Monday, November 25, 2013

Heavy Winter Coat & Not Sure About Winter Running

Chey's coat from last year still fits her, but she's been pouting about it because it's not pink. Talk about a girly girl. I wanted to get her a coat from Target (it's $29), but Trey wanted to check Burlington Coat Factory first. We found this adorable pink ruffled coat for $16.99.
Coat Shopping
I'm suck a sucker for a cute coat. You should see my closet. I can't get over how adorable and sophisticated my five your daughter looks.
Coat Shopping
Later, we went to Sam's Club….
and this happened…
Here is my training from last week. There was a wicked cold front that blew through on Saturday and Sunday. I waited until Saturday afternoon, right before the cowboys game started and ran outside. Brrrr! I'm not sure I'm ready for winter running because my bed in the morning is so warm and cozy and I don't always have the luxury of running in the afternoon. Somehow, I got lucky because my sister was at my house and she was there to help with the kids. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but Trey can't carry anything over 20 lbs for a week because of his eye surgery….that means he can't carry Dakota. I miss his help and I'm sure he misses holding his baby.
DailyMile Training

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