Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Walking a Few Steps in Trey's Work Boots

It's been a few days since the maroon 5 concert and I can finally say the soreness has faded. Most of the soreness was in my upper body.

After doing serious manual labor, I have a new found appreciation for the hard work Trey does everyday. I told him I can now relate because I walked a mile in his shoes and he said no, you just took a few steps. He's right.

I'm trying to persuade him to add his name to the IATSE call list because he could show all those guys up. Plus, I could buddy up with him. I'm convinced that if Trey and I both worked last Saturday, I would be sore (like I was) and he would be fine.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Assigned to Lighting

As you can see I managed to make the show.

The night before the concert Trey helped me gather some of the tools we thought I would need. He hooked me up with his crescent wretch, a screw driver, pliers, a small flashlight, and some work gloves. Yeah, I had to use tools, I know it's funny. For Christmas I think I'm going to request a pink crescent wrench.

Well, early Saturday morning I arrived at the convention center ready to work. There were about 50 Union workers, around 20 touring workers (the guys who travel with the band), and only a handful of women. So, yes I stuck out like a sore thumb, but I held my own and proved I can work just as hard as the boys. After we all unloaded 8 semi trucks full of stage equipment, I was assigned to the lighting department. I lifted, climbed, carried, pushed, screwed, and more. Even though I was wearing work gloves, my hands were jet black, from pulling cables and my arms are aching from assembling the trusses. This morning I woke up and I felt like I had been in a car accident.

You know even though it was hard work, I would do it all over again. It was amazing to see the space transform from a typical convention center into a rock show. If I'm going to continue to take weekend jobs like this, I need to get a small tool belt because I can only carry so much in my pockets. I hear the next big show the Union has lined up is Hannah Montana.

This is a great photo of the trusses I helped assemble.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm on Break, But Here are the Latest Pictures

No time to write in detail, I did the Maroon 5 set-up this morning and I'm waiting for the close around 10 pm. More to come on that. I have got to get a nap in or I'm gonna fall asleep on the job later tonight.
Trey really wanted me to post these pictures.

Muncho coutnter space. Enough to sleep on.

Friday, October 26, 2007

I Got the Maroon 5 GIG !!!!!!

I had never heard of the IATSE Union (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) before this week. Apparently, my boss is a card carrying Union member anyways, ...A few days ago she came into work and told me she turned down her IATSE agent when he called her and asked if she wanted to be a stage-hand for the Maroon 5 concert. When she told me she turned down the weekend gig I freaked out and asked how do I sign-up.

So, earlier today I called the agent and said I'm available, and my background is primarily in video production. He told me they had a full crew, but if somebody dropped, he would keep me in mind. A few hours later he asked, "Do you still want to be a stage-hand for the Maroon 5 Concert?" YES! YES! YES! He said okay, bring your tools. Tools? This is going to be interesting, fun, exciting, amazing and a very long morning and it's going to end the following morning. Oh, and I get paid. It's GOOD pay too! Excellent! The way my boss explained it to me there will be different departments: electrical, audio, lights, video, etc. I really hope I get placed in the video department because that means I will get to stay for the concert! That would be awesome! Okay I've got to get sleep because it's going to be a full morning, afternoon, night, and then morning.

Depending on how this show goes and if I like it, I will request for the Union to leave me on there call list for future gigs.

This is definitely the highlight of my week!

Corky The Corgi

Well, I thought about whether or not we should get the corgi puppy and I'm going to say yes. I can't say no to that cute face. Well, it may be a week or so before we take him home.

By the way his name is Corky (the corgi). Cute huh?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Corgi Love

After work I met this adorable little corgi. Trey wants a corgi and I do too, but I want to sleep on it before I say yes or no to this cute pouch.

It's interesting how we met this corgi. Trey was setting up our home insurance and the worker told him if we were looking for a puppy she breeds Corgi's. If you've been reading the blog in the last few months, you can remember how I wrote about this particular breed. Anyways, I want to sleep on it before I make a decision. Tomorrow Morning I'll make up my mind.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Change of Address

I'm in the process of changing all of our billing information to our new address. This morning I was on the phone longer than I wanted to be and I'm only half way through my list. I'll save the fun calls for Trey, like electricity, water, and phone. The other day Trey started the process to upgrade our satellite package to HD. Yeah, we're really excited about purchasing our new HD flat screen. No financing, cash upfront. After taking Financial Peace, Trey and I avoid financing like the black plague.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I’m Just Resting My Eyes

Since football season started, I rarely get to indulge in vegging out in front of the tube. Sunday, Trey watches at least 3 games, Monday is of coarse Monday night football, Thursday, I think there’s something going on (not completely sure), and Saturday there is nonstop college ball. Oh, and don’t even get me started on NFL reply. That leaves me with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday to get my TV watching on. Tuesday’s, I occasionally go to my photography class, Wednesday’s my schedule makes it to where by the time I get home I don’t watch much of the tube, and Friday is date night. I honestly have umpteenth episodes of Rachel Ray on the DVR and slowly, but surely I always manage to sneak in my Oprah shows.

Even when Trey’s sleeping he wants to watch football. Last night he fell asleep watching the Indianapolis game. The remote was resting ever so slightly in his hand, that’s when I stole it and changed the channel. About a minute later, he woke up and asked why we were watching the news…. “Because you were sleeping.” His response, “No, I’m just resting my eyes.” (Classic)

He insisted I change the channel back to the game so he could finish watching the last few minutes. Judging by the score at the 4th quarter, Indianapolis was obviously going to win, but Trey just had to watch it. He had to, even if it meant watching it with both eyes closed.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sod And Trees

That's a lot of yard to mow.

The garage doors and front door still need to be painted.

More yard to mow. By the way, I'm the one who usually ends up mowing and Trey edges.

The big change inside, has been the hardwood floors. You can't see them becuase they are covered with paper.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Good Evaluation

The evaluation went well. I have a good feeling about the whole thing and in a few months I should hear something.

Enough of work, it's the weekend and I'm ready to relax. This evening, I went by the house to see the landscaping and I have to say it looks wonderful. In about two weeks we'll say goodbye to apartment living and say hello to a beautiful home.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Praying for Favor

This morning someone from HR will come to my office and evaluate my job position. My boss has been requesting HR to change my job title from Audio Visual Specialist to Video Producer. Honestly, I think my job title should be more along the lines of Multimedia Specialist or something to that effect, but video producer will be just fine too.

The job title thing isn’t really at the forefront of my mind, at least not as much as the pay raise. So, please pray for me this morning and pray that I have favor. A few people have told me it may be a few months before I find out anything. Trey and I manage fine on what I’m currently making, but the truth is, what I make here is not the industry standard….but then again what job really pays their employees what they are worth? All I know is, I can’t do crappy work because they don’t pay me what I think I’m worth. I just can’t do it. I should also add I’m thankful I have a job in the field that I went to school for and I’m thankful for the money I do make. Thanks for the prayers.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fence & Bathroom

Privacy Fence in the backyard

I had to get some height in order to get the wide shot

I'm assuming the short one is mine. Yeah, that makes sense.

Shower next to the bathtub

What's left?
-installing the hardwood floors
-touch-up on the paint

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Apple finally announced that Leopard will arrive October 26th.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Trip Back Home

This weekend just flew by. Friday, Trey and I drove to Abilene to spend time with family and friends. Friday night we stayed with Brandon and Saturday we stayed at Johnny and Joneil’s house. I overheard Trey telling someone the only reason why we made the trip was because he wanted to watch the Cowboys game at Johnny’s. It’s always about football with Trey, that’s okay because I had a chance to see everyone.

Well, the entire weekend was great, until I got home. I checked my voicemail and it was Linda. I could immediately hear it in her voice something was wrong. Her mother, Marianne Angell pasted away Saturday. It was only a few months ago Linda found out her mom had cancer.

And it must have been back in April when Trey and I invited Linda and Steve over for a BBQ. At the last minute she cancelled the date because her family was having an emergency meeting. Later that night, she called to say they found out her mom had been diagnosed with cancer. I just can’t believe it and I wish I was with Linda in person to tell her I’m sorry. The funeral is tomorrow and my mom will attend and take flowers on behalf of Trey and I. Please pray for the Angell family.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Here are the latest picture of the house. It looks like our closing date will be sooner than we had originally anticipated.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


We finally have a drive-way.

Here is the back patio. I eventually want to screen off half of it.

I wrote my name on the back patio slab and Trey followed my lead.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Field Production Blog is Live

My professional blog is

or just click here

I will be updating this blog as often as I produce new material.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Is Football Season Over Yet?

I know the season just started, but is over yet? Usually, when Trey begins his football binge, I go to the library and check out a few movies to watch on my laptop.

Saturday, I found a few movies at the library so I went to the register to check them out. That’s when the librarian politely told me I had an overdue CD. He didn’t have the artists name and all he would tell me was the CD was called In Bloom. I told him all the CD’s I had check out before: Johnny Lang, The Last Kiss Soundtrack, Rooney, Shane and Shane, and I couldn’t recall an In Bloom album.

I was frustrated so I went home and Googled In Bloom Remix. The artist that was associated with that album was Sara McLaughlin. I then remembered listening to that horrible music, it only lasted about five minutes in my CD player. The next day I found the disc in the Element. So, now I owe a two dollar fine and a nice apology to the librarian. By the way I never check out any movies while I was there, so today I planned on going to my office to play, while Trey vegged in front of the tube. I get cable in my office so I was planning on watching anything and everything, but football. I was also looking forward to playing on the new Mac, but once again my weekend plans were squashed because I couldn’t remember the 5 digit number to get into the lobby. It really wasn’t a bad weekend, it just didn’t play out like I thought it would. Next weekend will be much better.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Professional Blog has the Green Light

Remember last week I mentioned starting a professional blog?

The first thing I had to do was get approval from the University, since the majority of my postings will be created while working for UTA. I asked my director and she talked with the Dean and I have the green light to proceed. Well, that was easy.

By next week I'm hoping to make my first post. Once I get something on there, I'll post the address here so you can take a peak.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Counter Tops Look Great

Now, I could do some serious damage in this kitchen.

Ample counter space. Sometime this week I'll try to take some pictures of the apartment so you can see what kind of counter space, I'm currently working with. Oh, that whole right there--is where the stove will go.

More counter space.

Trey and I will eventually add hardware to the cabinets.

Looks like Trey had a long day at work.

The fireplace got a little face-lift and I think it looks much better. It will eventually be painted white again.