Wednesday, April 02, 2014

New Running Shoes. Reebok. NAB is next week!

I've been waiting since forever….(not really) for my new shoes and then Trey was like, "oh, yeah, they've been here for several days." He put the box in the entryway. WHAT? Thanks for telling me!

A few hours ago, I took these new babies for a 5 mile run around the block. I had to stop twice to adjust them. I started to doubt my decision to go with team Reebok. They felt stiff at first, but after 2 miles they started to feel better. More miles will tell if these are the right ones for me.

I'll be in Las Vegas next week for NAB!!!!, so I'm thinking about taking them with me. I hope Jeri wants to join me for a few runs. Did I mention Jeri is joining me in Vegas??? I'm so excited!!!!! She is going to lounge by the pool, while I'm at the conference and then we will be hitting the strip at night! Can't wait! Can't wait!! I'm just going to consider this NAB/Girl Time my 30th birthday treat!

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