Friday, July 26, 2013

Work Feels Like Playtime

This happened today, at work.
It's my latest video project. I'm doing a whole series of nursing videos, featuring these guys. I'm use to directing actors, not puppets. It's a learning experience for me, but lots of fun.
Latest Video Project at Work
Tomorrow, I'll be running a 22 mile race. My longest run, during this training cycle has been 16 miles. I should do ok. I already know, the terrain is going to slow me down. There's rocks and steep hills. I'm mentally preparing myself, for 11 minute miles that feel like 9 minutes on the road. Here's my training from last week. I didn't run two long runs back to back, but I did cross train 3 times with EnduraLAB. I was so sore last week, so sore!
After this race, I won't have much time to recover. I have a wedding I'll be recording. When did I think this was a good idea?

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