Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This Happened, Today & Complicated Childcare

Composite delivered
Last night, Trey helped me frame the latest composite work for UTA Nursing. This is outside contract work, that I do twice a year. The Off-campus (online) students heard about this service and they've requested that I provide photography for them as well. There are over 100 off-campus students in this upcoming May cohort and about half of them live in the DFW area. Not all of them will participate in the composite, but it is an option for them. This is pretty exciting and I'm so glad I can offer this service to them as well.

It looks like my business is expanding. On that note, childcare is getting more complicated. Especially with Amanda due with baby number 3. She has about 4 weeks left, but she's has a reputation of delivering early, so really she's due any day now. I have upcoming weddings that I will record, so I have to find childcare on Saturdays and Sundays when those are scheduled. I have a friend who said she will watch the girls while Amanda is on maternity leave and then another who said to call her, if I need back-up. Now, to figure out everything in between, like working weekends.

I have been looking into non-traditional childcare centers. There are a few places that offer drop-in childcare. I'm really considering a place like that, when my childcare girls are not available.

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