Tuesday, April 01, 2014

My Medicine Cabinet

My mom and Trey's mom sell doTERRA. They kind of have me hooked on these essential oils. You can apply them topically,  sniff 'em, and even eat 'em. All methods are safe, even for kids.

I recently bought the family physician kit. Mom wants me to sell them. She said they sell themselves, she doesn't even host parties are anything like that. People just see her using them and they ask her about them. I haven't decided if I want to sell them, yet. Who knows maybe I will….leave me a comment if you'd be interested in purchasing if I started.

Since I bought this kit, I've been enjoying all of them. Chey has allergies, so I got the kit right on time. I've been giving her modern medicine in half doses (Children's allergy medicine), as well as applying the doTERRA oil on her body. It helps her for several hours and then I reapply the oil on her. I dilute the oil with water or coconut oil.

Other ways I've Been Using Them
I drink a ton of water, so I've been using the lemon and peppermint to add flavor.
Lavender - I diluted some in a small water bottle and I've been spraying it on my pillow, at night. I slept soooo good last night. I even put some on the girls bedding.
Lemon - I diluted some in water and I use it to clean my counters. It sanitizes the counters and it smells great.
That's how I've been using them so far, but there really are so many uses.
Cleaning, Mood, Health, Food, and more.

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