Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Why are We so Excited?

We are so excited because SANTA IS COMING!!!! Christmas Eve 2013
We were so excited a few hours ago…fast forward to now and...Christmas Eve 2013
Well, guess, what we're doing?
Staying up until midnight, wrapping presents (not as exciting, but Tasha makes it fun). Also, she's so good at it. I'm a terrible gift wrapper.
Christmas Eve 2013
To see the look on their faces, in the morning, will be worth it.
 Christmas Eve 2013
It was Trey's idea to start a 3 hour log fire. Good idea! He told the girls, if we started a fire it would keep Santa away and after they freaked out about that he said, I'm just kidding -- it will actually help him get down the chimney better and help his magic work better. They were so entertained with the idea.
Christmas Eve 2013
Earlier, we baked cookies for Santa and set out milk…and then Bella accidentally kicked his milk and got it everywhere, we learned from that. Now, in the future, we'll put the milk, up high! Duh, right? Christmas Eve 2013
Do you want to know what my favorite Christmas Eve tradition is?
Going to Christmas Eve Candlelight Church Service. Afterwards, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights.
These girls make Christmas time fun.
We are loving this time of year!
 Last night, we did a fun activity together, we assembled and decorated a gingerbread train. Making a Gingerbread Train
Candy + Crafts is always a winner! Okay, I better go now because Santa will be here soon! Goodnight and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family!!!!
Making a Gingerbread Train

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