Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Possibly the Coolest Flying Fairy Toy Ever & More

Since the party on Saturday, we've been busy playing with all our new toys. Check out this flying fairy that is controlled by the motion of your hands. Where was this during my childhood????? I feel robbed. Ha!  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
A Week of Rest 
I took recovery week seriously. I ran a total of 6 miles last week, that's it. I let my body rest and recover after running a long trail race. --- also the main reason is because resting and taking a break is good for the mind. Originally, I thought I'd be ready to run, 2 days after the race, but that was not the case. Now that I've rested, I feel refreshed and ready to get back to a normal training schedule. I ran 4 miles yesterday and hopefully, I'll make it to the gym and run 4-5 today.

A Big Fall
Dakota ate wood floor this weekend….She was throwing a fit (she wanted to nurse and I was in the other room, not giving in). While she was throwing a fit, she was resting her stomach on the arm of the recliner (by herself) and all of a sudden, she leaned her body forward and fell face first to the ground. Her mouth hit the hard wood floor and she busted her mouth. Mainly her gums were bleeding. She's ok now, but it scared me! She still throws her body back, when I hold her and she wants to nurse. I think it's been almost 2 weeks, since her last feeding, but she still wants it. I was hoping we'd be over the fit stage by now.

Yesterday, we went to Central Market. We got food from the food court, played on the playground and then went grocery shopping. Yesterday, Dakota actually had a good day. Not as much fussing.
Dakota at central market
75 Weeks Old

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