Friday, March 14, 2014

Morning Track, Five Year Old Fashion & Date Night Appreciation

The girls joined me for my 4 mile track run. For the most part, they sat and played in the sand. We took a play bag with shovels. Chey was entertained the entire time. Dakota lost interest, after about 15 minutes. She preferred the stroller. Pushing her around was an extra workout!
Track with the girls
We went to the track first thing in the morning. I know Dakota, it was bright. Afterwards, we spent the afternoon with Trey. Movies (actually Dakota and I window shopped with Trey and Chey went), lunch, and then family time at home.
Track with the girls
Sometimes Chey likes to dress herself. I pick and choose my battles. She looked super cute in her mis-matched outfit, so I didn't make her change.
She dressed herself She dressed herself
For the past few months, the church we attend has been offering a Parents Night Out. Once a month for several hours they watch our kids for 10 bucks. We appreciate that so much! Earlier, when I was getting ready for the date and I found a bunny in my bathroom.
I spy a bunny.

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