Thursday, December 26, 2013

Taking 6 Hours to Complete 2 Puzzles on Christmas Day

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We spent the day relaxing at home. To make things easy, Tasha and Bella spent the night with us on Chrismtas Eve, so they could wake up and open presents with us in the morning.

Tasha and Trey spent 6 hours completing 2 puzzles. To give them credit, they were 3D.Christmas Day
When it was all said and done….
While they were doing that, I took the time to experiment with my new wireless flash trigger. This wasn't a Christmas gift, but it was just the perfect time to experiment. All of these photos are original.  I used my T2i. They have not been color corrected or cropped. You can see, I have a lot to figure out...
  Christmas Day Christmas Day Dakota has a runny nose. Today, it's so red and raw. Poor, girl. Christmas Day Christmas Day Christmas Day
The last picture was taken about a week ago…It was one of maybe 2 photos that came out decent enough from that day of experimenting with the wireless flash trigger.
Did you get anything cool for Christmas?
Trey got me hot rollers, which I love!!! I was still using my set from high school.
He also got me a fancy motorized toothbrush, chocolate, a headlamp (for running) and he re-wrapped  several gifts from last year, that we never opened…like landscaping lights and under-counter lights. haha, very funny, trey!!! Yeah, they were all items that he was suppose to install. Minus the re-gift stuff, I felt really bad about the gifts he got me because we both agreed we weren't going to get each other anything. His birthday is next month, so I need to redeem myself...

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