Saturday, March 31, 2012

enduraFit Challenge Week 2

Warning: If you are hungry you may not want to view this post, right now. 

Well, I just completed another week of the enduraFit Challenge with enduraLAB.

Here is my update.
 - I spent way too much money at Sam's Club === In my defense, I stocked up. So, this week my total should be reasonable. Fingers Crossed. Legs Double Crossed.
 - We all know this, but junk food is more affordable. I'm not even buying organic crap, I'm just buying healthy crap. CRAP. CRAP. Yes, two craps are necessary.
- Trey told me to stock up on the eggs, so I did. When he saw them in the fridge he was like WTH is that?! So, far we've made it through one and a half cartons. Cartons = grey thingies.
 A Peek Into My Fridge

Fast Grab and Go Protein, hard boiled eggs.
A Peek Into My Fridge
I've adopted a baggie system. You can call me the bag lady, that's cool.
A Peek Into My Fridge
I label the baggies, so I don't have to measure, when I'm ready to cook. I can just grab "2 blocks of squash" and get them in the oven. It was a time saver. Washing and chopping the veggies also helped.
A Peek Into My Fridge

Here is an example of a Zone Diet snack. You've got 1 oz of protein, a serving of carbs, which mine happened to be half an apple and a side of fat. I picked avocado slices, but I could've done nuts or oil. You can't see all the chicken, but it's buried under there.
A Peek Into My Fridge
I love a colorful plate and the herbs made it taste so fresh. In case you don't recognize it, the protein under the bush of herbs is flounder.
A Peek Into My Fridge
I was so disappointed, I bought crab meat thinking I would love it, but it was disgusting. I ate it all, but believe me, I drowned it in lime juice and Louisiana hot sauce. It needed something! Later, I read the label  and it said imitation crab meat. I don't' know if that is why it tasted off to me or if I just don't like crab anymore. I thought I liked it....
A Peek Into My Fridge
Chicken Lettuce wraps, smothered in salsa. This week, I'm on a salsa and pepper kick.
A Peek Into My Fridge
So, that's my update on the challenge. During the workweek, I stayed right on track. Now, it's the weekend and well, I'm not really worrying too much about it. I'm even taking a break from exercising. It felt good to sleep in this morning. I've got to enjoy these low key mornings while they last, Dakota will be here before I know it. 10 more weeks!

Friday, March 30, 2012

My Week in Instagram Pictures

My niece, Angelica will partake in her first communion, which happens to be the same weekend as my mom's wedding -- in two different towns. I won't be able to make it, but I got Angelica this Rosary. Do you know how hard it is to find a Rosary in Cowtown? OK, It wasn't that hard, but seriously Wal-Mart or Sam's Club doesn't carry them and that's where I shop! And they say Wal-Mart has everything....Ha!
(A short break from the Instagram)
Here is a picture from my first communion. I still remember it! It was a special day for me. I'll be thinking about my niece when she makes her first communion.
First Communion
This is a gift my mom got for Dakota. Her first silverware. How sophisticated. I hope they don't fall in the garbage disposable, while it's running. C'mon, you know I'm not the only one who has ever ruined a fork or spoon on an account of the disposal. I'll do my best to protect this special keepsake set.
Cheyenne sleeps like an angel.

If she naps too long, I go in her room and wake her up. I typically don't let her nap more than two hours, unless I know she's had a long day or will have a long night. I'm such a weird mom, but it works for our family. I must be doing something right because so far she seems to be doing fine.
Wake Up Sunshine
This morning, I felt like doing some incline walking, so I used this workout, I found on Pinterest. 8% incline is no joke! I also watched an episode of The Chew. They were featuring Mac N' Cheese Recipes. YUM! Exercise + Food + Early Morning = Happy Dom.
Incline Treadmill Walking Pin
Speaking of food:
Soon I'll do another post on the enduraFit Challenge. Here's what I had for dinner last night, FISH. Fish never sounds like a good option, until I'm eating it and then I'm like: Wow this is great, I should eat fish, more often! But then I forget, until the next time. DOH!
Thursday Dinner
My fridge and my billion count eggs. Protein, anyone?
Got Eggs?
Well, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. The in-laws will be in town, so we'll be spending time with them. Cheyenne has been seeing them a lot lately. That girl loves spending time with the family. She's always asking about them.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Honey Do List & Time for a Spring Garden

Trey and Cheyenne went for a walk and they found a nice patch of bluebonnets in the neighborhood. Do you take pictures sitting in bluebonnets? I never cared to, not until I had Cheyenne. Now, every year, I look forward to taking her portrait in a field of flowers. I may get out this weekend and do that.
I may be busy taking photos, but Mr. Handyman has his on set of projects to take care of. He asked me to make him a list. These are things that have needed attention for months. We've just learned to live life without. We're adaptable. We've had drainage issues with our master bathroom sinks, so instead of using the sink in there, we've been using the sink in the kitchen and/or the guest bathroom.
Trey's Honey-Do List
Do you have a honey do list you need to take care of?
One thing I need to add to my list is start my spring garden. I think we're clear of any freezes. It was so warm this winter, I had an herb garden year round. Basil, Parsley and Mint were the three herbs that didn't survive the mild winter. I had Cilantro, Rosemary, Thyme, and Oregano year-round. I need to consider what I will plant this season. I'm taking suggestions, if you have any. Herbs and Veggies!

This photo is from last spring. Oh, I'm looking forward to the smell of spring - bright colors, fresh cut grass, cool breeze, grilling. Oh, I've missed it. Herb Garden

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

T-Shirts Are Too Small

Last night Cheyenne said, "I can't wait until Dakota pops out, so we can play and I can hold her." I asked, "Where is she going to pop out of?" She said, "From your stomach!" She is very excited. I'm actually surprised she cares as much as she does. I figured she wouldn't think much of it, until Dakota was born, but that's not the case, she is equally excited about the pregnancy.

This week, my pregnancy is moving along rapidly. I feel like my stomach is getting bigger every hour. A lot of my food cravings are not as strong as they use to be. However, Trey mentioned he was going to Taco Bell and it reminded me, I MUST try the Dorito Taco. What is wrong with me? I'm terrified I will love it, that's why I've been putting it off for so long. Maybe this weekend....Who wants to go?

Since my stomach is getting so big, I need bigger T-shirts. About 90% of my shirts are from races and I typically order X-Smalls for me or an X-Large for Trey. All my X-Smalls are too tight and short and X-Large shirts look ridiculous. I want to feel comfortable, not puffy. 

My feet are begging me for new shoes. I'm pushing the mileage on my Brooks. Do you keep track of the miles on your shoes? DailyMile makes it really easy. That's what I use. 

Here is one thing I'm enjoying this week. I know I already said it, but THANK YOU TREY! I'm so happy. 
Trey Fixed my Treadmill! It Works Again!
I think tonight, I'll either read a book while walking or watch Hulu on my laptop.

Since, we dropped our satellite service I'm not really missing it. I know it's only been since last week, but I'm getting by. I'm taking advantage of Hulu like it's free -- Oh, wait - It is! Most of my shows are on there and I've discovered a new one, The Chew. It's an ABC daytime show, kind of like the Rachel Ray Show. I love it! There is nothing like, waking up at 4 am to workout and watch celebrity chefs make food, no? Maybe that's just my thing. I'm weird.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ft. Worth Water Gardens at Night Is Kind of Scary

This weekend we had family in town. After we ate for free at Chuy's Mexican Restaurant (Happy Hour-Nacho Bar : Holla!) -- Trey wanted to go to the Water Gardens. Going at nighttime is really scary. I played it safe and stayed on the top deck with Jomi and Nanny.
 Ft. Worth Water Gardens
Trey took Cheyenne to the bottom pit.
Ft. Worth Water Gardens
Here is a daytime photo, I took a few years ago. Yeah, I wasn't about to go down there at night. Trey said it was slippery.
Water Gardens
Like an outstanding parent, I had Cheyenne out way past her bedtime. Ft. Worth Water Gardens
Here is the last time we took Cheyenne to the water gardens. My doll!Water Gardens
         Water Gardens  Proud to Walk
Ft. Worth Water Gardens
They look like ants climbing the mountain.
          Ft. Worth Water Gardens Ft. Worth Water Gardens
The view from the top is always rewarding, especially since they were looking at me :)
Ft. Worth Water Gardens
Trey's mom, snapping some photos too.
Ft. Worth Water Gardens

Monday, March 26, 2012

It's Like Christmas, My Treadmill is Working Again

November, 16th I shared the sad news that my treadmill was broken. It was the worst time of the year for it to stop working... I was training for Cowtown Half Marathon, it was Christmas time (no extra money) and winter time (cold weather).

After months of doing without, I finally bought the replacement part. The error code message called for, a mother board kit. Trey even got conformation from a treadmill technician, that's the part we needed. The part arrived Friday evening and yesterday Trey started to install it, when he discovered there was a blown fuse. Ends up, we didn't need an expensive replacement part, we needed to replace the blown fuse. By the way, we didn't even have to purchase a new fuse because there was an extra one right next to the messed up one. I would've never been able to figure that out, but thank goodness for Trey. He such a handy man and knows everything about everything.

This is a picture of the messed up fuse. Itty-bitty part.It was a blown fuse
I'm not even mad. Sooooooo, this means I can return the pricey part, that is if I want to. Trey thinks we should keep it, in case the board ever breaks, we'll have the part. You, see this is an older treadmill and the part took forever to get -- it was on back order. Plus there's re-stocking fees for returns and shipping cost, so we'd be out at least 30 bucks. I don't know. I think, I still want to return the part. What would you do?

This morning I woke up and went for a walk on my HAPPY-MILL. It was so convenient . That's what I've missed the most.
My treadmill is fixed!!!!!
After walking I was pretty hungry, so I made breakfast. Lately, I crave salsa and eggs.
My Breakfast
A few hours ago, I had a coffee date with Krista. Her and the kids came over and the girls enjoyed playing in the backyard. Which reminds me, I'm so excited, this is the first year ever Trey and I will hire a professional company to maintain our lawn. No more weeds and stickers, we hope. Our yard is going to look so nice.
Cheyenne and Makenna Playing in the Garden
The girls were wonderful helpers, now I don't have to worry about watering the garden. They took care of that for me. Hmmm, maybe I should hire them to maintain the yard. I can pay them with candy.
Cheyenne and Makenna Playing in the Garden
While the girls were outside, Kye had a diaper mishap, it was gross and I shall spare you the details. It was quite funny for me to observe, but Krista was grossed out, since she was the one cleaning the mess. Krista didn't have a change of clothes for him --- all she had was Makenna's girly-strawberry shirt. He was rockin' it!
Kye in a Strawberry Shirt
So, that's what I've been doing for the first part of my day. I have lots more to do, so I better get moving. Have a great Monday, friends. Here's to a good week!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dakota's Baby Shower at Avoca Coffee Shop

Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee ShopDakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop
Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee ShopDakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop
Saturday, my long time, sweet friend, Linda -- hosted a baby shower for baby Dakota at Avoca Coffee Shop. It was a whole production fitting the balloons in her little Mazda sedan.
Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop
Trey wanted to be part of the action and wanted to come. I love co-ed bridal and baby showers, so I was all for it. It helps to balance out all the estrogen.
Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop
My sweet niece Angelica loved the appetizers. Linda had a mishap with the first batch of chocolate. Burnt chocolate, anyone? When her and I are in the kitchen something always goes down. It was no biggie and luckily we had extra chocolate and made it work.
Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop
My mom drove up from Abilene. She will be getting married in 2 weeks! 2 WEEKS! What am I going to wear? Probably this same dress.
Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop
This was the gift Cheyenne gave to Dakota. Cheyenne also has a pink piggy bank.
Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop
OH, the mocha coffee from Avoca is my new favorite. If you ever want to have a coffee date, hit me up and we'll go.
Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop
The guys and Erin chatting...
Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop
This is Linda and Steve's son Evan. He was so good.
Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop
My running buddy, Becca and her family made it to the party. I want to say her son is about 14 weeks old. Cheyenne and Nanny, drawing pictures. Cheyenne is really in a coloring and drawing phase right now. Her imagination is shining through her sketches. I'll have to share some of those with you all.
Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop
Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop
My momma and niece.
Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop
Trey's mom and Grandmother came into town early Friday, so we had lots of family time hanging out with them -- That is when, they weren't shopping. I can't keep up with these super shoppers, but Cheyenne can!
Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop
If you want to see all the photos from the baby shower the entire album is here.
Dakota's Baby Shower at Avoca Coffee Shop
Thanks to everyone who came and showered Dakota with gifts. We love and appreciate you.
Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop Dakota's Baby Shower at Avoca Coffee Shop

Dakota's Baby Shower at Acoca Coffee Shop