Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Head Shot & It's Good to Know a Photographer

I have a new head shot. One of these days, I'll hire an actual human to take real head shots, outside of a studio setting, but for now, this will work.

Trey has asked me to take photos of him and his business partner for his website and marketing stuff. I'm sure he's thinking, "It's good to know a photographer." And all these years, I've been saying, "It's good to be married to an HVAC technician." He keeps me cool, literally. Speaking of Trey's new business, things are starting to pick-up!!! The first month was a lot of paper work and just getting established. Necessary, but a little boring (to a hands on guy, like Trey). He's still in the getting established phase, but now he's getting more services calls. He's really happy to be in the field (on the regular) again!
Ok, I thought I'd post some head shots….through the years.
Anderson, Dom
 Setting up for Headshots at Work
My school headshot

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