Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Week in Pictures

First of all, Happy Birthday to Trey! He's officially a 30 year old man. We celebrated, yesterday (I'll post some pictures of that later). I had to work all day yesterday, so we celebrated, once I got home.

I was working in Dallas at the Omni Hotel recording a seminar. The clients who hired me are so nice and the staff at the Omni are also very courteous. The AV guys helped me get situated with my audio line. During my lunch break, I told a hotel staff, "I'm a lactating mom and I ned a private space, like an office or something, so I can pump." Instead of pumping in an office, the lady gave me a hotel key room. I guess, I look like a trustworthy person because she didn't even ask for my name or ID.
Video Work at the Omni Dallas
The food that was served at the conference was so good!
My to-go lunch from the hotel Resturant.
Do you like film cameras? I've had two cameras sitting in my media closet (at work), for years. My co-worker wanted to surplus them and I was like --- HOLD UP, NO. I'm using them!  (I wasn't)
So, I decided to display them in the office. Pretty cool, huh?
It would be cool to try to take some pictures, but I'm scared my pictures might turn out overexposed. It's not like a DSLR, I can't just turn the dial to AUTO and preview my pictures.
Work camerasWork cameras
Like I mentioned in a posts or two earlier, I've been sick this past week. Yuck!
I'm finally feeling better and I went for a 6 mile run this morning. That's my first run/workout in almost a week.
Let's be friends
And this is what I do, when I don't have Kleenex. Classy. You know you do it too.

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