Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Music Bed - Open House

So there's this website called The Music Bed. I discovered it a few months ago and after I found it, I kind of wanted to share it with every filmaker, photographer and client.  

TMB is Music Licensing for filmmakers, photographers, non-profits & production companies. In a nutshell, the music on the site is pretty rad, affordable and legal. I was surprised when I found out that this company is located in my town. Friday, TMB had an open house and I went. Orginally, Trey was suppose to go with me, but an hour before heading to the party, he got called to work. Even though I was scared as hell, to go by myself (because I knew most of the people there would be with a group of friends or with a partner and I would be all by myself) I still decided to go. There was an open bar, Chimmy's Food Truck and live entertainment. Everyone was super nice at the party and I ended up staying for over two hours. 

The main reason why I wanted to go was becasue I don't know that many filmmakers in this town and I knew it would be a great opportunity to network. I met a few people and also met the lead singer of the band, Afterlife Parade. Interesting fact - I purchased the music license (from the music bed) of Afterlife Parade for the Crummel Wedding. I had no idea that a few months later, I'd be watching them play at the music bed. Talk about coincidence. 

Afterlife Parade is also on Spotify, so I've been listening to their new album on there too. 
Afterlife parade at the music bed in ft. worth

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