.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Making Time to Run

A cold front came through, so running outside this afternoon, was out of the question. So, I figured I'd power up the treadmill.

When I workout, Trey usually helps with Cheyenne or I try to fit it in during her nap time. Trey was out on a call and she was awake on her mat. I didn't feel like interrupting her tummy time, so I pulled her mat with her still on it, across the house and parked her near the treadmill. She stayed awake for 5 minutes and then napped while I ran 5 miles.

After my run she wanted to play. She's now at that stage when she's starting to smile and coo. I love it!

She got a little carried away and fell over

And then she did it again.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The End of the Week

Brrrr, it's cold! A cold front is coming through. Go figure.

Work was good, but once closing time rolled around, I was anxious to get out the door. The area where I work we have 2 computer labs and sometimes the students drag their feet out the door when its time to close shop. So, 2 minutes till closing, I yelled out, "I'm kicking everybody out! I have a baby to get home to!" I guess it hit a chord with everybody and they sympathized with me because they immediately starting shutting down programs and logging off. They all remember me as the pregnant woman from last semester.

I'm glad it's the weekend and I'm looking forward to spending lots of time with Cheyenne. It seems like as the week progressed I seemed to miss her more. Another thing, I noticed, this morning as I was driving to work...I was really tired, but once I got to work I felt more alert. Maybe it was the cup of coffee that did the trick.

So, about Trey's doctors appointment...
He got the okay to go back to work, but was told to take it slow. So, today he went off to work and luckily he didn't have a lot of physical labor to do. I think he's on call this weekend, so we don't have much planned.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ouch! That Hurts! & Running with the Baby

This morning Cheyenne had her 2 month doctors appointment, which means shots. When the nurse poked her it took Cheyenne a few seconds to process what had just happened and for a moment I thought she was fine, but before I knew it, her face turned bright red and she let out a loud cry. Poor thing.

Sometimes, the vaccines can cause a low grade fever. She didn't have a fever, but Leah said she was fussy, so she gave her some baby Tylenol. Maybe her legs were sore, where she was poked. Now that she's home she seems to be fine.

Trey went with me to the appointment. I'm glad he had a chance to meet the pediatrician because I really like him. I had several questions for him. One of them was about Cheyenne having gas. He said peanuts can sometimes cause bad gas and what do you know. I eat peanuts every day. I love them. He suggested going 3 days without them and see if I notice a difference. If that is the problem, I think I'm going to switch to walnuts.

My second question was: How old does Cheyenne have to be before she can ride in a baby jogger? I was thinking he would say at least 6 months, but to my surprise he said it was safe as soon as today. I was very happy to hear that. Trey's parents want to get us one, so I think this weekend I'm going to start looking for one. I realize it's January, but if we continue to have warm weather like we did today, maybe we'll be running together as soon as this weekend.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Transition so Far

As you all know, I'm back at work. Yesterday, was my first day and the work calendar is filling up with video projects, photography shoots, and in class recordings. A few things have changed, for example we have new classroom recording software that we are encouraging faculty to use. I felt like half of the day I was playing catch up and needed everyone to fill me in on what I missed. Even today, a few times I felt out of the loop. But aside from playing catch up, it's good to be back.

Cheyenne is adjusting nicely too. Last night she slept great. That sounds perfect doesn't it? Not too great, when I have to wake up at 4:30 am on the days I work. I need to account time for her feeding, getting her dressed, me getting ready, dropping her off, and commute time. Also filler time because you never know when a baby will leak through a diaper or spit up. Cheyenne isn't too bad about spitting up, but don't tell Trey's Dad that...she let him have it last time we were in Abilene.

I haven't mentioned too much about Trey and his back, but he hasn't been to work in like 2 weeks. He's been using this time off to rest and let his back heal. He goes in tomorrow for a follow up appointment. He feels well enough to return back to work, so I guess we'll see what happens.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting Things in Order

So, tomorrow morning is around the corner, which means I go back to work. I've spent the day getting everything ready for the week ahead. I did my weekly shopping, got Cheyenne's things in order to take over to Leah's, did a few loads of laundry, ironed work clothes for the week, cued up the coffee pot, and started to pack my lunch. Originally, I was thinking I could get out the door in one hour, but the more I think about it, I think I'm going to need an hour and a half each morning. Wow, my day will start early.

Yesterday, I mentioned to Leah that when I drop Cheyenne off, I will have a lot of stuff: Diapers, wipes, bottles, milk, car seat, change of clothes...etc.

Well, tomorrow at work should be exciting with the start of a new semester and let's not forget the inauguration. I have a TV in my office, so you bet I'll be watching the coverage. What an exciting time for our nation.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Surprise Party & Too Cool For School

We've made three trips to Abilene in the last week, but it looks like we're finally staying put. We got home yesterday evening and rolled into town, right in time to go to Gabe's surprise party. Serena, his wife, hosted the party and did a fantastic job. This picture here is of Jesse and Cheyenne at the party.

I take so many pictures of her, she finally got smart and decided to wear sunglasses. Either that or she thinks she's a celebrity and I'm the paparatzoh.

Poor baby has no neck.

Watching what else? Football of course

She's putting her arms up like she wants to be swaddled

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Working Mom

Cheyenne slept so good last night. Almost, a full night of rest 9:30 pm thru 4:30 am.

I'm trying to get back into my work routine, since I go back Tuesday! So, instead of going back to bed, like I normally do...I stayed up. I'm hoping it will help me transition back to work. Tomorrow, I will try to do the same.

Well, it's been a blessing to stay at home with Cheyenne and bond with her, but our time of all day bonding 7 days a week is coming to an end. Months before she was born, I thought it would be hard to return back to work, but now that' it's here, I think I'm ready to get back. I will stay on my 4 days a week work schedule, so it makes it easier to return, knowing that I have 3 free days.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Homemade Nursing Shaw

I've been wanting a nursing shaw, but thought spending fourty dollars for a boutique hooter hider was unreasonable (I know, crazy name). Well, I asked my mom if she could make me one and she did. We used this pattern I found online.

Mom did a wonderful job. I absolutely love it!

I've had the shaw, since Saturday and I've used it a lot. With Trey and I traveling back and forth from Abilene and just being out and about, this shaw gives me peace of mind. Now, I'm prepared to feed Cheyenne whenever and wherever and feel comfortable doing so.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Clara Grace. Rest in Peace

Maghen and Brandon lost the baby.

They named her Clara Grace.

We saw Clara and had a chance to say goodbye. She looked so beautiful. The funeral will be in Abilene in the next few days.

Continue to pray for our family.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Visiting Grandparents

This is our 3rd trip to Abilene with Cheyenne. Each time it gets easier to travel with her.

Trey's parents have a pack and play, that stays at their house, so when we pack we no longer have to take her bassinet with us.

She's been sleeping in the PNP in the same room as us. At home, she sleeps in her room and when we return she will continue sleeping there, but it was a nice change for the weekend. Having her at the bedside made feeding and changing easy. I didn't even have to get out of bed.

Continue to pray for Brandon and Maghen's baby. We got some good news and we're hanging on to the hope and faith that this baby will be healthy.

In our thoughts and prayers

Trey, Cheyenne, and I are in Abilene. We have a family emergency.

Brandon and Maghen are having complications with the pregnancy. She is 19 weeks along. Please say a prayer for them.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Trey's Injured Back and Sleeping Patterns

What did you call me?

This is so boring...

Okay, I'll give you one cute picture, but that's it.

Stop taking pictures and put some clothes on me!!!!

Yesterday, I took Trey to the doctors office and we scrambled to find someone near us to watch Cheyenne. Luckily, Heather was available and didn't mind. About Trey's back, he injured it and he's taking some muscle relaxers. We're not sure how long he'll be out of work, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was out for a full week.

He usually helps me with Cheyenne in the evenings, but it's been difficult since he has to rest. Tuesday night, he couldn't even hold her because he was in so much pain. Last night, he was feeling a little better, so I had him watch her, while I went to bed around 8 pm. It felt so good to go to bed that early.

Cheyenne is still doing okay with her sleeping. I feel real rested and I rarely take naps, but I'm a little scared I will be exhausted once I go back to work. I hope I'm wrong.

Well, tonight we're having a group of friends over to watch the Oklahoma/Florida bowl game. It should be a good one.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Deep in Thought

She's thinking, should I pee or poop?

Trey really likes this outfit on her.

Look at her checks, she's starting to fill out. I told Trey, "she looks like you, but with chubby checks." What do you think?

Monday, January 05, 2009

Icy Conditions Keep Us In

Today has been cold and Icy. I was planning on running some errands, but figured they can wait until tomorrow.

So, Cheyenne and I have been at the house all day. This morning, I had a chance to go for a run on the treadmill, while Cheyenne took a nap. When she woke up I feed her and noticed she had dry blood collected in her ear. I called the pediatricians office and the nurse told me to keep an eye on her the next two days to see if it does it again. It's weird that she had dry blood there because she's not acting like anything is wrong. She's eating and sleeping the same and she's not irritable.

In other news, Trey called me earlier and said he couldn't move because his back was killing him. A few hours later he made it home and he wasn't kidding. The pain was so bad, I had to go outside and help him get out of his work van. Once we were inside, I had him sit in the office chair and rolled him across the house. Tomorrow he will see our family doctor.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Girls

Cadence, Cheyenne, & Breanna

This morning the girls wore their matching outfits to church. They are only a few weeks apart in age. Cadence, there to the far left, is the daughter of Leah, the one who will be watching Cheyenne when I go back to work.
Well, I had a chance to hear the entire sermon, this morning, because Cheyenne slept through her 11:30 feeding. Last week, she demanded food and the nursery workers had to page me, so I could feed her. About her feedings, she's really getting the hang of it and she's getting faster at it, which makes me very happy. I really appreciate her efficiency at 3 am. The faster she eats, the sooner I get to go back to bed.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Angelica and Cheyenne

Amy, Hilario, and Angelica are in town visiting. Usually, they spend most of their time shopping, but this time, they are taking it easy at our house.

Everyone's happy except the baby

My mom got Cheyenne a gold bracelet, seen here. It fits her real loose, but in a few months she should be able to wear it.

Touchdown! We've been watching the playoffs all day long. What's new, right?