Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tall Mantle

Either I'm really short or the mantle is really tall.

Entry-way Arches

Study Nook/Built-in office

I had the kitchen cabinets painted white.

This week the countertops will be installed and baseboards will be added.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

E-mail is For Old People

The University of Texas at Arlington is now hosting and supporting faculty, staff, and student blogs. I found this information out today, when I attended the blog seminar titled, E-mail is For Old People. It’s funny because the majority of people there were really old.

This is the second blog seminar I’ve attended. The first one I attended was in San Antonio. I’m a huge supporter of the blog community and I’m excited that the university is offering this outlet: not just to faculty and staff, but to the students as well.

So all this blog talking got me thinking and inspired me to create yet another blog. This new blog will be solely dedicated to my professional work. Think of it as a web-visual portfolio. It will have pictures, video, and possibly audio files of my work.

I don’t think I’ll go with UTA’s hosting, even though I love‘em. I’m pretty sure I’ll stick with blogger. I hope those of you who read (and by the way never comment on) domandtrey will click onto my new blog (when I create it). Yes, it's always okay to look and comment, I don't bite...hard.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Garage Doors & Cabinets

Looks like they finally cleaned up.

The garage doors will eventually be painted and hardware will be added.

My big big big kitchen.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Jazz On The Boulevard

This weekend we went to Jazz on the Boulevard, a massive outdoor concert. I was expecting a small intimate show, instead it was loud and there were mobs of people. MOBS. We walked around and browsed the artsy vendor booths and left shortly after. Next year we’ll know to bring lawn chairs and drinks.

While we were there Trey and I sat on a bench and had a photography shoot-off. We’re both very competitive and Trey initiated the game: who can take the best picture. I think my picture is better and I tried telling him, “Remember, I do this for a living.” I think Trey still believes his picture is the best. How does that saying go? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

My Pic

Trey’s Pic

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Measuring Up

The day after we noticed the fireplace was off-centered the problem was immediately taken care of. Trey measured it just to make sure and the tape measure confired it was centered.

Well, I'm about to get out of the apartment and find something to do, other than watching football. But I've got to make it back in time to watch the Cowboys game with Trey, later this evening. I think I'll appreciate football season more once we move into our house. Trey can do his thing and if I I get tired of the game then I can find something to do in another room .Oh, the luxury of rooms.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Summer Evaluation

Now that summer is over, its time to evaluate whether I did what I said I was going to do. A few months ago this is what I planned:

1. Attend a Wedding-Brian and Susan's Wedding near the coast.
We did go to the wedding and it was a blast. Trey wanted to be cool so he bought my little sister and her friend a six-pack of energy drinks. Wow, Trey is so cool huh?

2. Go to the Ball Park
How can I forget all that free food? We went with Brandon and his fiancé.

3. Go to Six Flags
This never happened, but I almost went when Amy came to visit.

4. Go to a Water Park -Maybe hurricane harbor
This didn’t happen. I would blame it on the entire month of July since it rained almost everyday, but honestly I just wasn’t up to going.

5. Shopping
I managed to go shopping every other weekend. Since we live in the box I couldn’t buy anything big so needless to say, the majority of purchases were clothing.

6. Attend a concert
Cortnee and I went to the HOB Matt Kearney concert. It was so much fun, definitely a highlight of the summer.

7. Go to the Botanical Gardens
For some reason I didn’t make it out there. I still want to go before they close for the season.

8. Go and Visit Uncle Jerry and Aunt Karen in Southlake.
A few weeks ago we went out there and went swimming when mom and dad were in town.

9. Go to Central Market to shop, eat and take a culinary class.
I didn’t have an opportunity to take the $60 dollar class--that is only an hour long…yeah, however, I did shop there and even went to an outdoor concert with my mom and Natasha.

10. Take bikes out to Trinity Trails
We did this and it was a work-out. We haven’t made another trip since.

11. Continue to work out
Umm, all I can say is sorry Linda. No, I’ve been doing okay, but not as frequent as say three months ago.

12. Find a church and make some new friends in this area.
I’m still friendless, no not really, but really. We haven’t found a church, but then again we’ve only visited one. Sounds like we have some church visiting to do.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Video of the House

While I was snapping photos of the house, Trey was capturing video. When he walked out the door with camera in hand, he almost tripped over bricks and garbage, so that explains why you hear me laughing in the background.
Trey Almost Trips:

Exterior of House

Sheet Rock, Brick, & an Off-Centered Fireplace

Tuesday was the last time I saw the house, so when I walked through the door today I was amazed at the progress. We have sheet rock, brick and an off-centered fireplace.

The off-centered fireplace was not in the orginal floor plan. Yes, this is the first mistake we've noticed. We contacted the builder and he said they'll do what they can to fix it. Trey was orginally worried that it might be too late, but it looks like it's something that is fixable. From my understanding, they'll have to strip some of the sheet rock off and then re-install it in that area. I'm glad we noticed it now and not until after they had textured the walls.

Front of house almost completely bricked. How do you like our landscaping?

See--how can you miss that? It's obvious it's not centered-up

Entry's so spacious when you walk-in

Trey is standing in the office's gonna be a cute little area

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The House Is Not Pink

After about two comments on the house, I felt obligated to post this entry: The House Is Not Pink. I’m assuming the reason why it looks pink (in the other post) is because the color temperature on my camera setting or perhaps the way the sun hit the paint or maybe because the paint only had one coat. I honestly don’t know.

As you can clearly see here the house is a maroonish, redish color.

I'm hoping by the end of the day they'll have the front bricked. Okay, now this brick looks oragne...hmmmm.

Foam insulation…Looks like marshmallows.. yummy!

More insulation. This is the main product the builders are emphasizing when marketing these houses. I'm curious to see what our first utility bill will look like.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Staring at the Box

Final Cut Studio just arrived and it may be several weeks before I get to play with it. Currently, I don’t have a computer that will support the software, but in a few weeks that should change. In the meanwhile I’ll get to stare at the box, oh and of course read all five manuals.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Scheduling Dates Around the Football Season

When Trey decides to watch football, he doesn’t just watch it; he immerses himself in it. So, with us living in basically a one room house, I have not other option, but to go along for the ride. Don’t misunderstand, I do enjoy football, but not to the extent that Trey does. Give me one Cowboys game a week and I’m good, but don’t bombard me with 3 games back to back, not to mention the channel bouncing from one game to the next.

So this weekend, instead of watching, I opted for the public library. Five books and two DVD’s later I found myself in a happy place, far away from football. While I was there I picked up a flyer for a live music event. Trey said he’d go to whatever it is as long as we can work around his football watching weekends.
That’s good enough for me.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Paint on the House

Friday evening Trey and I went to the house. When we arrived the painter just started working. The next morning when we went back to see the progress, we pulled around the corner and saw the exterior paint job was practically done. This week we expect the brick to start taking shape, the foam insillation will be sprayed, and the sheet rock will go up.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Have A Kiss Today

Sometimes I'm asked to take photos and I have no idea why or how they will be used. This time I asked, but I was told it has something to do with a surprise and I'll find out later. I think it's for someone in the department.

Oh FYI I had no problem getting out of bed this morning.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Morning Rush

USA Today is my favorite newspaper, so yesterday when Trey brought me one home it was a real treat. One article stood out in particular. The article was titled; As commutes begin earlier, new daily routines emerge. I can relate to the whole commuting bit so I read it and by the end of it I was excited about waking up early (the next morning-which was this morning) and creating some of my own routines. That was the plan, but instead it was one of those hectic mornings when you realize you’ve over slept and by the time you hit the road everyone in the world is driving the same direction. Luckily, traffic wasn’t horrific and I didn’t have any morning meetings lined up. Well, it looks like my new morning routine will have to wait until tomorrow.

P.S. Something I thought was interesting relating to the previous post I made: The front door at our old house is the same type of door that we have at our new house. That makes me appreciate how the builders are emphasizing the details and are really trying to stay true to the architectural period.

Read the USA Today Article

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Time to Pack

We have a door on the house and I told Trey as soon as we have a one I'm moving in. Okay, I'm not really going to move, but the house should be completed in about two months.

I have a new found confession to make--
As much as I orginally enjoyed living in the apartment, everyday the walls seem to be closing in on me. I explained this to Trey and he told me I should read my own blog because I'm contradicting myself in type. Trey really doesn't get women does he?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Talking Over Breakfast

If you care or if you don’t, the Mat Kearney concert was amazing! Kearney performed his entire album and then some, including a song that will be featured this season of Grey’s Anatomy.

After the show Cortnee and I went to Waffle House to talk over breakfast. While I was picking at my soggy waffle, I half jokingly complained about an argument I had with Trey----The argument was over laundry of all things. Her response was laughter. I suppose it was funny, I just needed someone from the outside to point it out. Yeah, Trey and I arguing about shirts and socks…that sounds like an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, minus the studio audience.

Well forget about the clothes, the concert rocked, hanging out with Cortnee was so much fun and I discovered Waffle House.

Note to self: Have more weekends just like this.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Something New Everyday

It's officially a house...we have a roof.

This is one of my favorite things about this house. I just love the tall celings.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Arlington Ballpark

Click the pic to get a better view

Last weekend when I went to the ballpark with Brandon, Maghen, and Trey I took this picture. I've been meaning to stitch the pano together for a while now and I finally got around to doing so. I think I'm really getting into this whole photography thing.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New iPod..Like We Didn't See it Coming

Last night Trey and I were just talking about how the minute Apple introduces something "we" go out and buy it and then they turn around and release something better and cooler.

Gee whiz... I have nothing to say, but I'm excited about getting my new Mac Pro. Oh and have you heard of the new operating system, Leopard? Okay enough about apple. Like I always say I have a love hate relationship with them. Love umm one day hate them the next. Oh, but you have to love apple.

House of Blues Concert

It's hump day and I can see Friday right around the corner. I'm really excited about Friday because Cortnee and I are going to the Mat Kearney concert. Before purchasing Kearney's album, I heard that he rapped on a number of tracks and I found out that about 9 out of 13 songs he does.

I like his style because it's not familar, instead it's like a breathe of fresh air. Acoustic rock with a tone of orginal rap mixed with electric strums. Now that I'm thinking about the word rap, I don't even know if I'd call this music's more like speaking the words instead of singing.

Call it rap, call it acoustic alternative, either way you hear it it's gonna be a good show.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Plumbing and Arches

The plumbers are done doing their thing and the roof should be up by the end of the week, assuming we have great weather.
Trey took these wonderful pictures while I attended a phototgraphy class. I invited him to go with me, but he claims he's such a good photographer he doesn't need to take a His photos speak for themselve.