Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Half a Day at the Studio

Yesterday, the girls and I went to Mulberry Lane Studio.
A few months ago, Trey introduced me to the owner of MLS, her name is Amanda. Trey knows her husband and Trey does service work at a resturant he manages. Amanda is a local photographer, she specializes in wedding and newborn photography. We have some news to share and she asked me to go to her studio to have some head shots taken. She had hair and make up people there. Pretty exciting for this mommy! As far as the news, I'll talk more about that later, in another post. Or if you follow me on Facebook, I'll share more about it there too.

I asked the hair stylist to give me Lana Del Rey hair (since I'm obsessed with her look). I didn't want my hair bump to be too big, so I told her to make it subtle.

The photographer, stylist and other girls (there were other photographers having their head shots taken) were not in a hurry, so I ended up spending 6 hours at the studio. It was a ton of fun, but I had my girls with me. They were beyond good, considering how long it took - but they were exhausted. After we left the studio, we went home, I cooked dinner,  video chatted with Trey (he was working out of town), put the girls to bed and edited for 2 hours. Whew! Now, I don't want to wash my hair….

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