Thursday, March 31, 2011

Because Wearing Shades Indoors is the Thing to do...

The last few days, Cheyenne has been a little diva. She's been demanding her sunglasses, first thing in the morning. I should also mention it's before sunrise.

Cool in the Kitchen
In other news:
There is one more thing Trey can add to his handyman list: Treadmill Repair Man.
Last night, he tighten the treadmill belt. It has always slipped while he runs on it, but recently it's been slipping on me. How dare it! I know. So, Trey took the treadmill apart and worked his magic. I ran a few miles, last night and the belt is nice and tight.

Pint Size Anger

I find it ironic that Chey is wearing a sweet shirt that reads:
I love my puppy.
I love my puppy
Cut to:
I LOVE MY PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!
What you didn't see is the fire come out of her mouth.
I love my puppy

We all have our moments. I think Chey was yelling for a cheese stick or applesauce or something like that. I'm usually cranky when I'm hungry too. Trey is cranky when he goes to Quicktrip and they don't carry Blue Bell Butter Crunch Ice Cream. It really sets him off, in fact this incident happened last night. So, he stepped out of his box and he's trying a new flavor. The name has escaped me, but its peanut butter cups and fudge flavor. He gave me a spoonful during my P90X/KenpoX workout (slash)//// -- "water break." Which reminds me of when Tony Horton says, "Water break….but don't be going down the hall and getting a Crispy Cream." 


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

P90X. Week 4. Day 24.

When we went to Stillwater, you could say we went a little crazy on the snack food. It was Trey's idea to go to the store and get a "few" snacks and once we got there the junk food floodgates opened as wide as my mouth!

Trey said, "Now this is a SWEET vacation!" Indeed.
Sweet Vacation
I feel like I'm still recovering from the sugar high. I'm not feeling tooooo guilty. Saturday, Linda and I went for a 6 mile run.

This week is considered a recovery week. No AbRipperX. No Weights. Next week, P90X will pick up again with more weight training. Here is what is up with P90X this week.

Sunday   - Plyometrics. Worked out with Linda and Steve
Monday  - YogaX or Running. I ran 5 miles.
Tuesday  - Core Synergistics. I ran 5 miles again :)
Wednesday - Did this tonight, KenpoX and ran 2 miles
Thursday    - XStretch or running 4 - 5 miles
Friday         - Core Synergistics or running 4 - 5 miles
Saturday     - Long Run 8 - 10 miles. I'm thinking 10

Not to embarrass Linda, but I included a video that Trey recorded of her, while we were working out. She modified a few of the difficult moves from plyometrics. Trey was giving her a hard time (what's new). If you watch closely, you can see my green shoe on the right side, kicking away.

Trey said, "Look what they are doing on TV and look at what Linda is doing." She responds with a sharp NO! And we call this Linda90X Version.    B-R-I-N-G I-T!

Okay, since I sort of embarrassed Linda, I feel it is only fair to show something embarrassing of Trey. This is the closest, most recent image I have on stock. Allow me to introduce Trey on the air drums.
Oh, wait...this isn't embarrassing at all. I suck at this.
Air Drums

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa

Saturday, we took a little drive to Tulsa, OK and toured the Philbrook Museum of Art. This Italian Renaissance villa was built in the 1920's.

This is just part of the backyard backdrop...I know it's only part of it...
Philbrook Museum of Art
The guys standing outside looking cool. 
Philbrook Museum of Art
And to get an idea of scale, here you go...
Philbrook Museum of Art
I would like to have a cocktail party in this backyard. Some jazz music would be nice. Maybe have some fancy finger food I can't pronounce. Hmm, sounds like a party.
Philbrook Museum of Art

Philbrook Museum of Art
This is the museum entryway.
Philbrook Museum of Art
Everything about this place is extravagant. Every architecual detail is absolutely gorgeous! Trey was in awe of the woodwork. It's impressive. Dear, Trey make me a room like this. Just kidding. Sort of...
Philbrook Museum of Art
Detail around one of the fireplaces
Philbrook Museum of Art
There was art all over the mansion.
Philbrook Museum of Art
I believe most of the second floor is used primarily as an art gallery. You can tell it has been remodeled.
Philbrook Museum of Art
I can't get over this yard. Wow.
Philbrook Museum of Art
I want to go back during another season to see EVERYTHING in bloom.
Philbrook Museum of Art
Because you haven't seen enough photos of it, here is video I shot.  Panoramic view.

After taking the tour, we went to dinner at The Brook, an old converted theater. We also drove around Tulsa neighborhoods admiring million dollar homes.

Monday, March 28, 2011

OSU Botanical Gardens

Trey and I took a few vacation days and spent some time with Steve and Linda in Stillwater, OK.

I'm completely tired from driving and trying to get back to work/mommy mode.....Sooooo, I'll make this post as short as it can be (but with lots of pretty photos) and I'll fill you in on all the details tomorrow.

Friday evening, Steve and Linda took us to the OSU Botanical Gardens.
OSU Gardens
Linda was throwing it down!
OSU Gardens
Friday, was the nicest weather we experienced that weekend, the rest of the time it was dreary. That's okay, we still did everything we wanted to.
OSU Gardens
Steve talking to Linda...
OSU Gardens
Linda, pretending to listen to Steve...
OSU Gardens
Trey on the phone with a co-worker...something work related...I think. Hey! We're on vacation here! Haha!
OSU Gardens
We walked the rest of the grounds and explored several areas: the vegetable garden, Japanese garden, an herb garden, and a sensory garden --- well, those are the names I can remember. I enjoyed it and it was cool that Steve could tell us about the plants and background of the landscape. <--- that's what he's going to school for. He only has one more year and some change. We are excited!

Okay, that's all for now. Sleep tight. Everyone have a great week.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Art & Beauty

Here is an image of a sculpture I saw this weekend. Beautiful.
Art & Beauty
We've been busy this weekend, so it's been hard to post to blogger, but tomorrow I'm hoping to be back to a normal rhythm. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I can't wait to tell you about ours and show you pictures!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meet My Avatar

We're playing the price is right and Trey picked my player.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

They Don't Stay Little Forever

Do you guys keep growth charts for your little ones? This was Trey's idea and I've really enjoyed watching Cheyenne grow. Her chart is located inside her closet. Yeah, we write on the walls, but not where people will notice. :)
Growth Chart
She knows what's up...
Growth Chart
This girl always has a stuff animal. Usually, it's a baby or teddy bear, but recently she's been toting around bunny.
Growth Chart
Here is a look back:

Wiggle Worm

Baby and Momma

Growth Chart

Look at her grow
At what point did you stop counting months? Looks like we stopped at 14 months.
Growth Chart

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nerdy Birds

All things Random...

Tasha and Trey playing nerdy birds - Nothing says geek than being in public and playing on your cellular phone, when you could be interacting with people. :P

He's been trying to get me to play that game, but I refuse. I hear so many people are addicted to it. Addicted, I tell you.
Playing nerdy birds
Saturday afternoon I made Tasha a bacon wrap.

I found a new park that I love...I mean, Cheyenne loves. It has less foot traffic than one we've been going to and it's super clean. The only downside is - there are no public bathrooms in sight. Head for the bushes if nature calls. I almost had to, but held it until I got home. (TMI)

While we were there, a little boy approached Cheyenne
Boy: Do you wanna play?
Chey: Ummmmm....Mama!
Boy: I like your sunglasses!
Me: Oh, thank you.
Boy: I wasn't talking about yours!

The icing on the cake was when his mom told him it was time to go home. He ran to Cheyenne and gave her a hug. She was all like....what the what? Awkward!

The boys are already chasing after her.

Monday, March 21, 2011

P90X. Week 3. Day 15 & Taco Soup

I've been doing most of these workouts alone. Trey has a hard time waking up at 4 am to workout with me (understandably). So, I'm considering doing the P90X workouts at night. I like the idea of having my nights free, but if it means Trey working out with me, it's worth rearranging my schedule. We'll see what happens...

3 Weeks in and I'm still on the same P90X routine:
Sunday- Rest
Monday - Chest and Back + Ab RipperX (Did that this morning)
Tuesday - Plyometrics or Running 4 -6 miles
Wednesday - Shoulders and Arms + Ab RipperX
Thursday - YogaX or Running 4 - 6 miles
Friday - Legs & Back + Ab RipperX
Saturday - Long Run (8 - 14 miles)

The toughest workout on the above schedule: Legs and Back. I feel like I'm still recovering from that one. My legs were on fire! My favorite workout on the above schedule: Shoulders and Back. The majority is lifting weights. I'm gonna get ripped...haha. Hopefully not too much. Here is some real progress -- I did 3 unassisted pull-ups. 

Taco Soup
I've been craving this for months, it's something I've made on numerous occasions, but not lately. This is a crockpot recipe from Paula Dean. I modified the recipe (a lot). The biggest change I made was the portion size.  I basically cut the portion size in half and only added half a pound of lean ground beef. I have plenty of leftovers that I will freeze for later. 
Taco Soup
Garnished with fresh cilantro
Taco Soup
Chey had to do a taste test...
Cheyenne Approved
It passed! I'm surprised it wasn't too hot for her. Even with the green chiles, she liked it. I guess they were mild enough for her.
Cheyenne Approved

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Soaking Up the Sun

It never fails, every time we want a group photo of the girls, Cheyenne wants no part of it. In this situation, she was extremely concerned with her hair. : /
Guess... Do you think mommy or daddy fixed her hair?
I took her down the slide...
Her face is priceless and sums up who she is...CRAZY FUN!
To the moon
Bella enjoyed her first trip to the park!
She loved being outside and she was in the best mood.
Trey was running around the park, like he was eight.
Monkey Bars
Face First
I think she went down every slide at the park.
Too much air on this slide. WHOA, back it up!
Okay, it wasn't that bad
It was windy out there, but we didn't blow away.
Bella and Tasha