Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Fun ABCDE

This weekend, we went to Abilene to celebrate Trey's 31st birthday and also to met our niece. Meet Elli.
Just what our family needs, more girls!  Now, Mom has ABCDE.
A - Angelica
B - Bella
C - Cheyenne
D - Dakota
E - Elli
Mom and Angelica
Dakota is having another eczema breakout. I have a few family members who sell Doterra. I bought Lavender Oil, so I'm using that mixed with coconut oil to treat her skin. Hoepefully, it will help.
This was from last Wednesday - but I wanted to include it. Chey made cards for her teachers for --- Awana Teacher Appreciation Night.
Have you been to Pump it Up? We were invited to a birthday party and we had a blast! Oh, and so did the kids. I might look into this next for Dakota's or Chey's next birthday.
Pump it Up

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