Saturday, November 30, 2013

Parade of Lights with Texas Ballet Theater School

Yesterday, Cheyenne and I participated in Ft. Worth's Parade of Lights! This was our first time to be in a parade and our first time to go to Parade of Lights. What an amazing introduction to the parade!

The Ballet Guild of TBT had a float, so we joined them to promote the School and Ben Stevenson's -- The Nutcracker.
Ft. Worth Parade of Lights The Nutcracker float
Children 5 and under were not allowed to walk next to the float. They had to be in a stroller or wagon. So, I pushed Cheyenne during the 1 point something mile parade route.
 Parade of Lights 2013 with Texas Ballet Theater School Parade of Lights 2013 with Texas Ballet Theater School
I've seen downtown foot traffic during Cowtown Marathon and don't get me started on the car traffic -- THERE ARE ALWAYS TONS OF PEOPLE and this event was similar. Well, actually, there was probably more people at Parade of Lights. Trey and I decided to get a hotel room in downtown for the night. We stayed at The Blackstone aka the Courtyard Marriott. With our hotel purchase, we also received two tickets to the parade. There was common areas to watch the parade and then there was designated seating. Trey and Dakota got a chance to sit and watch the parade, steps away from the hotel. It was so convenient. After the parade, we met up with Tasha and Bella and grabbed a bite to eat at Jake's Burgers.
Parade of Lights 2013 with Texas Ballet Theater School
I knew exactly where Trey was sitting, so when we passed by him -- we waved and jumped hysterically. Cheyenne was so happy to see his face. Dakota also perked up when she saw us. Trey said that when we walked off she got mad because she wanted me.
Parade of Lights 2013 with Texas Ballet Theater School
Below are a few pictures of our float.
Parade of Lights 2013 with Texas Ballet Theater School
Everyone loved these guys. They were dancing and waving swords and the crowd loved it!
Parade of Lights 2013 with Texas Ballet Theater School
This picture is a shot of the very beginning of the parade route. I wish I would've taken a photo of main street. There was 5 or 6 rows of people lined up and in some areas there was bleachers…it was packed. Kids were shouting, "Merry Christmas!"
Parade of Lights 2013 with Texas Ballet Theater School
Oh, this was our window view from the hotel. We enjoyed the parade of lights so much and our short stay in downtown Ft. Worth.
Ft. Worth Skyline from Blackstone

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving & Braving the Shopping Crowds

Happy Thanksgiving from Abilene!!! I forgot my USB camera cord at home (I'm so sad about that!), so here are some of my cell phone Thanksgiving Highlights.
Here are some baked goods mom made. Mmmm, food.
Shelly and I explained to Trey that selfies are out and butt selfies are in. He was trying to take one, it's harder than it looks. If you ever catch me posting a photo like this, please feel free to slap me and then call my momma.
Speaking of selfless…
#selfie at Mom's House
My uncle JR drove from Victoria to spend Thanksgiving with us. He is my Mom's oldest brother. I think they could pass as twins.
The Anderson's, typically eat Thanksgiving meal around lunch time. This year, Trey's mom had lunch ready around 11:30 am and my mom had lunch ready around 3:30 pm. After eating and visiting with everyone, I wanted to go to Target to get an iPad mini for DA Video & Photo Services (and for play). So, I dragged some family members along. I stood in line with my niece Angelica for over an hour and a half, while my mom and aunt went shopping at the mall. My toes almost froze while I was waiting, but I walked away with my tablet. I think my boss is the best for getting me one! :)

This was the line that I stood in at Target (my niece Angelica was also with me)…there was roughly (I'm totally guessing here…) 100 people ahead of me. When I went inside, a few people were sprinting. I ran quickly to the Apple products line. I was about the 15th person in that line.
Black Friday In Abilene
Meanwhile, Trey went to Sears and this was the line he had to wait in. I told him, nobody cares about Sears! He could have waited until they opened and got what he wanted. It's kind of hard to see, but that's Brandon with a thumbs up.
 Black Friday In Abilene

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

When it's Cold Outside

We make a fire and roast s'mores…Untitled
S'more are so addicting! I had to buy the individual wrapped Hershey Bars near the checkout counter because the grocery store sold out of the 6 bar - value bundle. I guess, everyone in town had the same idea.
I'm starting to get in Thanksgiving mode. It's about time, right? Last night, I made Paleo Stuffing. It has vegetables, so obviously Trey hates it. That's fine, more for me and the girls. Even if he liked veggies, he wouldn't have ate any, last night because he's sick with the stomach flu. Recovering from surgery, plus GI issues, it's been a tough season for him.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Heavy Winter Coat & Not Sure About Winter Running

Chey's coat from last year still fits her, but she's been pouting about it because it's not pink. Talk about a girly girl. I wanted to get her a coat from Target (it's $29), but Trey wanted to check Burlington Coat Factory first. We found this adorable pink ruffled coat for $16.99.
Coat Shopping
I'm suck a sucker for a cute coat. You should see my closet. I can't get over how adorable and sophisticated my five your daughter looks.
Coat Shopping
Later, we went to Sam's Club….
and this happened…
Here is my training from last week. There was a wicked cold front that blew through on Saturday and Sunday. I waited until Saturday afternoon, right before the cowboys game started and ran outside. Brrrr! I'm not sure I'm ready for winter running because my bed in the morning is so warm and cozy and I don't always have the luxury of running in the afternoon. Somehow, I got lucky because my sister was at my house and she was there to help with the kids. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but Trey can't carry anything over 20 lbs for a week because of his eye surgery….that means he can't carry Dakota. I miss his help and I'm sure he misses holding his baby.
DailyMile Training

Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Week in Photos

Dakota has had a better week, much better than last week. She is officially weaned and happy as a clam. I'm not gonna lie, I kind of miss breastfeeding, but at the same time I'm enjoying my freedom of not having a baby latched to me. I still feel like Dakota and I have a strong bond, but I know now, that her relationship with Daddy will really start to blossom. I feel like she's been all mine for 17 months and now, I get to share her. Does that sound weird? I think other mom's know what I'm talking about.
Sometimes, Chey lets Dakota get away with too much. And as you see here, sometimes, Dakota likes to push her limits. She's like, "How much can I get away with this time?"
We are still taking Chey to AWANA every week. This Wednesday was family game night and a special focus on being thankful.
Thankful leaves. Makenna wrote "friend Chey" on her leaf. How sweet is that????
Last week, the girls and I woke at 4:30 am, in order to get Trey to his 6 am surgery.
The early wake-up call didn't phase miss thang.
When did this happen? Chilled pet food at Target...

Friday, November 22, 2013

We Have a Five Year Old & Trey's Eye Surgery

A baby named Cheyenne has grown right before our eyes…
Cheyenne's Newborn Portraits
You've seen her either in person or in pictures (via the blog), through the years...
Cheyenne with a Curious Look
She has grown, so fast.
April 2011 
Now, she is a vibrant 5 year old!
Cheyenne, Dakota and Angelica Test Shots
 Today, when she asked for candy for breakfast I said, YES!!!!!!
We let her pick the restaurant we ate at for lunch. When she had a sopapilla and ICE CREAM, I cheered her on. And now, it's 9:30 pm and she's still awake watching TV….because today is her special day.
Happy Birthday, Cheyenne!
My Girls
Yesterday, Trey had eye surgery. This was his second/final round. If you recall, he had bad cataracts, but now that has been corrected on both of his eyes. 20/20 vision is in his immediate future! He was in pain yesterday, but today he is doing better. Around noon, I took him to his post-op exam and the doctor is pleased at how fast his eye is healing. Trey said, before his eye-sight was standard definition and now he can see in HD…and to think it's only going to get better, once both of his eyes completely heal.
Here are some birthday highlights. Braum's.
Flight Deck Trampoline Park with family and friends.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Return to Sender

Recently, I ordered a handful of photo gear for my small business. I placed an order on amazon for this softbox. I had the conformation and everything.

A few days later, I recieve this….WTW?? 
It's some kind of photography product box, but not what I ordered or need. Since it was already out, I dedided to take some pics.
I'm sending it back. I don't think I would really use it. 
The next set of pics have nothing to do with items I need to return, I just think they are cute. Enjoy! 


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Possibly the Coolest Flying Fairy Toy Ever & More

Since the party on Saturday, we've been busy playing with all our new toys. Check out this flying fairy that is controlled by the motion of your hands. Where was this during my childhood????? I feel robbed. Ha!  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
A Week of Rest 
I took recovery week seriously. I ran a total of 6 miles last week, that's it. I let my body rest and recover after running a long trail race. --- also the main reason is because resting and taking a break is good for the mind. Originally, I thought I'd be ready to run, 2 days after the race, but that was not the case. Now that I've rested, I feel refreshed and ready to get back to a normal training schedule. I ran 4 miles yesterday and hopefully, I'll make it to the gym and run 4-5 today.

A Big Fall
Dakota ate wood floor this weekend….She was throwing a fit (she wanted to nurse and I was in the other room, not giving in). While she was throwing a fit, she was resting her stomach on the arm of the recliner (by herself) and all of a sudden, she leaned her body forward and fell face first to the ground. Her mouth hit the hard wood floor and she busted her mouth. Mainly her gums were bleeding. She's ok now, but it scared me! She still throws her body back, when I hold her and she wants to nurse. I think it's been almost 2 weeks, since her last feeding, but she still wants it. I was hoping we'd be over the fit stage by now.

Yesterday, we went to Central Market. We got food from the food court, played on the playground and then went grocery shopping. Yesterday, Dakota actually had a good day. Not as much fussing.
Dakota at central market
75 Weeks Old

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cheyenne's 5th Birthday Party at Flight Deck Pt 2 of 2

Hi! We are still talking about Chey's birthday at the trampoline park. My friend, Erin made this wonderful Chica Show cake for Chey's birthday party. I think she has some cake making talent.
It was so nice playing with friends.
and tackling them…
I wouldn't mind having a date night there.

IMG_4245 IMG_4244 IMG_4249
Well, that's all I've got. Have a great Sunday.