Sunday, March 23, 2014

You're Not the Momma. Run. Know Your Banker.

I hope you had a good weekend. Dakota's been testing her boundaries lately, this is a photo from a while back, but she has been in time out  - recently. I have to watch Cheyenne because Chey thinks she can take on the role of sending Dakota to time out. I have to remind her, "you're not the momma." What's funny about it, is that Dakota actually listens to Chey.
Dakota in Time Out
I met my weekly running goal!
Note to self, the sun rises around 7:15 am. Since I started my run before sunrise, I ran the track, until the sun rose. As soon as the sun started to break, I ran towards the lake. When I run to the lake, I usually, stop for a minute to catch my breathe and enjoy the view.
Lake run
After my run, the girls and I went to bank. They ran around the lobby and were acting super cute. Dakota insisted on wearing her sunglasses. While we were there, we chatted with the branch manager for about half an hour. A year ago, when I was setting up my business account, he helped me. He's given me some great financial information.

When I took a class at the fort worth business assistance center, the instructor said, "get to know your banker!" I thought that was "old school" advice and I wasn't sure it was relevant for business owners these days, but I have to say (from personal experience) it's nice to know someone at the bank.

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