Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Won Something, Treats for the Girls & Ballet Camp (this week)

Last week, I went to EnduraLAB's grand opening (2.0) and I won a huge prize...I won a 10 class pass, valued at $175. Woo! Woo! Since I won my prize, I've gone to 2 classes, both of them being the Strength and Conditioning class. That would be a non-running class. I know if I was a member of EnduraLAB, I'd be back to my ultra running bod in no time, plus I'd probably have some muscle on me. What's that? I am so sore from working out with them, but it's the good kind of soreness, not the I'm injured and going to die kind. If you are curious about it and looking for a different kind of gym, let me know and we can go together!
Look at my 13 month year old! Lately, I've been making homemade fruit popsicles. Dakota loves them, especially mangos!
Dakota eating a homemade mango Popsicle.
Speaking of ice cream, Cheyenne had a dentist visit yesterday. Just a cleaning, no cavities. Trey promised to take her to get ice cream if she cooperated with the dentist and you know she did. I'm not sure her dentist would approve, but Cheyenne is excited! P.S. if you are looking for a ft. worth pediatric dentist office, this place is it! If you'd like to know where we go, email me. Cheyenne was anxious and the staff worked with her and made it a fun experience, instead of something dreadful.
Chey at the Dentist Office
Oh, one more thing -- It's ballet camp week!!!!!! We are so excited!!!!! Trey's mom is in town, staying with us and helping us out with the girls. We appreciate her so much for doing that!
Here are a few pictures of her from last years, ballet camp.
This was crazy hair day. Dakota was only a few weeks old.
Crazy Day at Ballet Camp
And this was at the end of the week recital.
Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater

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