Monday, June 16, 2014

Dakota's 2nd Birthday Party at Chick fil A

This weekend we celebrated Dakota's birthday at Chick Fil A.
The girls love the food and playing there, so having the party there - made sense for us. Also, no clean up for mommy. WIN!

The birthday girl...

When she was presented with a cupcake and candles she knew exactly what to do.

She's only 2 years old, but it's like she knew it was her special party. She was thrilled to be the center of  attention.

We invited a few friends and Trey's parents drove from Abilene to join us. It was a nice surprise seeing them. While Dad was in town, I gave him his Father's Day gift. Red wine and coconut flavored almonds. Trey is going to get a wallet. I'm going to let him pick it because I want him to have exactly what he wants.

Dakota appreciated the cards. She lisented carefully as Nana read them to her.

The best part of the party was playtime!

FYI - Dakota dressed herself…PJs and a colorful tutu.

The kids weren't the only ones to have fun. Krista my coffee date buddy was there too. Ahhh, I love this girl.

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