Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Trip to Visit Family

This weekend we went to Abilene. Trey's parents sold their home and moved into a trailer, oh - and dad retired. His last day at work was Friday. We threw him a surprise party Saturday night at the Beehive. All the kids, mom and the grand-babies were there. Sunday evening, after they completely moved out of their home and were settled in the trailer, Mom sent us this picture of dad drinking wine.
The retired life.

Here are a few things we did while we were in Abielne. Trey did some HVAC service work to his parents house, (now old house).

Even when we're not home, Dakota WILL find a pantry (any pantry) and she WILL raid it! The girls and I stayed with my mom. Trey spent the night at his brothers. They stayed up until 1 am, playing video games. Yeah, I was in bed by 11 pm.

Some of the younger grand babies on the Anderson side.

Well, last week, I ran about 20 miles. I had planned on running some while I was in Abilene, but I forgot to pack my running shoes. Oh, well -- I enjoyed the rest.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Backyard Surprise!

Yesterday, we surprised the girls with a cute little playhouse. When we got home, Trey and Chris had been working on assembling the house for about an hour --- that's when the girls saw it for the first time. Surprise!!!!
See their reaction...

They couldn't wait, they were playing as the guys were finishing up.

Trey wants to leave the house here, I want to catty-corner it. For now, it's right here under the patio and will stay partially shaded throughout the day.

The girls wanted to pick flowers for their home, so they ran to the yard and pulled weeds. Yeah, that works too!

Trey put the house together pretty fast. It didn't seem difficult and Chris helped. Trey got the playhouse from Sam's Club. Before buying it, I looked online and saw it for several hundred dollars more on a few sites, I feel like we got a pretty good deal at Sam's and the it has nice details and you can tell it's quality material.

I have a feeling we will be spending so much time outside this Spring and Summer. Now, all we have to do is keep the grass trimmed and the bugs away.

Chey said she wants to sleep in the playhouse, maybe this summer we'll have a camp out. Sounds like fun!!! This weekend or the next, I'd like to get my nails dirty and work on the garden.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Fun Hiding Spot

The girls have a favorite spot on the patio. Well, it's more like in….

They like to sit in this bin with the lid closed. They use an LED lantern and watch videos like My Little Pony.

Trey and I have a backyard surprise for them. If they love this space, they are going to love what we have in store for them! I'll post pictures soon! I can't wait!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Two Reasons I Love My Employer

1. They encourage me to workout 3 times a week during working hours. And approve compensation during that time! 

2. The insurance that is provided is Blue Cross and they have a really cool program, Blue 365. The program allows me save on health and wellness products.

They have a deal with Reebok that allows Blue Cross members to purchase items at 20% off, plus free shipping. I just bought my first pair of Reebok's! I've been using Nike running shoes for years. When I first started running I would buy $90-100 dollar shoes (I tried other brands too), but as of about 2 years ago, I started looking at give or take $50 - $60 dollar running shoes. Since I'm not prone to injury and as long as the shoes are a notch above average quality, I can get by just fine.

If these shoes work out for me, I'll be buying a second pair soon...since I like to have two pair of shoes on rotation.

I still don't have any races on the calendar. Right now, I'm enjoying running for fun and fitness. Some days I run slow, some days I run fast. Most of my running is done solo, I miss running with friends, but this is just a season in life - with the girls being so young - trey has his business and having to be on call basically 24/7 - it makes it difficult to plan running dates with my friends. I might try to sneak a group run in every now and then, it's not impossible, but it's a challenge!

Since this post has way too many words in it, here's a photo of the girls. Lately, we can't get enough of the patio! It's easily our favorite space, when we are home. I'll have more patio pics to share later.

P.S. Here is a whole gallery of my running shoes, through the years.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

You're Not the Momma. Run. Know Your Banker.

I hope you had a good weekend. Dakota's been testing her boundaries lately, this is a photo from a while back, but she has been in time out  - recently. I have to watch Cheyenne because Chey thinks she can take on the role of sending Dakota to time out. I have to remind her, "you're not the momma." What's funny about it, is that Dakota actually listens to Chey.
Dakota in Time Out
I met my weekly running goal!
Note to self, the sun rises around 7:15 am. Since I started my run before sunrise, I ran the track, until the sun rose. As soon as the sun started to break, I ran towards the lake. When I run to the lake, I usually, stop for a minute to catch my breathe and enjoy the view.
Lake run
After my run, the girls and I went to bank. They ran around the lobby and were acting super cute. Dakota insisted on wearing her sunglasses. While we were there, we chatted with the branch manager for about half an hour. A year ago, when I was setting up my business account, he helped me. He's given me some great financial information.

When I took a class at the fort worth business assistance center, the instructor said, "get to know your banker!" I thought that was "old school" advice and I wasn't sure it was relevant for business owners these days, but I have to say (from personal experience) it's nice to know someone at the bank.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

When You Wear the Same Outfit...

When You Wear the Same Outfit...It might be awkward.
Dress Up & Play
But it's totally ok, if you're sisters.
Dress Up & Play
Lately Dakota has been giving us tons of kisses and saying I love you. Dress Up & Play
"Luv You!!!" Such a sweet voice.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Where I'm at Right Now with Running

Just updated my goal.
Post Cowtown Ultra
My mileage has dipped down to the 8-19 miles a week range. I'd like to get back to running at least 20-25 miles a week. For the last two weeks, I've done more cross training. It feels good to be lifting weights and working my core again.

Have you heard of P90x3? That's what I've been doing when I'm not resting or running. Each workout is 30 minutes long.

So, after I ran Cowtown, I bought my first foam roller! I know after years of running, I finally bought one! Why did I wait so long???? I love it! Every ache I feel on my body, I just roll it out. It's like getting  a super intense massage.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Week in Photos & Patio Makeover

Sometimes being little is hard. Dakota wanted to bowl.
When Daddy works late, we stay in - watch My Little Pony, paint nails and braid hair.
Girl Time
Here is an example of the type of things I text message Trey. Ginger Joke
I'm in the process of sprucing up the patio. This is my birthday gift to myself. My 30th birthday is April 30th. With Trey's business and my work, the likelihood that I can travel leisurely is not likely, so this is my b-day gift to myself (and the family).
This is just a little bit of the makeover. It's not glamorous, but it's a nice space to sit and play with the kids. I plan on adding a few more things. I'd love to get the girls a sandbox and playhouse.
Other wish list items:
Rug, Ceiling Fan, BBQ pit (ours died last year) and a storage bin for toys.
Solar lanterns                                               A bird bath thingy and bird feeder
Backyard     Backyard

Friday, March 14, 2014

Morning Track, Five Year Old Fashion & Date Night Appreciation

The girls joined me for my 4 mile track run. For the most part, they sat and played in the sand. We took a play bag with shovels. Chey was entertained the entire time. Dakota lost interest, after about 15 minutes. She preferred the stroller. Pushing her around was an extra workout!
Track with the girls
We went to the track first thing in the morning. I know Dakota, it was bright. Afterwards, we spent the afternoon with Trey. Movies (actually Dakota and I window shopped with Trey and Chey went), lunch, and then family time at home.
Track with the girls
Sometimes Chey likes to dress herself. I pick and choose my battles. She looked super cute in her mis-matched outfit, so I didn't make her change.
She dressed herself She dressed herself
For the past few months, the church we attend has been offering a Parents Night Out. Once a month for several hours they watch our kids for 10 bucks. We appreciate that so much! Earlier, when I was getting ready for the date and I found a bunny in my bathroom.
I spy a bunny.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

She Loves Me!!!!

Dakota can say, "Luv Youuuuu!" She told me that yesterday and she basically made my entire life.
I love this baby and her crazy hair.
My Sweet Girls Love Playing Outside
Yesterday, while I was doing boring stuff like working, Mrs. Rosa took my girls to the Ft. Worth Zoo.
The Zoo with Mrs. Rosa
I was watching the news and they said over 20,000 people were there! That's the population of a town!
The Zoo with Mrs. Rosa
The Zoo with Mrs. Rosa

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Head Shot & It's Good to Know a Photographer

I have a new head shot. One of these days, I'll hire an actual human to take real head shots, outside of a studio setting, but for now, this will work.

Trey has asked me to take photos of him and his business partner for his website and marketing stuff. I'm sure he's thinking, "It's good to know a photographer." And all these years, I've been saying, "It's good to be married to an HVAC technician." He keeps me cool, literally. Speaking of Trey's new business, things are starting to pick-up!!! The first month was a lot of paper work and just getting established. Necessary, but a little boring (to a hands on guy, like Trey). He's still in the getting established phase, but now he's getting more services calls. He's really happy to be in the field (on the regular) again!
Ok, I thought I'd post some head shots….through the years.
Anderson, Dom
 Setting up for Headshots at Work
My school headshot

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Fever

It's spring break for UTA and FWISD. I'm working 3 days this week, but today I enjoyed spending the entire day with the girls, free of appointments and ballet class.

Lately, the girls and I have been soaking up the sun, we are so ready for Spring. It's time to start giving the compost bin some much needed attention. I've neglected it for months and we haven't had much rain, so the pile is dry…it's nothing my little fairies can't fix.
I'm completely out of coffee. So, I bought coffee from Central Market and then I let the girls play at the CM playground.
Central Market play
Dakota wore herself out and fell asleep before we made it home.
Cheyenne picked out her own socks.
Do you have any plans for spring break? We are just doing some low key things like going to the park. I might take the girls to watch a movie this weekend.

Friday, March 07, 2014

My Week in Photos

Did you watch the Oscars? This was the first year, I got into it! Watching more than half of the films helped. I kind of had an idea of what was going on.

What did you think of John Travolta? has a Travolta name generator. Check mine out.
My Travoltified Name
After watching the Oscars on Sunday I went to bed and I was sleeping so good, until I heard Cheyenne crying. Cleaning puke in the middle of the night is not fun. I missed work Monday because both girls were sick with a stomach bug. This is what my Monday looked like. The upside…my floors are super clean! When my kids are sick, I'm reminded how much I love hardwood and tile throughout my house.
How is your Monday? #sickkids
Yesterday, while running around the indoor track, I watched this basketball game.
Most of the time, when I window shop, I find myself looking at formal dresses. I want to buy all of them…. and wear them where? I don't know. I love this black and white Calvin Klein formal. You can't tell from this photo, but the white section has tiny sequins all over it.
Mrs. Rosa loves to braid hair. Next week, is the last week the girls will be staying at Rosa's. She's been wonderful and reliable. I can't think her enough for filling in for Mrs. Amanda during her maternity leave.
Braided hair
I'm completely out of coffee at home, so when I went to Sprouts I took three cups of sample coffee. In my defense the cups are tiny. Dakota was judging me, I can see it in her eyes.
Free coffee at Sprout's
Tomorrow, I'm taking school portraits, so I bought some snack food. I'll be tied down to one location for a good portion of the day, so it's nice having easy food like this. The Way Better Chips, were BOGO free at Sprouts. I hope I like them.
 Snacks for the 3 photo shoots coming up
Did you have a chance to enjoy the weather today? It was a gorgeous 68 degrees outside. The girls spent at least 2 hours outside.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Photography Work for the Ballet Felt Like A Progressive Party

epic masterpieces
I love when my interest and professional work collide.

Saturday, I had an opportunity to photograph Texas Ballet Theater's Ballet Gala. In case you don't know, I'm slightly obsessed with this ballet company, so it was a real treat to photograph the gala.

The evening festivities started at 6 pm at Van Cliburn Recital Hall.Ballet Gala
Ballet Gala
As soon as they walked in, I took couples or single photographs of the guests. Everyone was dressed to impress.
(in this photo) To the left is the Artistic Director of TBT, Mr. Ben Stevenson O.B.E
Ballet Gala
The floral and table decor at the dinner hall was stunning.
Ballet Gala  Ballet GalaBallet Gala Ballet Gala Dinner 
After the dinner, everyone was invited to cross the street to Bass Hall and watch the Ballet Company perform EPIC MASTERPIECES: Serenade, L, & Gloria. I joined the group and watched the show. Gloria was my favorite. So, dark, so dramatic! During intermission VIP from the gala were invited to the intermission green room for photos and cocktails. I tagged along and took a few photos in there.
When the show was over around 10 pm, the gala after-party began at McDavid Studio, located across the street from Bass Hall.
Around 10:30 pm, the Company Dancers joined the party.
Ballet Gala
They basically stole the dance floor. Everyone enjoyed it! It was so entertaining!!
Ballet Gala
What a fun event to document.
Ballet Gala
Throughout the night, everyone had an opportunity to bid at the Silent Auction.
To view all the photos from the gala, feel free to browse my professional website:
Ballet Gala