Thursday, February 28, 2013

Family Portraits

We finally have family portraits that include all of us. Yay! Thank you, Serena.
Family Portrait Family Portrait Family Portrait

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cowtown 2013 (Tidbits)

I'm blogging about my half marathon experience, but the picture, below is from the 10K start.

This post is a list of my thoughts about the race:
 - Perfect PR weather. 38 at the start line and 40 something, when I finished.
- I recognized so many people, spectators and runners. The ft. worth running community is pretty awesome!
Cowtown 10K Start
-Dakota and I spectated the 10K race on Saturday. So, I thought I'd throw this picture in too. I'm trying to brainwash my kids to be runners, when they grow up, so I can have training buddies.
Cowtown Spectating
-Saturday, I got stuck in 5K race traffic. It sucked!!! I was literally in the center of the race -- Imagine a square...the runners were running the parameter and I was in the middle. Ugh!
- I'm more sore today, than yesterday. That seems odd to me. But nothing compares to marathon/ultra soreness.
 - Sunday afternoon. Dakota and I did this....Cowtown Recovery
- I also, spent the rest of my afternoon refueling with Hershey kisses. Later, my family took me to Posada's Fine Mexican Restaurant to celebrate. Mmmm, fajitas.
- Next year, I will run the ultra marathon. I had serious runners envy, when I saw the ultra runners and their hard to miss orange bibs. They rubbed it in too because they had special bibs on their back, that said ULTRA. I wanted to yell, stop bragging!!!! but most of them were going faster than me. So....
- I ran with a handheld bottle. I have not been training with one, but surprisingly it didn't annoy me. I had to refill it once at a water station. That was interesting. Most of the water spilled on my shirt, but whatever.
 - For fuel during the race, I nursed a GU starting a mile 4 and finished it at mile 10. This is the first time, I've ever done that and I will do it again. Usually, the GU packs are too much for me to digest at once. I stopped at most of the fuel stations, but only for gatorade.
- I got a cramp around mile 8 and wished they had pickle juice, instead of gatorade. Wishful thinking. I just had to run through the cramp...that was tough.
-Who was the young guitarist playing at mile 8? He was rockin' it!
- Who was the terrible band playing when my iPod played Gloriana, I should've kissed you song?
 - I noticed when I ran the first mile through Trinity Park, there was a temporary fence all along the course, to keep runners on the road. Last year, I saw a ton of male runners, racing to the bushes to urinate. I'm glad Cowtown fenced the area off. Of course people will urinate in public if they want to and believe me, I saw a few runners do that at different points of the race.
 - As much as I hated the location race change from Downtown to Will Rogers Memorial, I have to admit I love the ease of parking, now that the start line is at Will Rogers Memorial!

2012                                                            2013
Official Cowtown Half Finish Line Photo Cowtown 2013 Half Marathon Race Proofs

Cowtown Race Proofs & Boston Marathon Talk

Trey wants me to train for the Boston Marathon. He's crazy. I have no desire to run that race. If he  thinks training is time-consuming now, he has no idea how time consuming it would be to train, just to qualify for Boston.
Cowtown 2013 Half Marathon Race Proofs
In order to be placed in the lottery pool and according to qualify times (to date), I'd have to run a full marathon in 3 hrs 35 mins at a 8:12 pace per mile. Not impossible, but that's not anything I'd like to put myself or my family through at this time in my life. Maybe, I'll change my mind, one day -- but by then the qualifying times, will probably be more challenging.

My good friend Sherri, qualified for Boston a few months ago. When she started running, she was at my level and now she's a speed racer. I'm so proud of her.

Okay, that's enough boston talk, here are my race proofs. 
Somewhere between the start and mile 6, I grew an extra pair of arms. AWESOME! Cowtown 2013 Half Marathon Race Proofs
What is the secret to running a PR? Close your eyes and take a works! Cowtown 2013 Half Marathon Race Proofs
Cowtown 2013 Half Marathon Race Proofs
Finish Line. 
I grabbed my medal, grabbed some water and immediately started refueling. I didn't want to have a near faint experience like at Dallas. In December when I finished the half marathon, I had to wait in a long line for food and I was most likely dehydrated. It was so humid! This time, I finished and felt tired, but not like death. A big improvement.
Cowtown 2013 Half Marathon Race Proofs

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cowtown 2013

This morning, when I set out to run the cowtown half marathon, I did not anticipate running a PR (personal record), but I did. I really wanted to beat my 2:06 time, that I ran at Dallas, a few months ago. 

You may notice a lack of pictures of the race, that's because Trey stayed at home with the girls. 
Instead of typing all my stats, here are a few stats I pulled from online. 
My official Cowtown ChipTime:
Official Cowtown 2013 Half Marathon Race Results
This is probably the most consist pace, I've ever ran. 
This next snapshot is from my Nike+ GPS watch. Too bad I can't always run this pace. 8 miles in a little over an hour, I'd take that! 
Nike+ GPS Mile Splits Cowtown 2013
Here is the Elevation Chart. Mile 9 was terrible. A climb of 100 ft! The only thing that got me through that hill was knowing that I'd see the Lululemon Crew and EnduraLAB folks at the top.
Cowtown 2013 Elevation Chart
The hill from hell! I've ran it several times, so I knew what to expect. It didn't kill me, but dang it was tough!
Cowtown Marathon Hill on Main Street
This is what I listened to on shuffle. Just when I needed it, my power song came on -----> The Neighbourhood - Sweater weather.
Cowtown 2013 Music Playlist
On my race bib it says I've ran Cowtown 6 years in a row. When I got my race pack, I mentioned that to a volunteer and he said, "Oh, go over to the VIP area, they have a special gift for you." Okay.....
The volunteer, told me my name was not on the list -- but for some reason there were a handful of people whose names didn't show up on "the list." He then handed me an over the shoulder backpack with a graphic of the star medal on it. It's really nice!
Cowtown Star Series Medal
Once I got home, I put it all together.
I ran 6 years in a row, however in 2009, I ran the 10K. Cowtown did not give 10K racers (at least back then) a finisher medal. The star medal is intended for half marathoners and up - distance runners. I was so bummed when I realized. However, if I still want to complete my star, I can purchase a "contributor medal" for $100. The proceeds go to the C.AL.F. program, a program that supports youth to run. I'm really tempted to do so. It won't say finisher on it, it will just have the year. I'm not a complete liar, I ran that year!!! :)
I can also purchase a plaque to display the star. I really want to get it. Perhaps this could be my Birthday present from Trey????? (pretty, please!)

I have more to say about the race, but that's all I have for now. I'm so tired. Goodnight, friends!

Two Things

I'm tempted to load this to the people of wal-mart page...
The people of wal-mart
Also, this is happening today!!!! I can't believe this is my 6th year to participate in this race. I ran Dallas Half Marathon in 2 hrs 6 mins. I'd like to beat that time, today. Cowtown 2013 Prep!

Friday, February 22, 2013

My Week in Photos

Here's one I forgot to include last week.
Raise your hand if you can say arm-rolls? 
Girls Getting Ready for bed
2 Blowouts in one day. I didn't send enough clothes to Mrs. Amanda's house. Well, now we know Dakota would make a beautiful boy.
Dakota Bear Dakota Bear
She's still wobbly, but she's sitting-up on the regular.
I place a pillow behind her, just in case she decides to take a tumble backwards. Mrs. Amanda has carpet and it's an easier landing -- on hardwood, not so much, even with a blanket underneath.
Dakota Bear Dakota Bear
Earlier this week, we met up with friends to go on a train ride at the mall. It was Luke's idea. He was rewarded with good behavior and instead of picking a toy he wanted to go on a train ride with friends. He specially said, he wanted Cheyenne to join. How sweet is that?
This is Mrs. Amanda and all the kiddos. Two of those kids belong to other people, so we are only 92% crazy -- going out with an army of small humans.
Train Ride at the mall
Cheyenne and I like to compare our hair. I'll take her highlights and she can take my low-lights. I'm pretty sure, I'd win that deal.
Cheyenne Cheyenne
What are your plans this weekend? I'll be running in a half marathon on Sunday. COWTOWN!!!! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

On the Move & Proud of it!

She started on the mat...
Dakota wants to crawl
and ended up on the hardwood floor.
Dakota wants to crawl
Somebody is moving! She's not crawling, but she's scooting. This makes me nervous. I've been telling Chey, she can't leave small toys around, where Dakota can reach them. Now that Dakota is on the move, we are going to have to be extremely cautious.

Dakota's too proud of her accomplishment!
She deserves the cheesy catch phrase praise of -- YOU GO GIRL!
Dakota wants to crawl
PS -- Dakota wears a lot of hand me downs from Cheyenne. Here is a picture of Cheyenne wearing the same outfit. They almost look like the same baby.
Grrr IMG_0043

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Awana Crazy Hair Night

I forgot it was crazy hair night at church, (for Cheyenne). By the time I realized, I was already in, I improvised.
High pony-tail
Reposition bow
Headband (the one I wore all day)
Awana Crazy Hair Night
Speaking of hair, I'm in a -- "I'm growing my bangs out phase." Talk about the shortest lived hair trend that ever was...Haha! I like(d) them. I might cut them again, but for now -- I'm all about the side sweep/low maintence!
Awana Crazy Hair Night

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dakota is 8.5 Months Old

9 month old Dakota is 9 months old
I tried to catch her doing something interesting, but this is about the extent of it, (see video). Other than observing, she likes to suprise me with a smile, when I least expect one and she loves to put toys in her mouth. I'm blessed to have a child who has a calm temperament. She has her moments, but overall she's easy-going.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I Win Every Argument (Video)

Trey and I could be disagreeing about the smallest thing and if Chey is around, she'll tell Trey, "be nice to my momma!" It's awesome because I win every argument. 2 to 1! I win!

Besides Chey telling Trey to be nice to me, my second favorite part of this video is when Dakota tries to eat the mic.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sassy & Sweet Test Subjects

Before heading to work to record a QuinceaƱera, I had to adjust a few camera settings. I used the girls as my test subjects. Chey swayed around and was talking nonsense and Dakota was whining -- "Mom, put that camera down and hold me!!!"

 Shout out to Brittany, for putting my name out there and helping me get this video gig.
I mentioned in a previous post, I didn't have any projects lined-up for March. However, since then I've been making plans to create a handful of videos for church. I'll be working with my pastor on one project and for another project -- I'll be working with the worship leader.

My cameras are being used and that's great! I think it's time to start buying more gear. My wish list has been growing, now the hard part is deciding what I actually need.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day & My Week in Photos

Did everyone have a romantic Valentine's Day?

Our church provided childcare from 6 pm - 9 pm, which gave Trey and I an opportunity to go out to dinner. We went on a double date with Chris and Kirsten (Chris is Trey's workout buddy and co-worker), to The KEG. The KEG does not allow reservations. We arrived at 6:30 pm. It was an hour and a half wait, but we were in good company and kid-free, so we were fine.

As far as gifts, I mentioned in a previous post, I got Trey a 40 caliber. He got a BA gun and I got cookies from Fudruckkers. Haha! It's fine, really. This year, I said no flowers, no chocolate. The only thing I really cared about was a date night and I got it. Thank you, Trey!

You want to hear something funny? Amanda and I got each other the same V-day gift. Donuts from Krispy Kreame. This was her batch.
Valentine's Day
The girls made this for me, while I was at work. I love it. Based on the hand sizes, Cheyenne is a giant compared to little sister.
Valentine's Day Sweetness
Well, here are the rest of my photos this week -- mainly of the kids at childcare. Amanda sends Trey and I pictures during the day of them. I appreciate that.
I got a kick out of the photo on the right side. Cheyenne was playing photographer and Luke was posing all stylish. From what I hear and the few interactions I see between them, they are great friends.
Sharing and swapping iPad and Kindle Cheyenne is a Photographer
Preston and Dakota, exchanging secrets.
Preston telling Dakota a secret
Taunting Molly the dog
Cheyenne making silly faces at Molly
Well, that's all I have. What are your plans for this weekend? I'll be working tomorrow, video recording a QuinceaƱera. It should be a lot of fun. I don't have any video or photo work lined up for the month of March, so it would be nice if an opportunity came up. 
Have a great weekend, everybody! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Non-Traditional English Muffin

It's been a while since, I've shared a recipe.
I've made this a few times, so I know it's a keeper. It's so good!
Microwavable no-grain English muffin 
No Grain English Muffin
1/4 cup Almond Meal
1 tbsp melted butter
1 egg
1/8 tsp of baking powder
Pinch of Salt
 -Microwave for 90 seconds and enjoy!

For detailed instructions here is the blog site I found the recipe on.
No Grain English Muffin

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Commute Just Got Better

Mrs. Amanda lives near my office building, so now the girls commute with me, during the work week. I've been commuting from Ft. Worth to Arlington for years, but this is the first time for me to commute with the girls. I did the math and I get to see them, (mainly) talk to them for an additional 4-5 hours a week!!!!

Cheyenne is in a talking and sharing phase, so I'm loving our chats. Today, she told me about her trip to the library.