Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Bar at the Dentist

Have you heard of those trendy dentists offices like FLOSS? They serve patients alcoholic beverages, while they wait in the lobby. I guess, it makes people less cranky and puts high-anxiety people at ease. Well, my (new to me) dentist is not as trendy as FLOSS, but check out the complimentary coffee bar. I wanted to drink a cup or two, but I spent so much time beforehand, flossing, scrubbing my teeth, and scrubbing my tongue -- I didn't want to ruin it. Plus, coffee breathe -- ewww! Maybe next time, on the way out, I'll make a cup.
Coffee bar at My dentists office.
Last year, I had some dental work done. I was in and out of the dentist office there for a while. The office I went to before, was terrible (particularly customer service), but they did good work, so I just stuck it out. Now, that I'm done with my root canal procedures, I decided to look for a dentist really close to home. I love the staff and dentist in this new to me office. A+ on customer service and cleaning! Local friends, if you need a referral let me know, he's awesome and his dental assistant is a sweetheart! I felt very comfortable, well as comfortable as one can feel in a dentist chair.

While I was getting my grill worked on, the girls had a play date.
Cheyenne playing with Makenna
Thank you, Krista for watching them. 
Dakota playing with a train.
Did someone say yoga?
Cheyenne playing with Makenna
After my appointment, I rushed to get the girls and we barely made it to ballet on time. Thank goodness, they let the little girls use the company dressing room. By the way, Cheyenne is enjoying her class. All the girls in her class seem to know each other, so Cheyenne is kind of the new girl. This week, she told me, "I'm not shy anymore!" I guess she had a breakthrough and then she was eager to show me her new stretching techniques. Once we were done there, I didn't feel like cooking, so we went to Panda Express and got our favorite thing on the menu, fried rice!

I'm glad I know someone who will eat Chinese food with me. Trey hates it. Dakota just watched us eat, that's the way she prefers it, since she still hates people food.
Dinner Date at Panda Express

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