Saturday, September 29, 2012

What should I wear to My 10 Year High School Reunion?

Next week, I will be going to my 10 year high school reunion. I'm so old!

Today, Cheyenne and Trey went to the gun show, while Dakota and I went dress shopping. I found two dresses and I bought both of them. I felt like the lady in the IKEA commercial, when she pays for her items and then runs out the store, yelling to husband, "START THE CAR!" Here's the video if you have no idea what I'm talking about. That's how I felt! -- I even got 40% off the final price!

Calvin Klein Color Block Dress: $46. 
Honestly, I hate the way this dress looks on this model, the dress itself is actaully form fitting and flattering. This picture doesn't do the dress justice. I love the way this dress fits me and 5 THUMBS up to Calvin Klein for boosting my ego with their dress sizes. Me a size 2? Ok, if you say so, Mr. Klein.

Got 40% off this price
Ralph Lauren: The I Can Wear Anywhere to Anything Black Dress $27
I want to wear this dress everywhere, even to bed. It's so soft.
Which one should I wear?????? 

Got 40% off this price
By the way, this is what the Ralph Lauren dress looks like on me, I didn't take a picture of the other one. I sent this picture to Trey. He approves.
Oh, this is a dress that didn't make the cut. It looked great on the rack, but looked terrible on mine.

Friday, September 28, 2012

My Week in Photos: My Reaction to Sickness

Dakota woke up this morning with a nasty cough, no fever, just a raspy cough. Trey was really concerned and told me to call the nurse. I did and she told me the usual -- humidifier, make sure Dakota is eating, sleeping, elevate her bed, etc..... Trey is a fantastic Dad, he is always concerned when the girls get sick.

I don't react the same way when they come down with a cold, it doesn't mean that I don't care, it's just --- well I don't know -- mothers instinct??? I know when the girls are in bad shape (I freak out and it breaks my heart) and I know when it's just a cold or virus that needs to run it's course. Most of the time, that's the case. I hope this cold/cough thing she has going, doesn't stick around long.
Pooh Bear Hands
My friend Kendra watched the girls for me today, they spent the day at the mall. Cheyenne looks so funny to me. LOL! LOL! Really!
Cheyenne spending the day with Kendra
Leah was hanging out with Kendra and sent me this picture. I told her to stop having fun without me.
Cheyenne playing with her buddy, Cadence
This is soooo random....
Here is a wall of lockers in my work building. It's only random because I'm sharing. It makes perfect sense that there are lockers available to students. Duh!
Wall of lockers at work
Well, have a good weekend. I will be watching more episodes of 90210 and making another batch of paleo brownies! Seriously, that's all I can think about it. Brownies. Brownies. Brownies. Yum.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

This is What Comfort Food Looks Like: Mini-Meatloaf

Lately, I've been trying new recipes. Here is the latest one, Meatloaf minis. I found this recipe at Nom Nom Paleo.

It was delicious! They'd be perfect for parties, potlucks or tailgating. Trey doesn't like most of the ingredients, so guess who will have plenty of leftovers? Me!
Mini-Meatloaf #paleo
I Love this recipe because it has common ingredients and they are all natural. Also, anything that includes sweet potato chunks, is a winner.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Met with a Plastic Surgeon & I Have a Soft Spot for a Baldy

The title is a little mis-leading. I met with a plastic surgeon, but it was not concerning me, it was actually for Dakota. Her doctor will not remove her ear tags, since it's not his specialty, so he referred us to a pediatric surgeon. I met with the doctor, got all the details and it looks we will have her tags removed after she is one years old.

Trey is convinced the reason why she's such an angel is because of her tags. He's silly.
Dakota's Ear Tags
Did you know....
It's common for babies to have hair loss? Well, at least it grows back.
Bald Spot Baby
Here is a throw-back of Cheyenne...
...and her hair loss.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Winter is Going to be Brutal

And I'm not just talking about the weather....
My toddler only likes wearing skirts and prefers sandals over closed shoes. This is going to be a hard fashion season for us. Perhaps, the answer is leggings??? but there might not be any hope for shoes.Dakota and Chey watching Boz in their room
Dakota and Chey didn't take an afternoon nap, yesterday, but they rested in their room for about an hour. Sweet sisters! I think Dakota loves how close the  TV is to her crib.
Dakota and Chey watching Boz in their room
Saturday at Jubilee of Tables there was chilcare, but I wanted a picture with Dakota, so I grabbed her and we took this photo. I wish both of my girls were there, but Chey wanted to spend time with her Daddy. They spent the entire day together. I'm thankful, Trey is a hands on Dad. He's great with her.
Dakota and I at Jubilee of Tables 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Since When is this a Long Run? & Brownies!

It was a good first week of training for the Dallas (Half) Marathon. Now, only 11 more weeks, something like that....
Week 1 of 12 Dallas Half Marathon Training 2012
Saturday Long Run

Distance: 5.11 miles
Average Pace Per Mile: 10:09
Duration: 52 minutes
Weather: 66 degrees, but I was still sweating like crazy
I felt okay about this run. I took three rest breaks for 30 seconds. I caught my breath for a moment and chugged water. I drank about 8 oz of water.

I was done in less than an hour and this was considered my long run for the week. Yeah, I'm really liking this half marathon schedule. I know, that as the weeks progress, the miles and time, will be more demanding, but still this is not what I'm use to for a training schedule. I might have to reconsider more half marathon races. Now, I feel like I'm cheating on my ultra marathons. I'm sorry, I take it back (maybe).
Doing it #track #running
Other than running and Jubilee of Tables, I also got a chance to spend quality time with my girls!
Jubilee of Tables 2012 Chey at Krista's House
One last thing, this post deserves is chocolate and while I'm thinking about it, I deserve chocolate!....Paleo Brownies! 
I tried this recipe and it is a keeper! Oh, and it's made in a slow-cooker, hellz to the yeah. Here's the simple recipe. 
Paleo Brownie

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jubilee of Tables 2012

Yesterday, I posted pictures of the table my friends and I decorated, here are the rest of the tables, featured at the event.

The themes ranged from formal to casual.
Jubilee of Tables 2012 Jubilee of Tables 2012 Jubilee of Tables 2012 Jubilee of Tables 2012 Jubilee of Tables 2012 Jubilee of Tables 2012 Jubilee of Tables 2012 Jubilee of Tables 2012 Jubilee of Tables 2012
Next year, I'm thinking about decorating a Dallas Cowboys Themed Table.
Jubilee of Tables 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jubilee of Tables: Back to School Theme

Every year, the women's ministry at my church, hold an event where we worship, learn, fellowship, eat, and sit at beautifully decorated tables. A few ladies in my Sunday School class wanted to decorate a table, so I jumped all over that opportunity. We decided to go with the theme, back to school, but from the beginning, I wasn't sure how it was going to come together, but to my surprise - it did!
Jubilee of Tables 2012
Earlier this afternoon, I met my friends from Sunday School Class -- Sara, Stephanie, and Tonya to decorate our table. We each had our share to contribute to the theme. I didn't have to buy too much. I want to say, I spent maybe $10-15 bucks. Most of the items, we all had and didn't have to buy: tape, rulers, colors, folders, cups, backpacks....etc.
Jubilee of Tables 2012
I can thank Chey for our center-piece, that's her yellow school bus.
Jubilee of Tables 2012     Jubilee of Tables 2012
Tonya made this cute pencil holder. You'd think that one of us is a school teacher, but no -- we just picked a fun/easy theme.
Jubilee of Tables 2012
Later, I'll post more pictures from the event and show you some of the other tables. Have a great night!
Jubilee of Tables 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Week in Photos

My friends were hanging out without me, RUDE. But they made up for it because while Katy was visiting with Krista she posted the sweetest photo on Instagram. That's just what I needed to see! In childcare news, it looks like Tonya is feeling better (she had pneumonia, earlier this week), so she'll be watching the girls, next week.
Katy P. with Dakota
I'm sexy and I know it. Maybe I'm saving the spinach for later. Dakota likes it and that's all that matters.
Food in my teeth. SEXY!
How 'bout them Cowboys? P.S. Let's not talk about last weeks game. Mmm-Kay...
Did you know Dakota is making the bonnet stylish again? Bonnet with Cowboys gear? Sure.
I wish the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop sold baby jersey's.
Holding my sweet babe.
Speaking of the Cowboys, leave it to Trey to make his truck look like an NFL Advertisment. Honestly, I'm happy for him, the guy finally has a truck.We like the Cowboys
A picture from when Kirsta watched Dakota.
I took this one. Can we talk about these chubby cheeks? Cuteness! Untitled
Strapped in and ready to go. Party on the weekend!Snapped in and ready to leave the house.
Do you have any weekend plans? 
Last week,  I was so excited that Netflix added season 4 of 90210, I ended up watching 7 episodes. I'd like to watch more, this weekend. I also plan on running. Tomorrow, I have 5 miles. I need to figure out where I will run. Well, have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How Not to Play Hide N Seek & The Best Compliment

Trey was the one seeking, he was 10 feet away counting down and Chey picked this place to hide.
How Cheyenne Hides (hide n seek)
This weekend is Jubilee of Tables and this is the first time I've volunteered to decorate a table. I'm working with a group of ladies from my Sunday school class. Here are some of the items I bought to decorate and to use as favors. Can you guess what our theme is? Untitled
We are in the process of looking for fabric to use as a tablecloth...I don't think Chey liked this print.
The girl is always in pose ready mode
By now, the theme should be pretty obvious. It's a school theme.
I'm curious to see how this will come together. It's nice to have crafty people on my side. It's not a competition, but that doesn't mean we don't want it to look amazing.
Scrambling to Make Childcare Arrangements
Please keep Tonya, my friend who watches the girls, in your prayers. She has pneumonia. I can't imagine being that sick. She described her symptoms and it sounds like hell. She sent her kids off to their grandparents for the week and I've made other arrangements for my girls. I'm thankful for my church family. I know it was last minute, but my friends were quick to respond and willing to help. I'm feeling blessed.

Krista watched the girls for me today and I have to say, this is one of the best compliments ever --- I mean, I know she's good, but it's nice to know she is the same way with others.
The best compliment