Wednesday, July 24, 2013

There is a Dog at my House & Her Name is Ruby.

Lookie what I have here. I have a dog named Ruby, in my house, on my rug! She's a mixed breed, but kind of looks and acts like a cow dog .
A dog named ruby
Trey and I are dog-sitting for our friend, Adam. He is in the process of moving and at first he asked us if we wanted to adopt her. He brought Ruby over, so I could get acquainted with her. We've had her for several days and Ruby and I have gone on three runs, covering about 5 miles. She's not a leash puller, she stays near my side and she runs about an 11 minute mile.
A dog named ruby
Having a dog is such a huge responsibility!!! I have enjoyed dog-sitting. (Ruby is the best, she doesn't jump, she's not an excessive licker, she lays around the house) BUT I decided it is not a good time for us to adopt a pet. We will eventually adopt, but not right now. I think Trey was disappointed and he brought up a few excellent reasons, as to why we should adopt Ruby. One being, that she is already conditioned to run a 5K and second, she's trained and out of the hyper puppy phase.A dog named ruby
I've already told Adam that I would continue to dog-sit until he gets settled into his new home, which will probably be a month. So, he will get her back.

Well, at least for the next month, I will have a short distance runner partner.
A dog named ruby
P.S. They girls love her.
A dog named ruby
UPDATE on Thursday, July 25 ---
Ruby's owner picked her up yesterday right after I posted this. He really missed her. Don't know if she will be back, but either way, we had a blast watching her!

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