Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ballet Camp Recital

This past week, Cheyenne participated in a week long ballet camp. It was a 3 hour camp Mon - Fri. At the end of the week, her class had a recital.
The girls were asked to use their favorite doll, to use during one of the dances. It's funny that she picked her American Girl to dance with because last year after ballet camp, we took her to Dallas and bought her that.
She ran and twirled and...
got tired.
But she kept on moving.
IMG_3883 IMG_3887
We really like her ballet school and we are looking forward to the fall semester!
      Ballet Camp 2012                                 Ballet Camp 2013            
Cheyenne's Recital at Texas Ballet Theater IMG_3922
During the recital Dakota was talking to Cheyenne and reaching out for her, but when it came time to take pictures, Dakota was like -- get away from me!
I guess, she just wanted her fairy wings.
Dakota wearing fairy wings

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