Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cowtown Race Proofs & Boston Marathon Talk

Trey wants me to train for the Boston Marathon. He's crazy. I have no desire to run that race. If he  thinks training is time-consuming now, he has no idea how time consuming it would be to train, just to qualify for Boston.
Cowtown 2013 Half Marathon Race Proofs
In order to be placed in the lottery pool and according to qualify times (to date), I'd have to run a full marathon in 3 hrs 35 mins at a 8:12 pace per mile. Not impossible, but that's not anything I'd like to put myself or my family through at this time in my life. Maybe, I'll change my mind, one day -- but by then the qualifying times, will probably be more challenging.

My good friend Sherri, qualified for Boston a few months ago. When she started running, she was at my level and now she's a speed racer. I'm so proud of her.

Okay, that's enough boston talk, here are my race proofs. 
Somewhere between the start and mile 6, I grew an extra pair of arms. AWESOME! Cowtown 2013 Half Marathon Race Proofs
What is the secret to running a PR? Close your eyes and take a works! Cowtown 2013 Half Marathon Race Proofs
Cowtown 2013 Half Marathon Race Proofs
Finish Line. 
I grabbed my medal, grabbed some water and immediately started refueling. I didn't want to have a near faint experience like at Dallas. In December when I finished the half marathon, I had to wait in a long line for food and I was most likely dehydrated. It was so humid! This time, I finished and felt tired, but not like death. A big improvement.
Cowtown 2013 Half Marathon Race Proofs

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