Friday, November 22, 2013

We Have a Five Year Old & Trey's Eye Surgery

A baby named Cheyenne has grown right before our eyes…
Cheyenne's Newborn Portraits
You've seen her either in person or in pictures (via the blog), through the years...
Cheyenne with a Curious Look
She has grown, so fast.
April 2011 
Now, she is a vibrant 5 year old!
Cheyenne, Dakota and Angelica Test Shots
 Today, when she asked for candy for breakfast I said, YES!!!!!!
We let her pick the restaurant we ate at for lunch. When she had a sopapilla and ICE CREAM, I cheered her on. And now, it's 9:30 pm and she's still awake watching TV….because today is her special day.
Happy Birthday, Cheyenne!
My Girls
Yesterday, Trey had eye surgery. This was his second/final round. If you recall, he had bad cataracts, but now that has been corrected on both of his eyes. 20/20 vision is in his immediate future! He was in pain yesterday, but today he is doing better. Around noon, I took him to his post-op exam and the doctor is pleased at how fast his eye is healing. Trey said, before his eye-sight was standard definition and now he can see in HD…and to think it's only going to get better, once both of his eyes completely heal.
Here are some birthday highlights. Braum's.
Flight Deck Trampoline Park with family and friends.

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