Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cowtown 2013

This morning, when I set out to run the cowtown half marathon, I did not anticipate running a PR (personal record), but I did. I really wanted to beat my 2:06 time, that I ran at Dallas, a few months ago. 

You may notice a lack of pictures of the race, that's because Trey stayed at home with the girls. 
Instead of typing all my stats, here are a few stats I pulled from online. 
My official Cowtown ChipTime:
Official Cowtown 2013 Half Marathon Race Results
This is probably the most consist pace, I've ever ran. 
This next snapshot is from my Nike+ GPS watch. Too bad I can't always run this pace. 8 miles in a little over an hour, I'd take that! 
Nike+ GPS Mile Splits Cowtown 2013
Here is the Elevation Chart. Mile 9 was terrible. A climb of 100 ft! The only thing that got me through that hill was knowing that I'd see the Lululemon Crew and EnduraLAB folks at the top.
Cowtown 2013 Elevation Chart
The hill from hell! I've ran it several times, so I knew what to expect. It didn't kill me, but dang it was tough!
Cowtown Marathon Hill on Main Street
This is what I listened to on shuffle. Just when I needed it, my power song came on -----> The Neighbourhood - Sweater weather.
Cowtown 2013 Music Playlist
On my race bib it says I've ran Cowtown 6 years in a row. When I got my race pack, I mentioned that to a volunteer and he said, "Oh, go over to the VIP area, they have a special gift for you." Okay.....
The volunteer, told me my name was not on the list -- but for some reason there were a handful of people whose names didn't show up on "the list." He then handed me an over the shoulder backpack with a graphic of the star medal on it. It's really nice!
Cowtown Star Series Medal
Once I got home, I put it all together.
I ran 6 years in a row, however in 2009, I ran the 10K. Cowtown did not give 10K racers (at least back then) a finisher medal. The star medal is intended for half marathoners and up - distance runners. I was so bummed when I realized. However, if I still want to complete my star, I can purchase a "contributor medal" for $100. The proceeds go to the C.AL.F. program, a program that supports youth to run. I'm really tempted to do so. It won't say finisher on it, it will just have the year. I'm not a complete liar, I ran that year!!! :)
I can also purchase a plaque to display the star. I really want to get it. Perhaps this could be my Birthday present from Trey????? (pretty, please!)

I have more to say about the race, but that's all I have for now. I'm so tired. Goodnight, friends!

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