Friday, March 28, 2014

Backyard Surprise!

Yesterday, we surprised the girls with a cute little playhouse. When we got home, Trey and Chris had been working on assembling the house for about an hour --- that's when the girls saw it for the first time. Surprise!!!!
See their reaction...

They couldn't wait, they were playing as the guys were finishing up.

Trey wants to leave the house here, I want to catty-corner it. For now, it's right here under the patio and will stay partially shaded throughout the day.

The girls wanted to pick flowers for their home, so they ran to the yard and pulled weeds. Yeah, that works too!

Trey put the house together pretty fast. It didn't seem difficult and Chris helped. Trey got the playhouse from Sam's Club. Before buying it, I looked online and saw it for several hundred dollars more on a few sites, I feel like we got a pretty good deal at Sam's and the it has nice details and you can tell it's quality material.

I have a feeling we will be spending so much time outside this Spring and Summer. Now, all we have to do is keep the grass trimmed and the bugs away.

Chey said she wants to sleep in the playhouse, maybe this summer we'll have a camp out. Sounds like fun!!! This weekend or the next, I'd like to get my nails dirty and work on the garden.

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  1. We have to same playhouse from Sam's. Has held up great. The new owners asked us to leave it when we move, but we sure have enjoyed it.