Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Two Reasons I Love My Employer

1. They encourage me to workout 3 times a week during working hours. And approve compensation during that time! 

2. The insurance that is provided is Blue Cross and they have a really cool program, Blue 365. The program allows me save on health and wellness products.

They have a deal with Reebok that allows Blue Cross members to purchase items at 20% off, plus free shipping. I just bought my first pair of Reebok's! I've been using Nike running shoes for years. When I first started running I would buy $90-100 dollar shoes (I tried other brands too), but as of about 2 years ago, I started looking at give or take $50 - $60 dollar running shoes. Since I'm not prone to injury and as long as the shoes are a notch above average quality, I can get by just fine.

If these shoes work out for me, I'll be buying a second pair soon...since I like to have two pair of shoes on rotation.

I still don't have any races on the calendar. Right now, I'm enjoying running for fun and fitness. Some days I run slow, some days I run fast. Most of my running is done solo, I miss running with friends, but this is just a season in life - with the girls being so young - trey has his business and having to be on call basically 24/7 - it makes it difficult to plan running dates with my friends. I might try to sneak a group run in every now and then, it's not impossible, but it's a challenge!

Since this post has way too many words in it, here's a photo of the girls. Lately, we can't get enough of the patio! It's easily our favorite space, when we are home. I'll have more patio pics to share later.

P.S. Here is a whole gallery of my running shoes, through the years.

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