Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Strappin' & I Committed to a Winter Half Marathon

What do you do, when a baby wants to be held, but you need to get things done? You strap them on you and go about your usual business. I guess, Dakota just wanted to help with dinner.
How do you get a 3 year old to do anything you want her to do? Threaten to take away her prized possession, "her" kindle fire. In the process of cleaning she found her dress up accessories. I can't wait to show this picture to her boyfriends, when he gets older.
Dress Up
There's a Half Marathon in My Future
Earlier this morning, I registered for a half marathon, it's the Metro PCS Dallas Marathon. Two years ago, I raced that marathon, but back then, the race was called Dallas White Rock. I don't think I'll have 26.2 miles in me, so it's best to aim for a half. I'm glad I have a race to look forward to.
2010 Metro PCS Dallas White Rock Marathon
Have you guys been watching the Olympics? We watched swimming last night and those athletes have amazing bodies, it's motivating me to workout.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Laundry Maid

This little girl is happy because I taught her how to load clothes in the washer.
Cheyenne's First Load of Laundry
After we were done she asked, "What's next????" I'm brain washing her at a young age -- chores are fun. But really, when she's old enough to cook my plan is to never step in the kitchen again.

Yesterday, we celebrated Trentin's 4th birthday. It was smokin' hot outside. I want to say it was 200 degrees, that sounds accurate. I showered a few hours before the party, but afterwards I had to take another one.
Cheyenne at Trentin's Birthday Party
Something Random About Me: 
When I'm all sweaty, I hate sitting on the sofa. I'll sit on the leather recliner and if that's not available, I'll resort to the floor.

She's growing too fast and looking less like a big baby and more like a little lady.
Cheyenne at Trentin's Birthday Party
And this girl, is growing every hour. Ohhhh and this is one of the few pictures I have of her smiling. Expect more, though in the future.
Dakota Smiling
Since Dakota is still floppy, she has to sit in her bouncy chair and watch us eat. One day, she'll be sturdy enough to sit in the high chair.
Cheyenne and Dakota
This stranger had the weekend off. Two weekends in a row, I could get use to that. I'm sure he could too.
Trey and Cheyenne

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Week in Photos

This girl can sleep through anything, even this -- Why don't you slide?
Front patio view. Tranquil. Peaceful.
Front Porch Patio View
This is me trying to get organized before returning to work. I cleaned the panty top to bottom. Monday, I'll work on the restrooms. I'm not looking forward to that.
Organized Pantry
When I finished a run, earlier in the week, I walked through this place. It's new construction, not too far from me. 5 bedrooms. 3 baths. How much you want to bet it's just a couple who will occupy this house??? You never know. There are only two people living in the mansion behind my house.
New Construction in the neighborhood. 5 rooms. 3 baths.
American Girl is really American China??? I'm so confused.
I will try to look pass that, only because the doll is so cute. I want an American Girl Doll too and I want her to look like me. That wouldn't be weird, an adult woman walking around with a doll. I don't think so. Soooooo....
American Girl is American China?? I'm so confused.

I recognize those teeth marks. Cheyenne is such a snacker. If I'd let her eat all day, she would. 

 I recognize those teeth marks
Every time I think yoga is easy, I do it and I'm quickly reminded it's no joke. Lululemon offered a free yoga class this morning, so I dusted off my mat and hit it. It was a slow vinyasa flow, which for me translated to slow BURN. The instructor encouraged us to keep our eyes closed for the majority of the workout. Do you know how hard it is to keep your balance when you're in airplane??? I cheated  multiple times and opened my eyes, so I wouldn't fall on my face.
Lulu yoga!
We got a new toy for the whole family to enjoy. I don't know what I think about the kindle fire. So, far it's been kind of quirky. Some of the apps just quit randomly and the Netflix app was starting and stopping movies, when it was in play mode. Maybe it was just the wi-fi connection, I don't know. It's still pretty new to me, so I'm going to play with it more, before I pass judgement. Also, how do I create folders? My apps are everywhere and not organized and it's driving me crazy!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My First Postpartum Run

I only have one more week, at home with my precious babies. Next week, I will re-join the working class. 
At Home
One Mile Run
Last night, I planned on running on the treadmill, but there was a cold front that blew through. It was a chilly 90 degrees at 9 pm. Ba-Ba-BRRRRR!!!!!

Before I started my run, I felt anxious. I stretched and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. Once my watch found a clear signal, I was off, RUNNING! It was hard I got winded, but I kept going. I completed one mile right under 10 minutes. Afterwards, I did a .60 light jog/walk cool down. It's going to take months for me to get my endurance back to where it was. Speed?? I'm not that concerned about speed (right now), just looking to build my base miles up again, but if the speed comes - I'll gladly take it.

Today, I took an off day, from running. But this morning, I did some light cross training; elliptical and weights. Tomorrow, I will aim to run 2 miles. My body is sore. I've missed that feeling and I've missed sweat. Like Trey says, I'm not normal.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dress Rehearsal Week & RUNNING!!!

Next week, August ONE, I will return back to work. It scares me to death thinking about how busy my life is going to be once I start working 40 hours a week, again. In order to get back into the groove of things, I've declared this week to be dress rehearsal week. It's "let's pretend, Dom is going back to work, tomorrow." So, today, I prepped all the lunches for Chey and I. All this week, I plan on waking up early and getting ready, the same time I will be, when I return back to work.
Dress Rehearsal
1/3 or Cheyenne's lunch. I'll add hard salami, turkey or leftovers in the other compartment(s).
Dress Rehearsal
You could call Chey and I creatures of habit. She loves all the above items and I love salads. To mix it up, I'll add different meat for each day. Beef, Pork Loin, Turkey, etc...I'll also add fresh fruit (not pictured).
Dress Rehearsal
Green Light to Run
Today, was my 6 weeks postpartum appointment. The doctor gave me the green light to run again and she also cleared me for extracurricular actives. ;) <-----Finally, the wink face used appropriately.

Since it's a bi-zillion-million degrees outside, even when the sun sets, I will most likely run on the treadmill. My doctor said I should run one mile today, then take a rest day, then run two miles the following day -- etc.... The point is to gradually increase my mileage. Pooo on my parade, I was hoping to run 3 miles tonight. Maybe I'll push it to 2 miles. We'll see, I'm sure Trey will be breathing down my neck making sure I follow the doctors orders and who knows, maybe one mile is all my body can handle right now.

If you can't tell, I'm so excited about running again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And yes, all those exclamation points were necessary.
My watch has been giving me messages like this, for months. Yes, nike watch, I will be running again soon!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Week in Photos

Even Trey has to Share His Toys
Chey is always asking to play with his legos. He has a collection of big boy legos and he insists on displaying them near the entryway. Can someone build him a man cave???? He's cramping my home decor.
Even Trey has to share his toys #Legos
Leaning Towards Whole Foods
I'm trying to get back to eating the way, I use to: more whole foods and less junk. 80/20.
80% paleo. 20% wiggle room. Lately, my go to meal is chorizo and eggs with mixed veggies.
Go to meal: chorizo n' eggs with veggies bowl
Detailed Bumper to Bumper
Friday, after Chey's ballet recital we drove to Dallas and got Trey's truck detailed. Now, his truck sparkles. Chey enjoyed watching the cars drive through the car wash. She use to be terrified of auto car washes, which I thought was strange since I use to love going through them, when I was her age.

I would pretend that I was underwater in the sea or in an aquarium.
At the Carwash
OH, when we were done at the car wash, we went shopping at the fancy schmancy Galleria and I've come to the conclusion that Ft. Worth NEEDS an H&M. I seriously love that store!!!!! I kind of went crazy in there, but in my defense I had to because there is not an H&M near my home. Also, the prices are surprisingly reasonable. I thought all the stores in the Galleria would be out of price range, I guess I was wrong. However I was --->A Little Frustrated
Do you know how hard it is to find clothes that are breastfeeding approptiate???? Especially dresses???? It's hard work, trust me.

Junk Drawers Drive Me Crazy...
Yet, I still have them, no matter how many times I organize them. This coming week, I plan on getting serious about organizing things like this...
One thing I can add to the list. I need to organize this...
The More You Know
Just an FYI, Bed Bath and Beyond has the mother load of Keurig Vue cups. I tried Black Magic coffee and that stuff is strong!
Keurig Vue Mother Load
Dakota is still as sweet as can be. She's sleeping, eating, and starting to coo.
Day Dreaming

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ballet Recital at Texas Ballet Theater

 Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater
 Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater
Cheyenne participated in the Texas Ballet Theater Summer Program (Ballet Basics). It was a week long event, Monday through Friday for 3 hours a day. The class was for kids ages 3 - 8 years old.

Friday, was the recital and all the girls looked adorable in their handmade tutu's, fair wings and wands. That was something they worked on, during craft time.
Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater
We bought Chey a bouquet of pink roses, but only gave her two because after the recital we drove to dallas. We didn't want the entire bouquet to die, so we left the rest of the bouquet at the house.
Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater
I told Trey, at least someone around here gets flowers and his response was, when you have a ballet recital, I'll get you roses. TBT has beginner ballet classes for adults, DON'T TEMP ME.
Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater  Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater
I'm really impressed with the TBT, I wish they offered fall classes for Chey's age on Saturday's.
Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater
You know I shot some video. I'll be posting that, as soon as I can.
Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater

Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater

Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater

Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Central AC Picnic is How We Do It

How many baby products can a baby have???? Bouncy chairs, play mats, swings, entertainment swivel chair thingies....I mean really. Well, Trey insisted Dakota needed a bouncy chair, (even though the child is as content as can be). I went to kid to kid  and found a used one. I took the slip cover off, to wash it and when it was time to put it back together, I was like HELP!!!! You guys, I thought I was smart.

While I was getting frustrated Dakota was working out. Head raises are tough work, when you are only 5 weeks old.
How We Picnic
Sooooooo, since it's too hot to enjoy an outdoor picnic, tonight we enjoyed a central air picnic form the comfort of our home. Specifically our living room floor. Dakota was starring at me like I was her dinner -- Oh, wait....
Oh, look at her massive head gear. It's completely unnecessary, but so stinkin' cute.
Picnic in the Living Room
Tonight, we saw Trey briefly for maybe 30 minutes before he got a service call. Originally, he thought he was going to have to work this weekend, but he just found out he has the weekend off. This is the first weekend he's had off, in 3 weeks!
Sleeping Beauty
Last night, sweet face slept from 10 pm - 6 am. She would've slept longer, but I woke her up because I felt like my boobs were about to explode. She ate and then went back to sleep. I don't want to jinx anything, but we're 5 weeks in and we have yet to have a restless-inconsoleable night.
Dakota 5 weeks
An update on her eye: 
I don't think it's pink eye, it looks more like a clogged tear duct. <----What am I, a doctor???
Chey had the same thing and I would massage the area near the duct and eventually, the puss stopped.
Dakota 5 weeks

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crazy Dress-Up Day

Today, was day three of ballet camp. It was crazy dress up day and this get-up was Cheyenne's idea.
Crazy Day at Ballet Camp Crazy Day at Ballet Camp
The program seems to be going well. Every morning this week, I've been getting up really early and taking her to Texas Ballet Theater. All the parents and children wait in the lobby until the teacher calls for the kiddos. Then all the kids walk back to the dance studio. I was kind of disappointed that parents weren't invited to the back. However, Friday will make up for that because Cheyenne will have a recital, so I will see her perform then.

The program theme is Angelina Ballerina (it's a PBS cartoon). I don't think, we'll enroll Chey into a fall class, at least not at TBT because they don't have any classes available on Saturday's.
Crazy Day at Ballet Camp
Dakota's is like, what's going on here????
I wonder what kind of activities Dakota will be into? Soccer? Ballet? Gymnastics?
 Crazy Day at Ballet Camp