Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cowtown 2013 (Tidbits)

I'm blogging about my half marathon experience, but the picture, below is from the 10K start.

This post is a list of my thoughts about the race:
 - Perfect PR weather. 38 at the start line and 40 something, when I finished.
- I recognized so many people, spectators and runners. The ft. worth running community is pretty awesome!
Cowtown 10K Start
-Dakota and I spectated the 10K race on Saturday. So, I thought I'd throw this picture in too. I'm trying to brainwash my kids to be runners, when they grow up, so I can have training buddies.
Cowtown Spectating
-Saturday, I got stuck in 5K race traffic. It sucked!!! I was literally in the center of the race -- Imagine a square...the runners were running the parameter and I was in the middle. Ugh!
- I'm more sore today, than yesterday. That seems odd to me. But nothing compares to marathon/ultra soreness.
 - Sunday afternoon. Dakota and I did this....Cowtown Recovery
- I also, spent the rest of my afternoon refueling with Hershey kisses. Later, my family took me to Posada's Fine Mexican Restaurant to celebrate. Mmmm, fajitas.
- Next year, I will run the ultra marathon. I had serious runners envy, when I saw the ultra runners and their hard to miss orange bibs. They rubbed it in too because they had special bibs on their back, that said ULTRA. I wanted to yell, stop bragging!!!! but most of them were going faster than me. So....
- I ran with a handheld bottle. I have not been training with one, but surprisingly it didn't annoy me. I had to refill it once at a water station. That was interesting. Most of the water spilled on my shirt, but whatever.
 - For fuel during the race, I nursed a GU starting a mile 4 and finished it at mile 10. This is the first time, I've ever done that and I will do it again. Usually, the GU packs are too much for me to digest at once. I stopped at most of the fuel stations, but only for gatorade.
- I got a cramp around mile 8 and wished they had pickle juice, instead of gatorade. Wishful thinking. I just had to run through the cramp...that was tough.
-Who was the young guitarist playing at mile 8? He was rockin' it!
- Who was the terrible band playing when my iPod played Gloriana, I should've kissed you song?
 - I noticed when I ran the first mile through Trinity Park, there was a temporary fence all along the course, to keep runners on the road. Last year, I saw a ton of male runners, racing to the bushes to urinate. I'm glad Cowtown fenced the area off. Of course people will urinate in public if they want to and believe me, I saw a few runners do that at different points of the race.
 - As much as I hated the location race change from Downtown to Will Rogers Memorial, I have to admit I love the ease of parking, now that the start line is at Will Rogers Memorial!

2012                                                            2013
Official Cowtown Half Finish Line Photo Cowtown 2013 Half Marathon Race Proofs

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