Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Andrew & Sherri's Wedding Ceremony (Video)

Here is a clip from the wedding I recorded on Saturday. The entire ceremony will be included on the DVD. If you want to scroll to the 3 minute mark, there is a fun surprise.

Franklin Wedding Ceremony from Dominique Anderson on Vimeo

I'm so glad I was part of this day. Sherri, is a dear friend of mine.
We went to high school together, but didn't meet until college, when we started working together at 89.7 KACU FM. We were both on-air announcers. When she introduces me to her friends she says, this is the girl that is responsible for me running. Haha! When I got obsessed with running, I kind of took her with me.
This is a picture of Sherri and I at Cowtown 2012. I was 6 months pregnant with Dakota.
With my friend Sherri Jo

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cedar Ridge 36 KM Trail Race Photos - Don't Call Me Cheap

I got all excited about my race photos and Trey was like why are you so excited??? You never buy any. Just because he said that I'm cheap and I don't ever buy race pics, I went ahead and bought one. So, there.
Cedar Ridge 36 KM Trail Race
If you want to see the rest of the proofs the link is below. My bib number is 302.
Official Results 
Overall, I placed 24th out of 55 runners who completed the race.
I placed 1st in my age group (females)
Overall female finish at 7th place
My name is featured in the top 2013 Cedar Ridge 36 KM - female performers banner! I was pretty excited about that one!
Interesting fact, all the women who placed ahead of me are older than me.
(Official Results page)
Here are some randoms about the race
- Trail runners like to run shirtless. Also, most of them are pretty darn fit. I kept my shirt on so, I could wipe the sweat off my face.
- When I was going downhill (in my head) I would say, "Wheee!"
- When I was hiking up, I was quite miserable.
- I forgot to put petroleum jelly on my feet. I'm thankful I did not get blisters.
- After running a hard race, it makes me want to run a super flat trail.
- There were quite a few hikers on the trail and most of them cheered me on. Thanks, it helped!
- Aid Stations and Volunteers were awesome! Someone was always filling up my cup, while I was stuffing my face with food. Thanks!
- I twisted my ankles a few times, but nothing serious. The tree roots were everywhere.
- A spectator told me she saw two runners with broken bones. She said foot injuries. Ouch!
- I drank about 6 bottles of water on the almost 5 hour long race and I didn't have to take a bathroom break. Lots of sweating.
- My fuel of choice on this run - Bananas, Potato chips, peanut butter and jelly sandwich and red grapes. I took two shots of cola, it made me burp.
- After the race Endurance Buzz had chicken and veggie burritos.
-I'm recovering ok. I'm still sore, but I'm good to do some light running or cross training again.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend without the kids

Saturday, after I ran Cedar Ridge Trail Race, I went home, cleaned up and then headed to Weatherford to record a wedding.
Recording a wedding in Weatherford

Recording a wedding in Weatherford
Sunday, Trey and I slept in for a bit, FaceTimed' with the girls and then headed to Six Flags. Cheyenne was not pleased, when she found out we went without her. We got there right when the park opened and didn't have to wait in long lines. We left around 2 pm and then went swimming.
Six Flags Over Texas
Later that night, we went to Tillman's Roadhouse and I got my s'mores fix.
Tillman's Roadhouse
I've been wanting to eat at Tillman's for years.
Tillman's Roadhouse
My favorite show, the Chew, recently did a segment on Tillman's. Check it out.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cedar Ridge 36 KM (22 miles) Trail Race

Distance: 36 KM (22 miles)
Duration: 4:45:59
Weather: Start Time was 73 degrees. With the breeze, it felt a little chilly.
Unofficial Results:
I talked to the race director and he said there were 60 runners registered for the 36 KM race. I'm still waiting for the official results to be posted online, but according to the print out (at the race), I placed 24th overall and 7th place out of females. I'm anxious to see if I placed in my age group!!!!
Cedar Ridge Trail Race 36 KM
I started the race with straight hair and this is how it looked, when I finished.
Cedar Ridge Trail Race 36 KM
This is my new trail buddy, Robin. I met her at EnduraLAB.
Cedar Ridge Trail Race 36 KM
OK. OK. Let me tell you about the trail.
IT WAS TOUGH!!!! Words alone can't describe how difficult it was, so I took photos to illustrate my point. The majority of the time, I had my eyes down. I tripped over tree roots and rocks, but never fell on my face, so that's good! The race started before sunrise at 5:30 am so, everyone wore headlamps. By the time I completed my first loop, I didn't need it, anymore. The course was almost entirely shaded, with trees -- which I loved. I was concerned with all the rain we got, days leading up to the race, that the trail would be muddy, but it was not. If anything, it helped to soften the soil. Some areas of the trail were really bouncy.
Cedar Ridge Trail Race 36 KM
Imagine hills -- steep hills like this, Imagine running up something like this say times 20.
There were times, when I had to completely stop, put my hands on my knees and my head between my legs to catch my breath. Yes, the thought of quitting crossed my mind. But since I wasn't injured, I didn't see any good reason why I should quit. I started the run, I needed to finish it.
Cedar Ridge Trail Race 36 KM
Before I ran, I had a goal of running an 11 minute pace or if the course was "tough," maybe I would run 11:30. LOL!!!!!! I had no idea what was in store for me. Now, I know. Just to give you an idea how different this run was for me compared to road running here's an example.
I ran the Dallas Marathon (26.2 miles a road race) in 4 hours 15 minutes versus this 22 mile trail race at 4 hours 45 minutes.
Cedar Ridge Trail Race 36 KM
Now, I know how technical this trail is.
Cedar Ridge Trail Race 36 KM
At least the weather was nice. I can't imagine having to run in 90 degree weather. I'm thankful for the cool front.
Cedar Ridge Trail Race 36 KM
I'm always pleased when I get a sock line.
Cedar Ridge Trail Race 36 KM
This is what I had for breakfast before heading off to the race. Spinach, sweet potatoes and ground turkey. Today, I feel sore. I might go for a walk, later just to loosen up. The girls are in Abilene with the grandparents, so I think Trey and I are going to get out and do some fun things.
Cedar Ridge Trail Race 36 KM

Friday, July 26, 2013

Work Feels Like Playtime

This happened today, at work.
It's my latest video project. I'm doing a whole series of nursing videos, featuring these guys. I'm use to directing actors, not puppets. It's a learning experience for me, but lots of fun.
Latest Video Project at Work
Tomorrow, I'll be running a 22 mile race. My longest run, during this training cycle has been 16 miles. I should do ok. I already know, the terrain is going to slow me down. There's rocks and steep hills. I'm mentally preparing myself, for 11 minute miles that feel like 9 minutes on the road. Here's my training from last week. I didn't run two long runs back to back, but I did cross train 3 times with EnduraLAB. I was so sore last week, so sore!
After this race, I won't have much time to recover. I have a wedding I'll be recording. When did I think this was a good idea?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Want to Keep Everything, Dripping Bacon & Getting Use to the Mess

Do I have to return these Le Tote items????? I love everything they sent me. I'll send my tote back tomorrow and wait in anticipation for my next one. I kind of want to add dresses to "my le tote closet" --- which is basically a wish list, but I'm not sure the length on the dresses. They'd have to be work appropriate, ya know? This girl is not going to the club.
Le Tote !!!
I have fallen behind on my week in photos blog post, so let me just throw them at you, right now. Let's start with the good stuff. Bacon? No, dripping Bacon. Bacon
Typical Monday meal prepping stuff...
Meal Prep for the week
throw in some choclate and this is what I call a balanced meal
Good Food
My grocery store started carrying this! I'm super excited to make kale chips and I don't have to wash or chop anything. Easy-peasy.
Good Food
Giving her fruit popsicles are such a mess (this pic, she looks clean, but fast forward 5 minutes later and mess!), but she loves them - so I just need to get use to the fact that things will be messy for a while, until she gets older and learns how to feed herself. Dakota with popsicle
Crammed in the back of the focus with 2 pretty girls
With the girls in the backseat of the focus
Play-time at the mall with mrs. amanda! Today, she took the kids to see Turbo and next week they are going to the aquarium. I'd say Mrs. Amanda is pretty cool.
Dakota at the mall

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

There is a Dog at my House & Her Name is Ruby.

Lookie what I have here. I have a dog named Ruby, in my house, on my rug! She's a mixed breed, but kind of looks and acts like a cow dog .
A dog named ruby
Trey and I are dog-sitting for our friend, Adam. He is in the process of moving and at first he asked us if we wanted to adopt her. He brought Ruby over, so I could get acquainted with her. We've had her for several days and Ruby and I have gone on three runs, covering about 5 miles. She's not a leash puller, she stays near my side and she runs about an 11 minute mile.
A dog named ruby
Having a dog is such a huge responsibility!!! I have enjoyed dog-sitting. (Ruby is the best, she doesn't jump, she's not an excessive licker, she lays around the house) BUT I decided it is not a good time for us to adopt a pet. We will eventually adopt, but not right now. I think Trey was disappointed and he brought up a few excellent reasons, as to why we should adopt Ruby. One being, that she is already conditioned to run a 5K and second, she's trained and out of the hyper puppy phase.A dog named ruby
I've already told Adam that I would continue to dog-sit until he gets settled into his new home, which will probably be a month. So, he will get her back.

Well, at least for the next month, I will have a short distance runner partner.
A dog named ruby
P.S. They girls love her.
A dog named ruby
UPDATE on Thursday, July 25 ---
Ruby's owner picked her up yesterday right after I posted this. He really missed her. Don't know if she will be back, but either way, we had a blast watching her!

Monday, July 22, 2013

I Took a Selfie & Then I Grabbed a Baby #Le_Tote

I got my first Le Tote package today!!!!! and after seeing what they sent me, I have to say -- I'm pleased with their picks! They sent me 3 blouses and 2 accessories (necklace and a bracelet).

I took one selfie, but it felt more natural to hold a baby, so I grabbed one.
Le Tote
I really like this back! But seriously it took me like 10 minutes trying to figure out how to wear it. Does the opening go in the front or the back???? Eventually, I figured it out. Haha! If I absoultey fall in love with some of the merch, I have the option to buy.
Le Tote
Every package is a surprise. When I send this package back, hopefully by Thursday, my next package will also be a surprise. Next time, it could be a skirt, a blouse, and a dress with 2 accessories - Who knows.
Le Tote

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ballet Camp Recital

This past week, Cheyenne participated in a week long ballet camp. It was a 3 hour camp Mon - Fri. At the end of the week, her class had a recital.
The girls were asked to use their favorite doll, to use during one of the dances. It's funny that she picked her American Girl to dance with because last year after ballet camp, we took her to Dallas and bought her that.
She ran and twirled and...
got tired.
But she kept on moving.
IMG_3883 IMG_3887
We really like her ballet school and we are looking forward to the fall semester!
      Ballet Camp 2012                                 Ballet Camp 2013            
Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater IMG_3922
During the recital Dakota was talking to Cheyenne and reaching out for her, but when it came time to take pictures, Dakota was like -- get away from me!
I guess, she just wanted her fairy wings.
Dakota wearing fairy wings

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm Giving Le Tote a Try & Some Oldies

Have you heard of Le Tote?

I'm trying to think of the best way to describe it...It's like Netflix, but for clothes. You get 3 garments and 2 accessories. You can keep them as long as you want or return them as soon as you want and as soon as Le Tote receives your package, they send you your next Tote. You can repeat that as much as you want...I'm anxiously waiting for my first tote package!!!! The main thing I'm worried about is size. It seems like every designer has a different fit. I'm really curious to see if I will like it and if it's worth the monthly subscription. I'm going to give it a 30 day trial.
Here is the site if you are interested. 

I think they deliver dresses, often. In that case, I might have to get over my rule about not wearing dresses to work.
Here are some throwbacks. I came across this picture, while searching through my running images.
We were at the ft. worth zoo run and Cheyenne hated that panda. 
Scared of the Panda
Oh, and this makes me miss my ELEMENT. It also makes me miss running in compression socks. It's too hot for that, these days.
6 am. On my way to the half-marathon start line

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Won Something, Treats for the Girls & Ballet Camp (this week)

Last week, I went to EnduraLAB's grand opening (2.0) and I won a huge prize...I won a 10 class pass, valued at $175. Woo! Woo! Since I won my prize, I've gone to 2 classes, both of them being the Strength and Conditioning class. That would be a non-running class. I know if I was a member of EnduraLAB, I'd be back to my ultra running bod in no time, plus I'd probably have some muscle on me. What's that? I am so sore from working out with them, but it's the good kind of soreness, not the I'm injured and going to die kind. If you are curious about it and looking for a different kind of gym, let me know and we can go together!
Look at my 13 month year old! Lately, I've been making homemade fruit popsicles. Dakota loves them, especially mangos!
Dakota eating a homemade mango Popsicle.
Speaking of ice cream, Cheyenne had a dentist visit yesterday. Just a cleaning, no cavities. Trey promised to take her to get ice cream if she cooperated with the dentist and you know she did. I'm not sure her dentist would approve, but Cheyenne is excited! P.S. if you are looking for a ft. worth pediatric dentist office, this place is it! If you'd like to know where we go, email me. Cheyenne was anxious and the staff worked with her and made it a fun experience, instead of something dreadful.
Chey at the Dentist Office
Oh, one more thing -- It's ballet camp week!!!!!! We are so excited!!!!! Trey's mom is in town, staying with us and helping us out with the girls. We appreciate her so much for doing that!
Here are a few pictures of her from last years, ballet camp.
This was crazy hair day. Dakota was only a few weeks old.
Crazy Day at Ballet Camp
And this was at the end of the week recital.
Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater